If you want to go cycling when you’re on tour, you’ll need to make sure you safely transport your bicycle – that’s where having the best motorhome bike rack comes in.

Taking to two wheels to explore once you’ve reached one of the best motorhome sites is becoming an increasingly popular activity for motor caravanners. It offers a quick and easy way to explore, and can be a great way of enhancing your trip.

There are a wide range of products out there and it can feel confusing to know which one is right for you, but the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023 are here to help. Our judging panel have used our combined decades of industry experience to pick out the best motorhome bike racks.

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The best motorhome bike rack is…

The Thule WanderWay on the back of a 'van
Image courtesy of Thule

Thule WanderWay


  • Light in weight and a decent capacity
  • Won’t cover up your lights and number plate


  • Fairly pricey 

The Thule WanderWay is a smart-looking bike rack that’s specifically designed for the Volkswagen T6 – by their very nature T6-based campervans are compact in size, so you’re likely to appreciate the extra storage that this bike rack can give you. As standard it can hold two bikes, but an extension can be added to increase this figure to four.

The rack weighs just 12.4kg, and is capable of carrying two 30kg cycles*, with frame dimensions from 22-80mm, and a maximum wheel diameter of 29 inches.

Loading of the bikes is made easier thanks to the base rails which slide from side to side; pleasingly, your numberplate and vehicle lights will still be visible when the bikes are in place. The rack’s platform folds up vertically against the rear of the campervan when it’s not in use.

What other motorhome bike racks are there?

Our judging panel also shortlisted the following for the best motorhome bike rack.

The Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C E-bike
The Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C E-bike – image courtesy of Agent Fiamma

Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C E-bike

Best motorhome bike rack for two


  • Allows you to carry ebikes
  • Existing fittings not necessarily required 


  • Can only carry a maximum of two bikes

Ever more of us are being attracted by the benefits of owning an ebike, but if you want to take yours with you, you’ll need to make sure that your bike rack is capable of carrying the extra weight over regular bikes. Enter the Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C E-bike, which has stronger rails (over the standard version), meaning that you can carry two ebikes with a total weight of 60kg*.

If you don’t have preexisting rack fixing points on the rear of your motorhome, that’s not a problem with this Fiamma unit – it comes with the necessary fittings to allow you to attach it. Fiamma says that the Pro C is is for motorhomes where the mounting brackets have 60cm horizontal spacing, and vertical spacing between 40cm and 50cm; a diagram is available on the website to allow you to check the exact dimensions of the unit.

Price: £385 at Agent Fiamma

The Thule Sport G2 Standard
The Thule Sport G2 Standard – image courtesy of Thule

Thule Sport G2 Standard

Best motorhome bike rack for rear-wall installation


  • Light in weight
  • Good value


  • Not suitable for ebikes

This well-priced bike rack can be fitted onto the rear of your motorhome, and two versions are available – standard and short – so you can select the correct one for your ’van’s preexisting fixings (Thule claims that it is suitable for all preexisting fixtures except for those on Hymer motorhomes).

It features total load capacity of 50kg*, with an individual bike weight maximum of 19kg (the rack itself weighs just 8.2kg), and the rails can be slid from side to side to allow you to secure your bike more easily. Once it’s in place, the platform can be manually locked to help prevent movement, protecting both your bikes and the back of the motorhome.

Note that Thule states that this rack is not suitable for ebikes.

Price: Around £220 at Thule

The Thule Life V16
The Thule Life V16 – Image courtesy of Thule

Thule Lift V16

Best motorhome bike rack for easier loading


  • Motorised platform makes loading easy
  • Capable of carrying ebikes


  • Pricey and weighty – you’ll need to watch your axle limits

This may be the most expensive bike rack in our selection, but it’s packed with features to help make carrying your bike a breeze. It’s designed to sit against the rear wall of your motorhome, and the base can be raised and lowered via motorised 12V power, to make loading of your bikes a doddle – particularly if they’re on the heavier side. It’s also suitable for ebikes, with a maximum total load capacity of 50kg*. 

The bike rack itself weighs around 18kg, and features adjustable wheel holders, which can secure various sizes of tyre. This is a great option if you’re likely to struggle to lift your bike onto a traditional rack, particularly if you’re tempted by one of the latest – but heavy – ebikes currently available.

Price: Around £680 at Thule

When using bike racks, be sure to conform to the legal and recommended weight restrictions of your motorhome, particularly that of the rear wall. If you’re in any doubt as to whether you should install a bike rack, consult the manufacturer of your motorhome for advice. Carrying cycles on the rear of your motorhome can affect the handling.

If your motorhome doesn’t have pre-existing cycle rack fittings, you should check with the manufacturer of the van to determine the safest place to mount it.

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