Picking the best motorhome toilet chemicals will be an important job; after all, the prospect of emptying the toilet cassette is not the most appealing of tasks, but the right products can make it a much less daunting chore.

This is because motorhome toilet chemicals reduce unpleasant odours and help to breakdown waste, liquefying it for easier disposal.

There are three main types of toilet chemical. These include blue and green, which will go in the waste cassette, and pink, which goes into the flush reservoir. Then, after flushing, you’ll get a disinfected and fragranced loo.

In this guide, we’re rounding up our pick of the best motorhome toilet chemicals on the market, to help you find the right one for you.

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The best motorhome toilet chemicals – our top picks:

Fenwicks Top and Tail Toilet Fluid
Image courtesy of Halfords

Fenwick’s Top & Tail Toilet Fluid

Fenwick’s are a well-known brand in the cleaning sphere, and we think the Top & Tail Toilet Fluid will be well worth considering if you want to keep your motorhome toilet in tip-top condition. We like that it can be used in both the top and bottom tanks, providing an efficient way of dealing with any waste and bacteria, as well as ensuring your toilet stays fresh.

The formaldehyde-free product also leaves the toilet with slip agents, helping to keep everything working as it should.

Pro-Kleen Caravan Toilet Chemical
Image courtesy of Amazon

Pro-Kleen Caravan Toilet Chemicals

These eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free toilet chemicals from Pro-Kleen will help you keep your motorhome toilet clean and fresh.

The blue toilet cleaning formula will deal with any odours and break down the waste. As well as this, the pink fluid can be used on the flush tank to combat smells and also provides the toilet with a protective layer. This not only gives you easier flushing, but also helps to ensure all of the waste is dealt with.

The end result will be a toilet this is much easier to maintain.

Dirtbusters Motorhome Toilet Rinse and Fluid
Image courtesy of Amazon

Dirtbusters Motorhome and Caravan Toilet Cleaners

This powerful and biodegradable toilet chemical from Dirtbusters will allow you to keep your toilet in excellent condition. You can rely on this formaldehyde-free product to eradicate odours and break down any solids, making them easy to remove. You get two litres of each product, which should provide up to 20 uses; 100ml is used per 10 litres of waste capacity or rinse tank solution.

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Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid
Image courtesy of Amazon

Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid and Rinse

This Elsan toilet fluid can be relied upon to naturally dissolve waste and eradicate odours. The absence of harsh chemicals will mean you don’t have to deal with an overtly chemical scents.

We like that it can be used as both a fluid and a rinse too. It’s available in both two litre and 400ml bottles, so you can get the size that best suits your requirements, with the latter size easy to store while you’re on tour.

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Aqua Kem Green
Image courtesy of Thetford

Aqua Kem Green Concentrated

Aqua Kem Green Concentrated offers motorhome owners an environmentally-friendly way of maintaining their toilet. Providing users with odour control, it helps to limit gas build-up and makes the tank easier to empty, by liquifying waste.

Plus, as its only 750ml, it’s easy to transport when you’re on a trip.

Bottom & Top
Image courtesy of OLPRO

OLPRO Bottom & Top

This environmentally-friendly OL-PRO product can be used in both the top tank and bowl. It’s simple to use, giving you an effective way of ensuring your toilet stays in a good condition, free of any bacteria. The formaldehyde-free chemical comes in two litre bottles, and requires 50ml in every 10 litres.

Blue Diamond "When Nature Calls 2L Toilet Fluid"

Blue Diamond “When Nature Calls 2L Toilet Fluid”

This formaldehyde free concentrated toilet cleaner will keep your motorhome toilet smelling pleasant. The bio-degradable toilet chemical will leave what is described by Blue Diamond as a “medicated fragrance”, and it offers a great way to keep your facilities clean and usable.

Maypole twin pack of Superior Toilet Rinse & Fluid
Image courtesy of Maypole

Maypole Twin 2L pack of Superior Toilet Rinse & Fluid

These eco-friendly chemical cleaners from Maypole are ideal for keeping your motorhome’s toilet in excellent condition. Providing a pleasant scent, this double pack comes with a fluid and a rinse. The former will break down waste, leaving a fresh smell behind, while the rinse can then be used to disinfect the loo, keeping it free of bacteria.

We like that the Toilet Fluid is formaldehyde free, while the Toilet Rinse leaves a pleasant aroma behind in your van’s bathroom – always a plus!

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