Carado has redesigned the front profile and cab and raised the height of its A-class models, and is making a raising roof an option on all of its special edition van conversions.

The new facade on the Erwin Hymer Group subsidiary’s A-classes now includes a chrome grille with the Carado logo in the centre, and LED headlights with their own signature.

A Carado driving down the road

Carado A-class models have had their height increased

Inside, the dashboard in the cab now includes more storage spaces, and you get a new storage cupboard between the passenger seat and the window. The dashboard has also been redesigned to remove any visible screw points and so give off a more streamlined appearance.

Overall height on the A-classes has been increased to 2.9m.

The raising roof will be an option on all Edition 15 van conversions, brought out to celebrate the company’s 15th birthday.

A close of a Carado special edition van conversion with its roof raised

Accessed via a telescopic ladder, the black roof’s interior includes a mattress on slats and with a goose-neck light complete with integrated USB ports. The tent fabric can be completely opened at the front, while the roof itself includes a rooflight.

Edition15 special editions are also being brought out for all of Carado’s A-classes, van conversions and low profiles including its slimline van range. This effectively gets you a Basic Pack and Style Pack, a more powerful 140bhp engine, alloy wheels, an, awning, an extra external access locker, and other extras including the possibility of converting the rear two single beds into a double, all for a set price of either £3,280 on low-profiles or £2,410 on van conversions.

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