How to store stemmed glasses safely - Check that the size of angle is suitable when positioned behind glasses. (© Practical Motorhome / Tony Brown)

How to safely store stemmed glassware

Published 12th July 2018 Advice

A simple DIY job can improve your storage, and keep your stemmed glassware in place while on the road. Tony Brown explains how.

Practical Motorhome – How to make an awning peg removal tool – 1 - This homemade awning-peg puller makes removal so much easier (© Sam Coles/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

How to make an awning peg removal tool

Published 27th April 2018 Advice

When pitching your motorhome awning, you don't want to be struggling to remove the previous occupants' abandoned pegs – don't fear, we're here to help!

Practical Motorhome – how to clean your motorhome – 1 - A telescopic water-fed brush can be very useful for those hard-to-reach places when cleaning your motorhome (© Sammy Faircloth/Practical Motorhome)

How to clean your motorhome

Published 16th April 2018 Advice

Restore your motorhome's shine and bring it back to its best with a thorough clean – we've got all the top tips you need to get your ’van sparkling!

Practical Motorhome – Used Autohomes Travelhome V buyer's guide – 1 - The Ford Transit-based Autohomes Travelhome V, built between 1987 and 1993, was usefully compact (© Practical Motorhome)

Used Autohomes Travelhome V buyer's guide

Published 4th April 2018 Advice

Great value and with a fab kitchen, fancy a 1987-1993 Autohomes Travelhome V? Here's what to look for if you spot one in the used motorhomes for sale pages

Practical Motorhome – Spotlight on: smart alternators – 1 - Make touring more efficient with a smart alternator – here's how it works (© Techno Tom Bedworth/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Spotlight on: smart alternators

Published 21st March 2018 Advice

Read on to discover what smart alternators are, how they work and how having one could save you money on your motorhome holidays – our expert explains

Practical Motorhome – How to fit new headlamps on a Fiat Ducato – 1 - Here you can see the difference a new set of headlamps could make to your motorhome (© Simon Mortimer/Sam Coles/Practical Motorhome)

How to fit new headlamps to a Fiat Ducato

Published 16th March 2018 Advice

Have you checked your motorhome's lights? Acrylic surfaces in modern headlights can become opaque with time – here's how to brighten your ’van’s beams

Practical Motorhome – Towbar installation and maintenance – 1 - A towbar can be a useful upgrade to enhance your touring, but fitting one can be fiddly – we explain more (© Simon Mortimer/Sammy Faircloth/Practical Motorhome)

Motorhome towbar installation and maintenance

Published 12th March 2018 Advice

Preparing a motorhome for towing is best left to specialist installers, but there’s still plenty to consider before getting a towbar fitted – so read on!

Practical Motorhome – Used motorhomes for sale – Used Hymer Exsis buyer's guide – 1 - Built between 2003 and 2006, these motorhomes pack a lot into their modest 5.45m length (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Used Hymer Exsis buyer's guide

Published 2nd March 2018 Advice

Find out why you get three-in-one with a 2003-2006 Hymer Exsis, as we tell you what to look for if you spot one of these desirable used motorhomes for sale

Practical Motorhome – How to fit refillable aluminium gas bottles – 1 - Alugas cylinders cost more than steel, but can be worth it due to long-term savings (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

How to fit refillable aluminium gas bottles

Published 28th February 2018 Advice

Fed up with the cost of regular gas bottles? How about an alternative that's much cheaper in the long run? Here's how to make the change in your motorhome

Practical Motorhome – How to buy a motorhome at a show - A show is the perfect place to check out loads of ’vans, but how do you know which is right for you? We're here to help! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

How to buy a motorhome at a show

Published 19th February 2018 Advice

Packed with new models, shows can be great places to buy motorhomes – but they can be daunting! Here's our guide to help you find the ’van of your dreams

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