Google Maps gets real-time traffic re-routing on Android smartphones

Created on 14th March 2011

Android smartphone users who rely upon Google Maps for getting around just got a free software upgrade.

The Google Maps Navigation Android app …

Geotag your digital photos to create instant photo journals

Created on 14th March 2011

Hikers have long known the benefits that packing a GPS device can bring, but the technology is also adding a new dimension to photography.


Griffin Technology Survivor case makes the iPhone 4 indestructible - almost

Created on 14th March 2011

The iPhone 4 has gained a reputation for being a bit more fragile than previous models, thanks largely to its glass back that gives butter-fingered owners something …

Are we too reliant on sat-nav?

Created on 8th March 2011

The Royal Academy of Engineering has today warned that our society “may already be dangerously over-reliant on sat-nav systems”, in a report that makes for …

£40 Freeloader Classic uses solar power for gadget recharging

Created on 7th March 2011

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but paying £40 for an infinite number of free battery recharges doesn’t sound like too bad a deal. That’s just what …

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Volkswagen ‘Bulli’ concept car caught on video

Created on 7th March 2011

VW unveiled a new take on its Microbus concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show last week and we were quick to give our opinion on this six-seater people carrier …

Three launches unlimited* PAYG 3G mobile data deal (*no, really)

Created on 7th March 2011

Mobile phone network operator Three today announced a new SIM-only deal aimed at smartphone users who don’t want to worry about how much data they use.

Three’s …

Apple announces iPad 2 - on sale 22 March in UK

Created on 3rd March 2011

Apple announced the iPad 2 yesterday — the successor to the innovative tablet computer launched one year ago. The new model more evolutionary than revolutionary, …

How to find free water on tap in England and Scotland

Created on 28th February 2011

Pubs and licensed clubs in England and Wales have been required by law to provide free tap water to customers since April last year, but these aren’t the only …

Driving game players make worse drivers, says Continental Tyres

Created on 28th February 2011

In a study that’s bound to shock fans of driving games worldwide, Continental Tyres has found that motorists who routinely sit on the sofa to tear around a …

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