Those looking to buy a motorhome over £80,000 will need deep pockets, especially once you’ve added in any upgrades and extras, which are likely to push the price over £100,000 and beyond. To help you make the right decision, the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023 are here to assist you. Our expert panel have picked out the best motorhome over £80,000 on the market, as well as selecting the other standout contenders from some of the biggest brands out there, including Burstner, Adria and more.

As well as this, we share out recommendations from recent years, with manufacturers such as Frankia, Auto-Trail, Carthago and more.

You can find out more about the different brands out there by reading our guide to the best motorhome manufacturers.

If you do have the resources for a motorhome over £80,000, you’re in for a treat as this is the very top end of the market. You’ll be rewarded with spacious living areas, state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings, along with superb styling and build quality.

This year, our category winner is the Burstner Lyseo Gallery TD Harmony Line 689G – we really like how it feels like a home on the move.

The best motorhome over £80,000 is:

Burstner Lyseo Gallery TD Harmony Line 689G

The Burstner Lyseo Gallery TD Harmony Line 689G
  • Price: £89,495
  • Berths: 3
  • Payload: TBC
  • MiRO: TBC
  • Length: 6.9m
  • Width: 2.3m

Reason to buy:

  • A real sense of a home on the move

Reason to avoid:

  • Perhaps a little pricey for what is still a low-profile.

Last season the Lyseo Gallery was really just a figment in the Burstner designers’ imagination. With its full launch this year, including in the UK, it is good to know that such a novel design has been set at a price which is just about within the grasp of ordinary mortals. It is nearly £100,000 cheaper than the Hymer Venture S, which uses the same inflatable roof technology, for example.

That roof really does give you the feeling of a two-storey motorhome. It’s much more impressive than a conventional pop-top roof.

For one thing, the bedroom area includes a small table which is big enough to house a laptop. A perfect place to retire to, then, if you need to do a little work. You won’t even have to struggle up a ladder either: there’s a perfectly decent staircase.

Inside the Burstner Lyseo Gallery TD Harmony Line 689G

For another thing, the air pockets in the roof are so effective as insulation that you really get a hushed atmosphere that is conducive for sleep – or work.

We particularly like the 689G model, because the end washroom adds to the sense of luxury.

But if there are more than three of you, the slightly longer (and similarly priced) 649G model includes a rear lounge that is just as cosy.

Shortlisted for the best motorhome over £80,000 are:

Adria Supersonic 780DC

The Adria Supersonic 780DC
  • Price: £156,690
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 4500kg
  • Payload: TBC
  • Length: 7.8m
  • Width: 2.32m

Reason to buy:

  • Great spec, classy looks, great storage

Reason to avoid:

  • Quite dark interior

Adria’s first A-class motorhome built on a Mercedes Sprinter is an impressive beast, with an all-silver exterior that includes an attractive slanting back panel with LED Hella Lights. Inside you find an interior that is extremely sophisticated, even if it might be a little on the dark side for some tastes. We are glad that models bound for the UK will come with white locker doors to offset the dark brown of the woodwork, and the dark grey floor.

As you would expect from an Adria motorhome, much use has been made of technology. And that’s not just with the media wall complete with USB ports that greets you as you step in – there are in fact USB ports everywhere you need them in here – but with things like a rear island bed you can turn into a daybed with just the flick of a switch.

The kitchen is well thought out and, like the rest of the van, includes a good amount of storage. In fact the storage situation in general means that for once this is an A-class that could comfortably support a family, not just a couple with occasional add on guests. And everybody travelling will be comfortable.

Full review: Adria Supersonic 780DC

Coachman Travel Master 545

The Coachman Travel Master 545
  • Price: £122,000
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 4500kg
  • MiRO: 3850kg
  • Payload: 650kg
  • Length: 8.39m
  • Width: 2.78m

Reasons to buy:

  • Packed with kit, luxurious interior for longer tours

Reasons to avoid:

  • Pricey, requires a C1 driving licence

Okay, so there’s no denying that all of the motorhomes in this category cost a lot of money. But if you’re going to spend a lot of cash on your van, then you want good value – which means a high level of kit and a real feeling of luxury.

