Shop with your smartphone at Halfords

Created on 6th December 2010

Timed perfectly to coincide with the Xmas shopping spree, Halfords has rolled out a new mobile version of its web site for shopping on the move. Halfords’ old …

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a VW Microbus…

Published 29th November 2010 Blog

We’re pretty sure that Superman had a Supervan at some point in his comics crime-fighting career (though it’s anyone’s guess what he needed one for), but that …

Forget fingerless gloves for smartphone use - here’s a better option

Created on 29th November 2010

As anyone who’s wintering in a ’van knows, the weather has taken a turn for the worst just lately. And, when it’s well below zero outside, there’s nothing worse …

Motorhome-unfriendly France

Created on 24th November 2010

I've just returned from a tour of Bouches-du-Rhône and the Southern Var, in Provence, and was surprised to see how motorhome-unfriendly it is down there.

Locals …

How do you fund your full-timing?

Created on 23rd November 2010

I was watching Countryfile a few weeks back, and up popped John Craven in an Ace motorhome. I remember coming across an interview John did with the Independent …

How to include an image in a Practical Motorhome forum post

Created on 21st November 2010

Hopefully, most Practical Motorhome readers are now comfortable with the new forum system, but posting images still seems to be an area for some confusion. …

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Best to avoid low bridges with the Japanese Batvan

Published 15th November 2010 Blog

It’s one thing to think about altering the interior of your motorhome to add a personal touch or two, but customising the exterior is something else altogether …

Suspected caravan thief caught on Google Street View

Created on 8th November 2010

Motorhome and caravan security is a perennial problem and few anti-theft measures will deter a determined thief. That certainly seems to be the case for one …

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Alarm clock bug makes iPhone owners late for work today

Published 1st November 2010 Blog

If you thought changing the clocks from BST to GMT at the weekend was confusing, spare a thought for the poor iPhone.

Like many smartphones, the …

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The hook-up point of the future?

Published 28th October 2010 Blog

Wireless charging pads are the current big must-have amongst gadget fans - instead of having to plug your phone, laptop, etc. into a charger, you fit it with …

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