A new take on the traditional compact transverse bed motorhome layout is included in Rapido’s line-up for 2024, while the whole 6F series gets a refresh with a new end washroom layout too.

The French company believes other motorhome brands are so keen to provide a transverse bed layout in 5.99m that the end result is often too cramped. So the new Rapido C03 model – an addition to the compact low-profile C series – comes in at 6.19m in length. Rapido uses the extra 20cm to include a conventional wardrobe, a large fridge, and proper steps up to a  1.49m wide bed, rather than a ladder.

Transverse bed
The transverse bed in the Rapido C03 (you can see the steps in the gallery image at the top)

Elsewhere in C-series, the low-profile C55 now sports a 140-litre compressor fridge, compared with just 85 litres last season (see our review of the 2023 Rapido C55). This brings it into line with its A-class sibling, the C55i.

Both compact A-class motorhomes, the C55i and the C86i, will be arriving on dealer forecourts this season having mainly been at shows only last year.

The company has also opted to focus its changes on just one of its ranges each season (in a similar way to Adria). So this season the focus is on the 6F range, which, like the C range, runs on a Peugeot with Fiat as an option.

Inside Rapido 696F
Inside the Rapido 696F

All the models in this low-profile series now come with a new hood borrowed from the C series and even a heated Skyview panoramic roof.

Inside, the join between the cab and the main body of the motorhome has been streamlined. The Luceo furniture style has also been given a refresh, following complaints from some that it was monotonous. It now features a mix of terracotta on the curtain edges and scatter cushions, a slate grey textured surface on the side of the kitchen, and cupboards and drawers in a white/wood finish with black accents on the handles. It is teamed up with Noumea upholstery. As an alternative option, you can go for Nacarat furniture with browner Palma upholstery.

The 606F is a new model in the range. Some 6.69m long, it features a parallel settee lounge below a drop down bed that is between 1.30 and 1.50m wide. At the end you get a washroom with storage behind stretched right across the back, and in between a kitchen with a 156-litre fridge.

Elsewhere in Rapido, the 854F A-class has been extended by 27.5cm to give it a deeper storage area behind the rear lounge without affecting interior length.

In its campervan models, this season sees the return of the V65 XL after a year’s absence.

Rapido V65XL
The Rapido V65 XL

Based on a Peugeot Boxer, with Fiat as an option, this 2.88m high fixed top four-berth includes a drop-down double bed as well as a transverse double at the rear.

Interior of the Rapido V65XL
The interior of the Rapido V65 XL

You also get a washroom that can be completely sealed off in the middle, and which includes Rapido’s patented wardrobe that swings out to reveal a shower.

Other brands have also been unveiling their 2024 models too, with Chausson adding crossover and special edition models, while Knaus and Weinsberg are including pop-top roofs.

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