The Travel Master range is caravan builder Coachman’s first foray into motorhomes, and we were impressed from the first time we saw it. The island bed 545 is our favourite layout: it’s great for couples on longer tours, but the electrically operated drop-down bed at the front means that you can invite overnight guests if you want, too. There are all the touches that you’d expect in a £120,000-plus motorhome, including sumptuous upholstery, and it’s well winterised to allow you to keep touring all year round.

The shortlisted models for the best motorhome over £80,000 at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022:

Frankia I8400 Plus Platin

Exterior photo of the Frankia I8400 Plus Platin, winner of the best motorhome over £80,000 at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022
  • Price: £171,600
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 5500kg
  • MiRO: 4660kg
  • Shipping length: 8.60m

Reasons to buy:

  • Luxurious
  • Perfect for going off-grid

Reasons to avoid:

  • Expensive

Going in a motorhome is ultimately supposed to be about setting up your home, just like it is at home, anywhere you want. This latest model from German brand Frankia comes the closest to letting you fulfil that ambition of any motorhome we have seen in a good while.

This sense of home comes partly from having a bedroom at the front that when it has fully descended completely obscures the cab so you almost forget you are in a vehicle, and in the huge washroom that straddles the van, and in the comfy rear lounge. But it also most definitely comes from the plethora of electrics that are on board that mean you can take a vehicle even this size off grid for several days and never really worry about running out of power.

On top of all that you get Frankia’s well-known reputation for quality, and a Mercedes base vehicle. You could probably buy a real house for the same money, but then you would have to leave it somewhere.

This Frankia model is certainly an impressive ‘van, and it’s not surprising it took the best motorhome over £80,000 category at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022.

Read our full review: Frankia I8400 Plus Platin

Auto-Trail Grande Frontier GF88

An interior shot of the Auto-Trail Grande Frontier GF88
  • Price: £106,801
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 5000kg
  • MiRO: 4000kg
  • Shipping length: 8.79m

Reasons to buy:

  • Good kitchen
  • Excellent work surface
  • Great lounge

Reasons to avoid:

  • Island bed has no day-bed function

The first A-class produced by a British manufacturer has a very comfortable lounge. It looks very sleek on the outside too, courtesy of a predominantly white exterior, along with tinted windscreen and a wide decal. 

Coming on an Al-Ko chassis, complete with standard Fiat Ducato cab, the GF88 has the benefit of having the driver’s seat accessible via a driver’s door on the ‘correct’ side, a feature many Continental vehicles don’t offer.

The lounge is well lit, courtesy of the Heki rooflight, big windows and spotlights. The nearside settee is long enough to offer room to stretch, even with the folding table in place. Otherwise, the table, which can seat four easily, will be stored by the fridge.

The kitchen has a work surface with a convincing slate appearance, despite being laminate, while there’s a four-burner hob sitting on top of the oven and grill. The presence of a 171-litre fridge with a separate freezer should ensure you stay well-stocked on tour too, while touring in a ‘van that made it onto our best motorhomes list. 

Something we would like to have seen in the ‘van is a day-bed function for the island bed.

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Carthago chic c-line I 4.9 LE/L superior

An exterior shot of the Carthago chic c-line I 4.9 LE/L superior
  • Price: £115,560
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 4500kg
  • MiRO: 3515kg
  • Shipping length: 7.9m

Reason to buy:

  • Useful 70cm-deep double floor
  • Versatile central-washroom layout

Reason to avoid:

  • Only a three-burner gas-only hob

The winner of our best A-class motorhome category is an impressive ‘van.

We really liked the flexibility provided by the versatile central-washroom layout; you can either keep the central aisle open, close both partition doors to give yourself a washroom / dressing room, or alternatively, seal off the rear of the motorhome, giving yourself an ensuite.

The shower comes with two drainage holes and is also a well-lit space, thanks to a roof vent.

The kitchen area also has plenty of light, while the omnivent provides ventilation, although you only get a three-burner gas-only hob, as well as a combined Duplex oven. We were pleased to see a two-way opening fridge with a separate freezer included though, while the sink is also large.

We like that the fixed beds at the back of the ‘van are both 1.96m long, while the drop-down bed is also a good size – it’s manual only though.

One of our favourite features in this Carthago is the 70cm-deep double floor; you can access it in the lounge thanks to the multiple access flaps.

