If you’re looking to buy the best A-class motorhome, you’re looking at the very top-end of the market and you can expect to find luxurious interiors, great living and sleeping areas and lots of extras.

The Practical Motorhome Awards 2022 are help you narrow down your search. We’ve used our decades of collective experience within the industry to pick out the best A-class motorhome, as well as revealing the shortlisted contenders.

We’ve also picked out some of the best A-class motorhomes from the past couple of years.

The winner of the best A-class motorhome is…

Carthago chic c-lilne I 4.9 LE/L superior

Carthago chic c-lilne I 4.9 LE/L superior, best A-class motorhome
  • Price: £104,580
  • MTPLM 4250kg
  • MIRO 3435kg

There’s something about the styling of this elegant A Class that speaks of quality and sophistication. It packs a lot into just under 8 metres, by virtue of its neat corner kitchen and a clever changing room that can be separated using a bathroom door with 3-way function.

The lounge is spacious with a wide side bench and rectangular living area table with chrome piping. Neat touches include the swivel-out shoe cabinet, designer shelves in the bedroom and the LED lighting technology with dimming function.

There are five berths in total with a spacious rear bed and a fold-down bed and we particularly like the large, central loading space, conveniently loadable from inside and outside via an adjustable floor flap.

We shortlisted the following for best A-class motorhome…

Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF88

Interior photo of the bedroom of the Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF88 A-class motorhome

This motorhome has a supremely comfortable and well-lit lounge with its Heki rooflight and big windows. We also liked the smart and generous kitchen worktop and large island bed. The bedroom, too, is well-lit, with a rooflight, large windows and LEDs.

Price: £106,801

Bürstner Elegance 910G

Bürstner Elegance 910G on a white background, shortlisted for best A-class motorhome

Quite apart from its luxury and comfort, this fixed single beds model is part of a range that is the first in Europe to figure Thetford’s new INDUS grey waste and toilet system – a huge advance on the standard chemical toilet that will encourage you to stay in the motorhome longer.

Review: Bürstner Elegance 910 G

Carado I449

Carado I449 driving down the road, shortlisted for best A-class motorhome

There’s a lot to like about this large integrated motorhome, including the queen island bed, the spacious bathroom with separate shower area, and the neat kitchen with three-burner hob, cast-iron pan support and glass cover. It comes in a smart package too with a smart, modern interior and a sleek exterior with large garage.

Price: £62,510

Mobilvetta Tekno Line K Yacht 90

Mobilvetta Tekno Line K Yacht 90 parked in front of a church

This 4-berth packs in punch in terms of both styling and layout – we liked the sleek white lines and the comfy front lounge with plenty of overhead storage. The small but neat kitchen is more than sufficient and there’s a lovely spacious bedroom area.

Price: £79,995

We also recommend the following best A-class motorhomes

Frankia Platin I 8400 Plus

Frankia Platin 8400 Plus
Frankia Platin 8400 Plus


  • • Price £160,200
    • Payload 840kg
    • MTLPM 5500kg
    • Length 8.60m
    • Width 2.30m

It is, of course, a huge amount of money. But if you have the means to buy, and want to head off into the sunset on extensive, largely self-sufficient tours, this motorhome is going to be really hard to beat. The Plus layout, in particular, feels so much like home that you sometimes forget you are actually in a ‘van. You might want a dual-fuel hob or a larger oven, but that is just a quibble.

The C-shaped lounge, which in our test model came with leather Moorgrey upholstery that is a £3760 extra, bears a striking similarity to Carthago’s Liner-for-Two, which this magazine had on a long-term loan last year. As a £1550 extra in our test model, the front section of the settee can be converted into two travel seats.

The kitchen on our test model came with a Corian worktop as an optional extra. This includes covers for the sink, a bin, two gas burners and (a special Frankia feature) a third gas burner that has its own drainage hole for cleaning. You get a Thetford Duplex combined oven and grill, two-way opening fridge and separate freezer. There’s a good amount of storage, including three big drawers and a cupboard near the door.

The central washroom is partitioned off back and front. The shower on the driver’s side is well lit, with two drains and a glass door. On the other side is a large mirrored cupboard and a ceramic toilet with a carbon filter.

