Over 50% of motorists are failing to carry out some basic motorhome maintenance and, as a result, could be increasing their risk of breaking down.

Before heading out in your vehicle, there are some essential pre-tour checks you should be carrying out, but it seems a lot of Brits are not doing so.

The motorhome maintenance Brits are failing to do

The study, conducted by Admiral van insurance, found 55% were not examining the condition of their vehicle’s tyres, while 54% admitted they were not testing the oil.

Other overlooked tasks included checking the water and screen wash levels (52%) and the tyre pressure (51%).

Nearly one in five were also failing to see if there were any signs of leaks or damp inside their motorhome or campervan (19%). If you find you have leaky roof vents in your motorhome, our DIY guide could help.

Before heading off on tour for the first time in a while, Admiral are recommending the following simple motorhome maintenance checks.

Open the roof

If there is a roof in your van, raise it a couple of times, ideally watching it from both the inside and outside. You should also ensure that it locks securely, so it doesn’t suddenly swing open while you’re on the road.

Safety first

The majority of campervans will include basic safety equipment (ie, fire extinguisher and a fire blanket). Make sure this is all there, and also check the seatbelts are in good condition, with no sign of fraying. It could also be worth getting a professional in to have a look at your electrics too – poor wiring could be a fire hazard.

You can read our motorhome fire safety guide for a more indepth look at what you can do to stay safe on tour.

Look out for signs of rust

As vans get older, rust can become an increasing issue. Check under the bottom of any doors and around both the headlights and wheel arches. You should also have a look under the carpet of the van too.

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