Brits on staycation are being asked to do their bit to help wildlife this summer by following some simple tips.

Encountering wildlife is always a magical part of any tour, yet following these steps will make it a lot more enjoyable for both you and the animals you come across.

The RSPCA is anticipating an especially busy August, with the charity revealing that the number of reported incidents of sick and injured animals normally doubles during the summer months. 

Brits on staycation are urged to do their bit for wildlife

Image courtesy of the RSPCA

Now, the charity has partnered with the police and local organisations to encourage people visiting Britain’s coastline to ‘Observe, Don’t Disturb’. 

The message – coming as a part of the Operation Seabird campaign – has been issued as the RSPCA offers the following advice to holidaymakers to help them do their bit:

  • Whether you’re strolling through the countryside, are out at sea, or are walking along the coastline, be sure to keep your distance from any wildlife you encounter. Don’t get close enough to stroke them or take selfies with them. 
  • Stick to the paths and read any signs you come across.
  • Ensure your dog is kept under control at all times and is on the lead when required.
  • Get rid of your litter responsibly.
  • If you’re planning a barbecue, make sure you only do so in a designated space.

RSPCA Scientific Officer Evie Button said:  “Nearly 116,000 reports about sick, orphaned and injured animals were made to our emergency line last August (2020) and based on last year’s numbers, we’re expecting this summer to be even busier.  

“Sadly, thoughtless behaviour, leading to incidents that can disturb, injure or even kill animals increase over the holiday season as more people venture out to make the most of the ending of the coronavirus restrictions.

“But as a nation of animal lovers, it’s so important for us to stop for a moment and think about how our actions can affect animals, and we urge people to follow advice on what they can do to keep animals safe.”

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