The Plus layout includes two single beds that drop down over the cab, but when they are up, there is still room to turn the cab area into a second lounge. To reach the drop-down beds, you slide out steps from one of the chests at the back of the cab. The second bed is easily made up by lowering the table and inserting one large infill cushion.

Off-grid power sources
Large amount of storage lockers

Small garage for size of vehicle

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Carthago Chic E-line-I51 QB

Carthago Chic E-line I 51 QB


  • • Price £126,180
    • MTLPM 4500kg
    • Length 8.07m

This stylish A-class was named Best luxury motorhome over 3500 kg in our 2020 Motorhome of the Year awards. A clever combination of sophistication and practicality, the I 51 QB simply oozes luxury, with a popular floorplan that’s now on a Mercedes base.

or 2020, journalists at Carthago’s press launch were treated to a glittering reveal of a new, front-wheel-drive Mercedes-based A-class; the new base vehicle would now be an option (instead of the Fiat Ducato or Iveco Daily) on both the Chic E-line and S-plus ranges.

What’s more, Carthago is also the first manufacturer to offer an optional twin-axle, 5.5-tonne version of the Sprinter chassis as a motorhome base.

Four models are available in the E-line range, but it’s the 51 QB with island bed that appealed most to our panel of judges.

This layout has always offered style in spades, thanks to its large fixed bed and spacious lounge, but combine it with that Mercedes base and you have an even more tempting prospect.

Offering many features, such as adaptive cruise control, brake assist and crosswind assist, the Sprinter cab is one of the most advanced out there, helping to make every second of your tour that much more comfortable.

It doesn’t come cheap – on the Mercedes base, this model costs more than £119,000. But if you’re looking for a luxurious motorhome, this could be the one for you.


Excellent floorpan
Large fixed bed


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Rapido M96

Rapido M96
Rapido M96


  • • Price £87,800
    • MPLTM 3500kg
    • Engine size 2200cc
    • Length 7.54m
    • Width 2.35m

A highly attractive blend of quality and style – plus innovation – that demonstrates Rapido is perfectly at home at the top end of the market. As is the way at this level, there’s scope for you to dip into a pretty extensive list of optional extras to make sure a motorhome like this really is the one of your dreams.

Rapido has established itself as a producer of premium motorhomes. Hardly surprising, then, that it’s turned its attention to the Mercedes Sprinter as the base for the newest sub-range, called simply M (near-twin sister M66 has twin single beds).

The lounge only features short settees to complement the swivelled cab seats, but those inward-facers can switch to forward-facing single seats for travel if required. What’s really clever here is that heating is ducted up through the table leg – no cold knees in the evening! The kitchen is space-efficient, thanks to its L-shape and other design aspects.

The washroom comprises a shower cubicle on the offside and a toilet room nearside, with the door for the latter combining with sliding panels for privacy. The shower has full plastic wall linings, although the drainage is just a single, small plug-hole. The toilet room has a swivel-bowl toilet and handbasin; the basin is a tad shallow and there’s no window here, but it’s otherwise typical of the quality and practicality throughout.

The wider-than-average double bed is thanks to a cutaway angle to the wardrobes either side. The bed itself has height adjustment of some 30cm should you wish to optimise storage in the garage below.

Innovative design
Full of features

Shallow basin

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Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 EK

Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 EK
Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 EK


  • • Price £160,390
    • Payload 1450kg
    • MTLPM 7200kg
    • Length 9.27m
    • Width 2.4m

Most of us will never be able to afford a vehicle like this, but we can all dream! This is no ordinary ‘van – more of a luxury apartment on wheels.

It’s easier to say what kit this ‘van hasn’t got. A big fridge tops that particular list: there’s only a rather puny 106-litre Dometic unit (although the freezer box is removable). There’s a sizeable Thetford oven/grill above this, and a Siemens microwave that only taller folk can reach. The main kitchen across the corridor on the nearside, however, is something to behold. There’s a three-ring gas hob set in the ‘mineral’ worktop, with permanent work surface to its right and a sink (inset, with flush-fit loose cover) on the left.

Beyond the kitchen, the washroom is just as good. The shower compartment is huge. Likewise, the basin adjacent is large. The toilet room is exactly that – home only to an upgraded toilet with holding tank. But you do also get an Alde radiator, a window and upper-level locker storage.