Full review: Carthago chic c-line I 4.9 LE/L superior

Bürstner Elegance 910G

An exterior shot of the Bürstner Elegance 910 G
  • Price: £125,995
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 5500kg
  • MiRO: 4273kg
  • Shipping length: 8.91m

Reasons to buy:

  • Great washroom

Reasons to avoid:

  • Odd shaped sink

If the one thing that is putting you off owning a motorhome is the thought of having to deal with a conventional cassette toilet, then Thetford’s new INDUS system, introduced so far in this luxurious fixed single bed model and its island bed cousin, should put you at ease.

In this year’s model, the shower has been expanded, and the tray dipping down compensates for only having one drain. 

The kitchen only has a three-burner gas hob, along with a combined oven and grill. We think it’s a glossy area, although the sink is an odd shape – it could be hard to find an appropriately sized washing-up bowl.

At the rear of the van, you’ll find comfortable single beds. A very useful feature is a little chest by each headboard, which not only provides control of the lights but also a slot for storing and charging your mobile.

Storage shouldn’t be an issue in this van either – in the kitchen alone, you’ll find an overhead locker, two pull-out shelves, spice rack and large drawer, along with corner shelving.

Read our full review: Bürstner Elegance 910G

We also recommend the following best motorhomes over £80,000 from recent years…

Carthago Chic E-line I51 QB 2020


  • Price: £126,180
  • Layout: Rear island bed
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Travel seats: 4
  • MTLPM: 4500kg
  • Length: 8.07m

This stylish A-class was named Best luxury motorhome over 3500kg in our 2020 Motorhome of the Year awards and is a clever combination of sophistication and practicality. It simply oozes luxury, with a popular floorplan that’s now on a Mercedes base.

The 51 QB with island bed layout has always offered style in spades, thanks to its large fixed bed and spacious lounge, but combine it with that Mercedes base and you have an even more tempting prospect.

Offering many features, such as adaptive cruise control, brake assist and crosswind assist, the Sprinter cab is one of the most advanced out there, helping to make every second of your tour that much more comfortable.

It doesn’t come cheap – on the Mercedes base, this model costs more than £119,000. But if you’re looking for a luxurious motorhome, this could be the one for you.

Luxurious and sophisticated model

You’ll need deep pockets

Read more in our Carthago Chic E-lixne I51 QB review

Rapido M96 2020


  • Price: £87,800
  • Layout: Rear island bed
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Travel seats: 4
  • MTLPM: 3500kg
  • Length: 7.54m

The M96 scooped the Best Innovation prize in our Motorhome of the Year Awards 2020, with the judges noting that it’s “packed with clever features that make it a very deserving winner”.

Needless to say, it’s made the right way, with GRP bodywork, Styrofoam insulation and a double floor. Beyond the Mercedes cowl, it’s all on an Al-Ko chassis extension, too. On the road prices start at £87,800, but my guess is, you’re looking at those tempting upgrades and are more likely to budget in excess of £100,000.

The kitchen is space-efficient, thanks to its L-shape and other design aspects; and in the bedroom the wider-than-average double bed is thanks to a cutaway angle to the wardrobes either side. The bed itself has height adjustment of some 30cm should you wish to optimise storage in the garage below. The washroom comprises a shower cubicle on the offside and a toilet room nearside, with the door for the latter combining with sliding panels for privacy.

Innovative features

Upgrades will bump up price considerably

Read more in our Rapido M96 review

Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 EK 2019


  • Price: £160,390
  • Layout: Rear single beds
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Travel seats: 4
  • MTLPM: 7200kg
  • Length: 9.27m

Driving license and wallet at the ready? You’re going to need both for this giant. Most of us will never be able to afford a vehicle like this, but we can all dream! This is no ordinary ‘van – more of a luxury apartment on wheels.

The 920 EK is one of 10 Flairs for this season, with a standard enough rear-twin-beds layout and an electric double ready to glide down from above the cab.The main kitchen is something to behold. There’s a three-ring gas hob set in the ‘mineral’ worktop, with permanent work surface to its right and a sink (inset, with flush-fit loose cover) on the left.

At the back, steps take you up to the single beds. Like the front double, they have Froli springing and cold-foam mattresses, with upper-level lockers to three sides and a Heki rooflight overhead. The washroom is just as good. The shower compartment is huge.

