Recently we’ve been admiring some of the world’s most remarkable RV’s, including a jet-powered VW campervan, the wacky double-decker Decoliner and a motorhome previously owned by Will Smith. 

Impressive as these are, we thought it was time to take a look at the most expensive motorhome in the world: the Marchi Element Palazzo Superior. Used as RVs, VIP coaches and mobile events, each custom built vehicle is powered by a 600 horsepower Volvo six cylinder inline engine and takes 8 months to build. 

“It’s made for enthusiasts,” says Mario Marchi, President of Marchi Mobile. He drew inspiration for the innovative features from Luigi Colani, an industrial designer who based his work around forms found in nature.

Mario also wanted to  pull elements from the different travel sectors of boating, aviation and motorsport, making the Element something close to a luxury yacht on wheels. The striking panoramic cab is inspired by jet cockpits and comes equipped with a range of high spec technology. 

With the vehicle weighing in at a whopping 28 tonnes, it was important to Mario that the design incorporate aerodynamics: “it allows us to have the best drag co-efficiency currently available for a street legal truck,” he explains. This helps the Element save around 20% on fuel compared to standard OEM vehicles. 

The base of the vehicle is a custom chassis which is extended to the desired length, usually between 40-45 feet and additional air suspension is built for the main body. A recent addition to the design is a front grill to increase the air intake for the engine. 


It’s kitted out with luxury add ons including 42 inch TVs, wireless internet and heated floors. For on board entertaining, there’s a roof deck, complete with sun canopy and integrated furniture plus a bar, wine cabinet and ice machine built into the living space. Travellers can sleep like royalty in the king-sized bed, made by the same company that supplies beds to the British royal family. 

So, how much will a Marchi Element set you back? Well, as we know, it’s the most expensive motorhome on the market so you won’t be surprised to learn it comes with a $3 million price tag. Surely a small price to pay to be the most talked-about motorhome on the campsite!

Text and images courtesy of Barcroft

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