We love a luxurious motorhome, so having seen an RV that was previously owned by Will Smith and has been described as “the biggest, tallest, widest and most luxurious RV in the world”, we had to find out more.

The $2.5m double decker RV – called the Studio Mobile Estate – was designed by Ron Anderson, from Austin, Texas, covers 1,200 square foot and has 22 wheels.

Speaking to Truly, Ron, who has been making RVs for the stars for the past 20 years, said: “We moved into the film industry through Sylvester Stallone. He told everybody in Hollywood and Will Smith contacted me and said, ‘Hey, I want something unique’. I said, ‘I’ve got it’ and that’s how we built the first one for Will Smith.”

As you may expect from an RV previously owned by a star, it is packed with features, including 14 TVs and a 30 person screening room. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a television for your ‘van, our best motorhome TV round-up is sure to help you find the model for you.

The lounge area was designed for dailies, with occupants able to use a 100-inch projector screen.

Other features in the vehicle include a bed that converts into a couch and a makeup mirror that rises out of the desk.

The kitchen is similarly impressive, coming with a large three-door fridge freezer and a dishwasher drawer. $125,000 was spent on granite in the RV – it has a total of 17 slabs in it, with one table alone having $12,000 worth.

The kitchen boats a large three-door fridge freezer

There are also over $100,000 worth of electronics in the RV – occupants can take charge of the touch screens and TVs at the control centre.

The smart interiors are pre-finished with a real wood called obiflex from France. Ron explained that the wood surfaces were so hard that “you could take the keys of your car and run them over the top of them and it won’t scratch”.

The wood surfaces are made of obiflex

The innovative touches continue in the room that was designed for wardrobe – it comes with a rear entrance, allowing people to enter without having to go through the main living space of the vehicle.

The RV has a rear entrance for the makeup team

You may be surprised after seeing such a luxurious vehicle to hear of its origins – it was originally a bus that Ron had bought to use for mobile blood testing.

While the RV’s price may be beyond many of us, the good news is you can still rent it out at $9,000 a night.

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Information and images courtesy of Barcroft

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