Fantastic engineering and payload

Price will rule most buyers out

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Frankia M-Line T7400 QD 2019


  • Price: £105,280
  • Layout: Rear island bed
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Travel seats: 4
  • MTLPM: 5000kg
  • Length: 7.67m

This award-winning German coachbuilt on a Mercedes base looks classy inside and out, and has a spacious, comfortable island bed. Frankia’s M-Line T7400 GD scooped our Luxury Motorhome over 3500kg award this time around, but I think I’ve now found something just as good – sister model the QD. Instead of twin single beds at the back, the QD has a luxurious island double. Either model is two-berth, with belted travel for up to four; otherwise, there’s no floorplan differences.

Throughout the interior, quality is to the fore. The lounge is a bit compromised, despite the extra daylight via the fixed overcab sunroof and wind-up rooflight. Attention to detail prevails in the kitchen. The Dometic hob has three burners, while the sink is inset into the worktop; its covers match the work surface and splash panel. Those covers double up to give extra worktop.

The bed itself sits high, with steps each side for easier access. Reading lights on stalks have USB outlets, and cubbyholes either side of the bed are another great idea. Aft of the kitchen, there’s a shower cubicle nearside, in all-plastic with a cleverly integrated pull-down drying rail, as well as a riser bar, and two plugholes in the smooth floor.

Excellent build quality

There’s no spare – just a repair kit

Read more in our Frankia M-Line T7400 QD review

Carthago Liner-for-two I 53 2019


  • Price: £118,670
  • Layout: Rear lounge
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Travel seats: 2
  • MTLPM: 4500kg
  • Length: 7.83m

Carthago’s Liner-for-two is one of the most luxurious two-berths currently on the market.

The spacious rear lounge can seat six or more people in comfort around the fixed pedestal table. Strictly speaking, this lounge is C-shaped, rather than U-shaped, because it extends around to provide the rearward facing sofa behind the kitchen bar.

You only get a three-burner gas hob with this kitchen – no extra electric hob. But the cast-iron-effect trivets fold up easily for cleaning. The swan-neck tap on the large sink can be extended into a hose, while the sink cover is neatly designed to divide into two – one half doubles up as a chopping board and can be stowed away in a slot under the bar.

The two fixed beds that drop-down over the cab once you fold the seat forward are some of the most comfortable we have ever slept in. They can easily be merged into a double, too. Carthago has even included a hidden dead switch, which you can turn on to stop any children wearing down the battery by playing with the system.

The Liner-for-two can be completely partitioned off on both the front and the rear sides – although the light switches for the shower are on the outer side of the rear door. However, unlike some other A-classes, the space you are left with when you do this is still enormous. In fact, even if you move the door over to shut off the nearside washroom on its own, there is still generous space to move about.

Spacious rear lounge
Very comfortable bed

Seems a little top-heavy

Read more in our Carthago Liner-for-two I 53 review

Swift Kon-tiki Dynamic 675 2019


  • Price: £146,490
  • Layout: Rear single beds
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Travel seats: 6
  • MTLPM: 7200kg
  • Length: 9.04m

Swift’s latest offering in this luxury range is designed for fans of motorsports and outdoor events, who need to stay connected off-grid. The Dynamic 675 is based on the Iveco Daily, providing a 3.0-litre engine, rear-wheel drive and, in the case of our test model, a 205bhp, eight-speed automatic gearbox. A 180bhp six-speed manual version is also available. Overall MTPLM is 7200kg, and you can fit a motorbike in the capacious rear garage.

The interior is much more like the standard Kon-tiki. But, as you might expect in a ‘van designed for sporting events, the 675 is heavy on electrical connections, with nine mains sockets in here. In the kitchen a four-burner dual-fuel hob sits on top of a Dometic oven with a separate grill. Across the aisle, you get a Dometic fridge that opens both ways, and a microwave on top.

The rear fixed beds can make a double, with four spotlights and a second TV station here. At the very back are two more USB sockets and another mains socket. The overcab bed impressed us. A heavy-duty zippable cloth partition should keep out the light, and you get a choice of lighting colour, two USBs and a roof light. The third double, made from the dinette, requires three infill cushions

Capacious rear garage
Underfloor LPG tank

No cab blinds

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