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Here’s your chance to win a fantastic smart battery charger from Yuasa, which will help maintain your leisure battery at optimum performance. The YCXL 12 is designed for reliable charging on leisure batteries fitted to caravans and motorhomes and can charge 12V batteries, up to 240Ah, even from flat. It can maintain batteries up to 360Ah. The unit is actively cooled, meaning that it maintains a stable power output and longer charger service life when in use for extended periods of time.

Find out more about Yuasa smart battery chargers at

For your chance to win a YCXL 12 smart battery charger answer the following question by 31 January 2023. One winner will be randomly drawn from the correct answers. 

Using a Yuasa YCXL 12 smart battery charger and maintainer will:

1. Ensure my battery is in the best possible condition, especially during periods of extended storage

2. Provide a more intelligent solution than most built-in charging units

3. Fight sulphation, a leading cause of premature battery failure

4. All of the above