Spotlight on: Winter preparation - Wherever you store your motorhome in the off-season, good preparation will be essential (© Practical Motorhome)

Spotlight on: Winter preparation

Published 6th December 2018 Advice

If you're winding down for the season, here are some hints and tips from Sammy Faircloth as to how to prepare your 'van for hibernation.

Advanced motorhoming: Avoiding accidents - Reversing cameras can make motorhoming safer both for you and for other road users (© Practical Motorhome)

Spotlight on: Avoiding accidents

Published 8th November 2018 Advice

Gentleman Jack shares more stories on how he's upgrading his Bailey Advance, putting safety first to avoid accidents.

Advanced motorhoming: deterring thieves - Motorhomes are worth a lot more than just money, so how can you protect yours from thieves? (© Practical Motorhme)

Spotlight on: Deterring thieves part 1

Published 11th October 2018 Advice

Gentleman Jack tells us how he's upgrading his Bailey Advance to deter thieves.

Spotlight on: Using gas in Europe - If you're touring in Europe, you won't find our staple Calor Gas or Flogas exchange outlets, so here's the low-down on how to keep cooking on gas on the Continent (© Practical Motorhome)

Spotlight on: Using gas in Europe

Published 4th October 2018 Advice

For trouble-free touring on the Continent, you need to know about using gas cylinders while abroad. Techno Tom explains how to maintain your supply.

Bailey Autograph one of many using the AL-KO AMC chassis - The Bailey Autograph is one of many motorhomes using the AL-KO AMC chassis (© Practical Motorhome)

Spotlight on: AL-KO AMC chassis

Published 13th September 2018 Advice

David Terence explains essential points that those who own an AL-KO AMC chassis-motorhome need to know about its maintenance, care and service.

How to make a multi-purpose table - Follow the simple step-by-step guide to make your own occasional table (© Practical Motorhome)

How to make a multi-purpose table

Published 5th September 2018 Advice

Footstool? Table? Seat? However you use this, it's easy to make, says Techno Tom Bedworth

How to store stemmed glasses safely - Check that the size of angle is suitable when positioned behind glasses. (© Practical Motorhome / Tony Brown)

How to safely store stemmed glassware

Published 12th July 2018 Advice

A simple DIY job can improve your storage, and keep your stemmed glassware in place while on the road. Tony Brown explains how.

Practical Motorhome – How to make an awning peg removal tool – 1 - This homemade awning-peg puller makes removal so much easier (© Sam Coles/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

How to make an awning peg removal tool

Published 27th April 2018 Advice

When pitching your motorhome awning, you don't want to be struggling to remove the previous occupants' abandoned pegs – don't fear, we're here to help!

Practical Motorhome – how to clean your motorhome – 1 - A telescopic water-fed brush can be very useful for those hard-to-reach places when cleaning your motorhome (© Sammy Faircloth/Practical Motorhome)

How to clean your motorhome

Published 16th April 2018 Advice

Restore your motorhome's shine and bring it back to its best with a thorough clean – we've got all the top tips you need to get your ’van sparkling!

Practical Motorhome – Used Autohomes Travelhome V buyer's guide – 1 - The Ford Transit-based Autohomes Travelhome V, built between 1987 and 1993, was usefully compact (© Practical Motorhome)

Used Autohomes Travelhome V buyer's guide

Published 4th April 2018 Advice

Great value and with a fab kitchen, fancy a 1987-1993 Autohomes Travelhome V? Here's what to look for if you spot one in the used motorhomes for sale pages

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