Practical Motorhome – Blenkinsopp Castle Inn joins Nightstops – 1 - Check out the latest addition to our Nightstops scheme – a new, affordable place to pitch in Cumbria (© Simon Mortimer/Blenkinsopp Castle Inn/Practical Motorhome)

Blenkinsopp Castle Inn joins Nightstops

Created on 26th July 2017

Next time you trek along Hadrian's Wall, why not pitch at our new Nightstop? Blenkinsopp Castle Inn is perfectly placed for your next Cumbrian holiday

Practical Motorhome – New-for-2018 Tribute motorhomes – 1 - Take a look at the highlights from the 2018-season Tribute launch (© Jenny Owen/Peter Baber/Practical Motorhome)

New-for-2018 Tribute motorhomes

Created on 25th July 2017

10 models take Tribute into 2018, as parent company Auto-Trail makes its mark, and targets families looking for space and value in a 3500kg ’van – read on!

Practical Motorhome – New-for-2018 Bürstner motorhomes – 1 - With a host of lines dropped and new models introduced, there's lots going on at Bürstner for the 2018 season! (© Peter Baber/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

New-for-2018 Bürstner motorhomes

Created on 20th July 2017

It's busy at Bürstner as the company launches its 2018 line-up, with a rationalisation of its offering, a raft of new ’vans and much more – get stuck in!

Practical Motorhome – New-for-2018 Niesmann+Bischoff motorhomes – 1 - Bathed in bright sunshine, the new-season Niesmann+Bischoff range may not bring lots of new models, but there are some significant updates – read on! (© Simon Mortimer/Lizzie Pope/Practical Motorhome)

New-for-2018 Niesmann+Bischoff motorhomes

Created on 18th July 2017

It's safety first for manufacturer of luxury motorhomes Niesmann+Bischoff, as its Flair flagship is redesigned for 2018 to protect better than ever

Practical Motorhome – Revealed: new Fiat Ducato 4x4 – 1 - Painted in a fetching, new-to-Ducato grey, this pre-production van showcases the model's latest 4x4 technology (© Fiat Professional/Practical Motorhome)

Revealed: new Fiat Ducato 4x4

Created on 17th July 2017

Join us behind the wheel of the first new Fiat Ducato 4x4, as this fully redesigned model looks to help you explore further on your motorhome holidays

Practical Motorhome – New-for-2018 Westfalia motorhomes – 1 - Check out the 2018-season news from Westfalia and its inventive range of camper vans (© Niall Hampton/Practical Motorhome)

New-for-2018 Westfalia motorhomes

Created on 14th July 2017

There's an all-new VW Crafter based model from Westfalia, as the upmarket German firm showcased innovative designs and more at its 2018-season launch

Practical Motorhome – New-for-2018 Knaus motorhomes – 0 - There's lots to get stuck into in the 2018-season range of Knaus motorhome – read on! (© Simon Mortimer/Niall Hampton/Practical Motorhome)

New-for-2018 Knaus motorhomes

Created on 7th July 2017

As well as launching new entry-level ’vans plus a host of upgrades, Knaus promised a yet-to-be-revealed, sector-defining model at its 2018 season preview

Practical Motorhome – New-for-2018 Rapido motorhomes – 1 - The streamlined Rapido motorhomes portfolio still includes 15 new models, three of which are in the Dreamer range of van conversions (© Sarah Wakely/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

New-for-2018 Rapido motorhomes

Created on 28th June 2017

Check out the exciting, UK-friendly models in the 2018 range of Rapido motorhomes, as the brand condenses its offering to make it easier to understand

Practical Motorhome: Summer Special 2017 issue – 1 - The Summer Special issue of Practical Motorhome is on sale now! (© Practical Motorhome)

Practical Motorhome: Summer Special 2017 issue

Created on 29th June 2017

Dive into our Summer Special as we celebrate Great British lakes, review motorhomes for every wallet and give you two super opportunities to be a winner!

Practical Motorhome – New-for-2018 Dethleffs motorhomes – 1 - With such a big range of motorhomes, there's lots to get stuck into in our 2018-season Dethleffs preview! (© Simon Mortimer/Peter Baber/Practical Motorhome)

New-for-2018 Dethleffs motorhomes

Created on 23rd June 2017

With spec bumps across the entire Dethleffs portfolio for the 2018 season, plus three new, family-focused overcabs, read on to make sure you're up to date!

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