Practical Motorhome advice – How to find the right motorhome or camper van for you - Be inspired to find the right ’van, and enjoy the thrill and freedom of the motorcaravanning life! (© Practical Motorhome)

How to find the right motorhome for you

Created on 18th January 2017

Scared to take the plunge when it comes to ’van ownership? Check out the motorhomes for sale, choose one and get out there, say Lesley and Mark Close!

Practical Motorhome – Used ’van challenge: sub-£20k starter motorhomes – 1 - Looking for your first ’van? Our expert considers these three motorhomes for sale at under £20,000 (© Nick Harding/Practical Motorhome)

Used ’van challenge: sub-£20k starter motorhomes

Created on 13th January 2017

Want to start motorcaravanning? Our expert checks out three super motorhomes for sale that could be yours for less than £20,000! What's stopping you?

Practical Motorhome expert advice – How to pass your MOT – 1 - You want your motorhome to pass its MoT first time, right? These quick checks could prove essential! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

How to pass your MoT

Created on 11th January 2017

Take the worry out of MoT time, as Practical Motorhome's expert shares top tips, essential pre-test checks to help your ’van pass first time, every time

Practical Motorhome advice – How to service your motorhome's fridge – 0 - Make sure your motorhome's fridge doesn't let you down! (© Jenny Owen/Practical Motorhome)

How to service your motorhome's fridge

Created on 20th December 2016

Check your fridge before you hit the road! Practical Motorhome's garage guru Diamond Dave knows this only too well and explains how to service yours

Practical Motorhome – How to enjoy sunny winter motorhome holidays! – 1 - Sun-filled motorhome holidays can be the perfect antidote to a chilly British winter (© Tim Andrew/Practical Motorhome)

How to enjoy sunny winter motorhome holidays!

Created on 14th December 2016

Beat the winter blues! Pack your ’van and head south for a sunny off-season holiday – Practical Motorhome's Gentleman Jack shares his top tips

Practical Motorhome – Used Auto-Sleeper Medallion buying guide - Find out what to look for if an Auto-Sleeper Medallion has caught your eye on the used motorhomes for sale pages (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Used Auto-Sleeper Medallion buyer's guide

Created on 29th November 2016

Used motorhomes can mean great value for money and so it is with this great British brand – our expert checks out the 1997-2002 Auto-Sleeper Medallion

Practical Motorhome on Swift Command – 01 - Don't let the tech get you down! Find out more about Swift Command (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

What is Swift Command?

Created on 28th November 2016

It's fitted as standard to all 2017-season Swift motorhomes and promises a new level of control when touring, but what is Swift Command? We take a look

Practical Motorhome – Luxury used motorhomes for sale – 1 - Read on for expert advice to help make your motorcaravanning dreams come true! (© Practical Motorhome)

Used ’van challenge: luxury motorhomes

Created on 22nd November 2016

Get more for less! Check out these luxury used motorhomes for sale and find out how you can live the touring high life with our expert's top tips

Practical Motorhome – Used Bailey Approach SE 760 buyer's guide - Looking at used motorhomes for sale that can accommodate larger parties? Check out the 2011-2013 Bailey Approach SE 760 (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Used Bailey Approach SE 760 buyer's guide

Created on 21st November 2016

Searching for a new ’van? Bailey motorhomes haven't been around for long, but can make great used buys – check out this six-berth Bailey Approach SE 760

Practical Motorhome – How to fit remote-control Alde heating – 0 - Achieve energy efficiency on tour from your smartphone – we show you how! (© Nigel Hutson/Jenny Owen/Practical Motorhome)

How to fit Smart Control for Alde’s 3020 heating

Created on 15th November 2016

Want to warm your ’van remotely? Yes, really! Practical Motorhome's resident DIYer Nigel Hutson shows us how to fit this system, in easy-to-follow steps

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