At the back, steps take you up to the single beds. Like the front double, they have Froli springing and cold-foam mattresses, with upper-level lockers to three sides and a Heki rooflight overhead.


Fantastic build quality
Excellent kit


Price will rule most of us out

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Rapido 880F

Rapido 880F
Rapido 880F


• Price £65,600
• MTLPM 3500kg
• Length 7.04m
• Width 2.35m

Inside, this 880F has the Castello furniture finish and Denver soft furnishings. Up front, you’ll find the usual Continental-style lounge. That forward-facing double travel seat can be made L-shaped for on-site use; you’ll find it pretty easy to seat five around the fixed pedestal-leg table which has a hinged top, making access to and from the lounge much easier.

The main kitchen unit, on the nearside, houses a three-in-a-line gas hob, with the oven set low, below a cutlery drawer. There’s more storage at the upper level, and an extractor unit. Other neat touches include a smart towel holder and a rack for spice jars. Across the corridor is the 149-litre Thetford fridge/freezer, with a tambour-doored locker above for the retractable TV mount.

A sliding door seals off the back of the 880F. Beyond are the separate shower cubicle and washroom, en suite to the island bed. The step-in shower cubicle has folding doors, and the panelling supports a handy wire basket and the riser bar. On the off-side, the toilet room boasts a rather stylish handbasin. Not the deepest, perhaps, but it has a proper metal swan-neck tap.

The pull-down double bed is manually operated. Like the island bed, it has a Bultex mattress on a slatted base. There’s a rooflight overhead and lighting on both sides. The island bed at the rear of the 880F is flanked by wardrobes and ledges, with lockers overhead and neat paddle lights.

Smart layout and design

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Fleurette Discover 65LMC

Fleurette Discover 65LMC
Fleurette Discover 65LMC


• Price £70,589
• Payload 531kg
• MTLPM 3500kg
• Length 6.59m
• Width 2.30m

Add another name to the growing list of companies in the A-class world – Fleurette. At the front, it’s a typical lounge – swivel cab seat plus forward-facing double travel unit adapting to an L-shaped sofa, with a handy fold-up stool across the doorway.

Squeezing the lounge gives space to other areas. The main kitchen unit is nearside mid-‘van. It’s deep, with an ergonomically friendly curve that isn’t just easier for the chef, it also helps enhance the capacities of the three large, soft-close drawers, the lowest of which has a waste bin as well as storage for four wine bottles.Food preparation facilities are a three-in-a-line gas hob, plus a circular sink with mixer tap. There’s a modern extractor unit, and brushed-metal splash-panels. A Tec Tower arrangement sees a sensible height for the oven/grill over the 141-litre capacity fridge/freezer.

Washroom facilities are less intrusive than a separate shower and toilet. Here, the double-doored, part-circular cubicle is on the offside, aft of the fridge-freezer. The swivel-bowl toilet, over which there’s a fold-down basin, is in a separate room.

Flat floor from cab to bedroom
Small rear garage

Upright rear travel seat

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Roller Team Pegaso 590

Roller Team Pegaso 590
Roller Team Pegaso 590d


• Price £59,990
• Payload 635kg
• MTLPM 3500kg
• Length 5.99m
• Width 2.35m

The new Roller Team Pegaso 590 is clear proof that you can get an excellent A-class in a sub-six-metre bodyshell. Cleverly designed, it will provide everything you need for a comfortable tour – and it looks fantastic into the bargain. The second double bed isn’t the most comfortable that we’ve tested, but it should be fine for occasional use – and the inclusion of that pair of belted seats means that a couple can easily take guests with them from time to time.

In the lounge, with the L-shaped sofa, another side sofa and the swivelled cab seats, you would probably have room for eight here. But only shorter people would be really happy sitting on the sideways-facing part of the L-shaped sofa, because the housing for the blind makes sitting back a touch uncomfortable for those occupants who are taller. The whole area is really snug, with a heating vent from the powerful Truma 6 boiler on both sides.

