Practical Motorhome – Worked up about hook-up? - Practical Motorhome's expert shares all you need to know about electric hook-ups, to keep you fully powered on tour! (© Practical Motorhome)

Worked up about hook-up?

Created on 29th March 2017

Love having your home comforts on your motorhome holidays? Make sure you understand your power requirements before hitting the road, urges Diamond Dave

Practical Motohome advice – What you need to know about motorhome suspension systems – 1 - This shows a motorhome's Al-Ko Torsion beam suspension (© Practical Motorhome)

What you need to know about motorhome suspension systems

Created on 24th March 2017

Here's everything you need to know about your motorhome's suspension, from how it works to how to maintain it, from our technical expert Diamond Dave

Practical Motorhome – How will the new VED rules affect you? - Read on to find out if the latest Vehicle Excise Duty changes will affect you (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

How will the new VED rules affect you?

Created on 22nd March 2017

With revised road tax charges for new vehicles coming into force from 1 April 2017, what does this mean for motorcaravanners? Gentleman Jack investigates

Practical Motorhome – Used Murvi Mallard buyer's guide – 1 - Built since 1995, the Murvi Mallard certainly has stood the test of time! (© Practical Motorhome)

Used Murvi Mallard buyer's guide

Created on 17th March 2017

Want a compact, high-quality ’van? Be sure to check out the Murvi Mallard when looking at used motorhomes for sale – and read our expert's top buying tips

Practical Motorhome – used panel van conversions – 1 - These three used motorhomes for sale at Marquis are all on 6.36m-long Fiat Ducato/Peugeot Boxer chassis (© Nick Harding/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Used ’van challenge: XL panel van conversions

Created on 15th March 2017

Enjoy extra space in one of these three nearly new, extra-long panel van conversions that have barely lost their new-’van smell – relax in luxury for less

Practical Motorhome – Essential checks before your first holiday of the year - Check the condition of your motorhome, its lights, tyres, water and gas systems and more, before you hit the road (© Simon Mortimer/Alastair Clements/Practical Motorhome)

Essential checks before your first holiday of the year

Created on 7th March 2017

Before taking your motorhome on its first trip of the year, be sure to prepare it – it will help keep you safe on tour and prevent needless problems

Practical Motorhome – Top motorhome safety tips – 1 - Most of our possessions can be easily replaced, but some deserve the very best protection when left in our motorhomes (© Practical Motorhome)

Top motorhome safety tips

Created on 1st March 2017

Find out how to stay safe when touring in your ’van, with Practical Motorhome's top tips to keep you and your property secure – happy holidays!

Practical Motorhome advice – Used Swift Kon-Tiki motorhomes for sale – 1 - If you're looking at motorhomes for sale, how about these 1995 to 2006 ’vans – we're looking at the Luton overcab coachbuilts only (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Used Swift Kon-Tiki buyer's guide

Created on 28th February 2017

Do used Swift motorhomes appeal? Check out this 1995-2006 Luton overcab coachbuilt – follow our expert's tips to buy this once luxury ’van with confidence

Practical Motorhome advice – How to re-upholster your motorhome – 1 - Does your motorhome's seating need updating? The lounge in this 15-year-old Auto-Trail Scout had lost support and needed a refresh (© David Terence/Practical Motorhome)

How to re-upholster your motorhome

Created on 27th February 2017

Does your motorhome's seating look tired? Has it lost its firmness? Professional same-day refurbishment can revitalise your pride and joy – find out how

Practical Motorhome – Used end-lounge motorhomes for sale – 1 - End-lounge layouts are popular with British motorcaravanners, so here are three used examples to show you what's out there! (© Nick Harding/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Used ’van challenge: end-lounge motorhomes

Created on 22nd February 2017

Love luxuriating in an end lounge? We've plucked three ’vans from the used motorhomes for sale pages to show you how you can enjoy this layout for less

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