If you’ve ever wondered what “Flash Gordon’s motorhome” might look like, the Decoliner will give you a good idea. That’s what its builder Randy Grubb called his creation, but he was never that into motorhoming himself.

He admits: “I always thought it was kind of weird driving around in a big box and then sleeping in it.” Now Randy has driven 15,000 miles across America in the Decoliner, which he spent 6,000 hours converting. The transformation took around 18 months and cost $100,000 in parts. 

With the chassis of a 1973 GMC motorhome and the cab from a 1953 White cab-over-engine truck, this model is equipped with 455 joules as well as a front wheel drive system, meaning the frame is only 14 inches off the ground.

Because the wheel was so much lower than a standard motorhome, Jeff was able to build the roof as a double-decker while keeping to the maximum legal height in the USA.

The high top inspired him to add another astonishing feature to the Decoliner – flyover complete with a functional steering wheel on the roof. “I always get asked ‘Is that legal?’” says Randy, “well, it’s not illegal.” 




When Jeff decided to sell the Decoliner, it fetched half a million dollars. The new owner, Mike, saw the unique vehicle featured on TV and struck a deal with Randy to take on the eye-catching motorhome for $500,000: “it’s an amazing vehicle to be involved with,” says Mike, “because everybody smiles profusely at it, it just brings so much joy to people.” 

The Decoliner isn’t Randy’s first build – he makes a living from creating wacky, wonderful vehicles including DecoPod motorbikes and a tank car for iconic American TV host, Jay Leno. For another celebrity conversion, check out this RV designed for Will Smith. If you’re looking for some more affordable inspiration, we’ve rounded up our favourite conversions under £50,000.

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Information and images courtesy of Barcroft

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