The L-shaped kitchen includes a fair amount of workspace, which is well lit by striplights and a window.The hob has three gas burners, shifted into the corner to allow for more work surface. But you do get a Thetford Duplex oven underneath this.Food storage is reasonable in a motorhome of this size, with two of the three overhead lockers on the offside easily accessible from the kitchen, and a 142-litre fridge (huge if there are just the two of you) on the nearside.

Unusually, the washroom door includes not just an elegant handle, but also a separate lock, so you are assured total privacy. Once inside, there’s plenty of room to move around, and to make use of the wardrobe, which has a half-height hanging area on one side.

The extremely comfortable manual drop-down bed lowers easily and is accessed via a small ladder. Although you don’t get any rooflights or windows up here, there is at least a light to read by. There is another double bed below, which you make up by lowering the pedestal table and aligning it with the L-shaped sofa.


Cab door on the driver’s side
Roomy lounge

Making up the second double bed feels a little complicated

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Itineo SLB 700

Itineo SLB 700
Itineo SLB 700


• Price £57,600
• Payload 490kg
• MTPLM 3500kg
• Length 6.99m
• Width 2.35m

Itineo is a name that’s relatively unknown here in the UK. What you really need to be aware of, though, is that it’s a sub-brand of the giant Rapido company. The Itineo SLB 700 really benefits from Rapido’s build expertise – despite its low price tag, everything in this motorhome looks and feels well made.Its layout and the neat children-friendly touches mean that it’s ideal for families, but do check that the payload is large enough for your needs.

The Itineo SLB 700’s front lounge is very spacious. Both the cab seats swivel, and once they’re in position, there’s room for five people to relax in comfort. Our test vehicle was fitted with the ‘Tango’ cushion option, which is a bold orange colour. If that’s not to your taste, you can go for more sober alternatives. Either way, the dining table sits on a central leg and can be manoeuvred to reach the various seats – it can also be folded to help occupants access their chair.

The presence of the bunk beds and large lounge does mean that space in the kitchen is compromised.However, the amount of work surface is maximised by the fact that the three burners for the hob are set in a line. There’s no oven fitted, but there is a 142-litre fridge with a freezer compartment located on the other side of the corridor.

The washroom is split across the centre of the Itineo SLB 700.It sits to the rear of the kitchen, with a tambour-doored area on the offside housing the toilet and handbasin, and a separate shower cubicle on the nearside. If you want to, you can draw the pair of sliding doors across to create a full-facility washroom.

The Itineo SLB 700 sleeps five, with three of these berths in that rear dinette (note that there are only four travel seats as standard).

Truly family-focused motorhome

Kitchen is quite tight and has no oven

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Rapido 8094dF

Rapido 8094dF
Rapido 8094dF


• Price £70,600
• Payload 385kg
• MTLPM 3500kg
• Length 7.49m
• Width 2.35m

Step inside and you’ll find the front lounge is standard motorhome fare – both cab seats swivel to join a pair of facing sofas, and all of them are serviced by a single-leg table. Usefully, the surface of the latter can be folded in half, which is handy if you need to squeeze through to access those cab chairs. But that rear lounge is the highlight of the 2018 Rapido 8094dF. While the front lounge is more of a dining area, the back example exudes comfortable luxury. The L-shaped sofas allow you to really sit back and relax, and the lighting up above the numerous overhead lockers looks classy.

The kitchen, located in the middle of the ’van, features a 160-litre automatic-energy-selection fridge, a three-burner stainless-steel hob, a good-sized square sink and plenty of storage space. Neat touches abound: the new spice rack on the wall is backlit to make it look smarter, the drawers are soft-closing and the furniture has been redesigned for this season to give it a more modern appearance.

The toilet and handbasin sit on the UK nearside, with the separate shower cubicle on the offside – the shower itself has a water-saving head. The floor of that cubicle is slightly impeded by the presence of the top of the wheel arch, but it’s a good size all the same.Handily, the Rapido’s whole washroom can be closed off by a pair of doors, giving you room to dress inside.

An electrically operated double bed drops down over the front lounge and measures a generous 2.10 x 1.48m. There is also a make-up double in the rear lounge that is simple to construct, using slide-out slats and cushions, to create a 1.91 x 1.40m bed.


Flexible, luxurious and comfortable layout
Storage provision throughout is impressive

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