The Practical Motorhome Awards 2023, held in association with Auto Finance, are now over and in case you missed any of the category winners, we’ve put them all together for you in one handy guide.

Our expert judging panel used our decades of experience to pick out what we consider to be the best ‘vans and accessories across a number of categories, with all of the results listed below.

You can also see the results in video format, as Practical Motorhome’s Editor-in-chief, Sarah Wakely, takes to the NEC Show to talk you through the results.

The winners of the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023:

The winners of the motorhome categories at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023

Best Motorhome under £60,000

Winner: Chausson S514

Shortlist: Joa Camp 60G, Rimor Kilig 9, Jobl Kampa LE

Best Motorhome under £80,000

Winner: Knaus Tourer Van 700MQ Vansation

Shortlist: Ford Nugget Plus, Benimar Tessoro 483

Best Motorhome over £80,000

Winner: Burstner Lyseo Gallery TD Harmony Line 689G

Shortlist: Adria Supersonic 780DC, Coachman Travel Master 545

Best 2-Berth Motorhome

Winner: Joa Camp 75Q

Shortlist: Globecar Roadscout R Elegance, Carthago Liner for Two I53, Rapido C55i

Best 4-Berth Motorhome

Winner: Bürstner Eliseo C644

Shortlist: Adria Supersonic 780DC, Rapido 854F, Weinsberg X-Cursion Van 500 LT, Dethleffs Just Go T6815 EB

Best Motorhome under 6m

Winner: Weinsberg X-Cursion Van 500 LT

Shortlist: Chausson S514 Sport Line, Joa Camp 54G, Volkswagen Caddy California, Adria Twin Supreme 600 SX

Best Motorhome under 7m

Winner: Elddis Autoquest 115

Shortlist: Benimar Tessoro 483, Dethleffs Just Go T6905, Carthago c-compactline I 143 LE

Best A-class Motorhome

Winner: Adria Supersonic 780DC

Shortlist: Le Voyageur LV6.8LF, Carthago Liner for Two I53, Frankia MI 7 BD Neo, Rapido C55i

Best Low-profile Motorhome

Winner: Swift Voyager 584

Shortlist: Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD 689 G, Chausson S514 Sport Line, Joa Camp 75Q, Weinsberg X-Cursion Van 500 LT

Best Motorhome for Full-Time Living

Winner: Niesmann + Bischoff Flair 920

Shortlist: Coachman Travel Master 545, Knaus Van Ti Plus 650MEG TRIBAL, Hymer Venture S

Best Motorhome for Couples

Winner: Benimar Tessoro 483

Shortlist: Globecar Roadscout R Elegance, Adria Twin Supreme 600SX, Joa Camp 75Q, Rapido C55i, Hymer Venture S, Elddis Autoquest 115

Best Motorhome for Families

Winner: Rapido 854F

Shortlist: Coachman Travelmaster 565, Itineo SB740 Spirit Edition, Rimor Kilig 9, Swift Voyager 584

Best Motorhome for Innovation

Winner: Hymer Venture S

Shortlist: Knaus Tourer Van 500 MQ Vansation, Weinsberg X-Cursion Van 500 LT, Chausson S514 Sport Line, Pilote V633M, Volkswagen Caddy California

The winners of the van conversion categories at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023

Best Van Conversion under £60,000

Winner: Jöbl Kampa LE

Shortlist: Globecar Roadscout R Elegance, Joa Camp 60G, Volkswagen Caddy California

Best Van Conversion over £60,000

Winner: Adria Twin Supreme 600SX

Shortlist: Pilote V633M, Bürstner Eliseo C644, Hymer Free S Blue Evolution

The winners of the accessory categories at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023

Best Motorhome Cover

Winner: Protec Motorhome & Campervan Covers (Van Conversion/High Top)

Shortlist: Fiamma Cover Premium Motorhome Cover, Specialised Motorhome Covers, Maypole 4-Ply Premium Grey Breathable Cover, Fiamma Coverglas XL Windscreen Cover

Best Motorhome Awning

Winner: Isabella Buddy

Shortlist: Kampa Cross Air TC Polycotton, Quest Leisure Condor, Westfield Aquila Pro, Trigano Santa Cruz V3,

Best Motorhome Bike Rack

Winner: Thule WanderWay

Shortlist: Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C E-bike, Thule Sport G2 Standard, Thule Lift V16

Best Motorhome Cleaner

Winner: Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner

Shortlist: Fenwick’s Motorhome Cleaner, Rhino Goo! Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner, Dirtbusters Premium Caravan Motorhome Wash & Wax with Carnauba Wax, Care-avan Motorhome Shampoo, MB14 (Mudbuster) Caravan and Motorhome Cleaner, Autoglym Interior Shampoo, Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel

Best Motorhome Sat-Nav

Winner: Garmin Camper 780

Shortlist: TomTom Go Camper Max, Garmin Camper 890, Ohrex N76 Sat-Nav, Avtex Tourer Two, Garmin Camper 1090, Snooper Ventura S6900, Aguri RV740

Best Motorhome Accessories

Winner: All The Aires guides

Shortlist: Omnia Stovetop Oven. Campingaz 360 Grill, Aerative heated hanger, Transcool Air Cooling Unit, Dometic CFX3 35, Quest Rocket 1-litre kettle

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