The Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf is always a big attraction for motorhomers – particularly those wanting to buy something a bit special, and have the opportunity to see a little more choice than you might get in the UK.

The European market for leisure vehicles is much larger than the UK sector, so European manufacturers can often afford to spend more on design, testing, advertising and tooling than any UK manufacturer. Hence you just have to take a good look at what the best motorhome brands from Europe could offer.

Some show off their ranges at the NEC once or twice a year, but all of them will exhibit as much as possible at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, held at the end of August each year, making it an ideal even to attend if you’re looking for the best motorhomes.

You will find a very respectable turnout of UK manufacturers there as well, which isn’t surprising, given that these days, several major UK brands are part of larger European, US or international conglomerates.

For example, Elddis, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, is part of the Erwin Hymer Group, which in turn is part of Thor Industries in the US.

Plan your visit beforehand

The Düsseldorf Caravan Salon is simply massive, but it is also extremely well organised. This is the biggest show in Europe, with 16 halls and 250,000 square metres of exhibition space. It is also very well established – this year’s show will be its 62nd appearance.

The first day is the Preview, reserved for trade and press visitors only. Allow yourselves a visit of three days and in that time, you still won’t cover all of it.

Booking ahead might be needed

The onsite camping is excellent, with many spots offering 16A hook-up. Shuttle bendy buses run between all of the show entrances and the many parking areas. When the halls close in the early evening, the buses then run a free shuttle service into town, so if you are into a vibrant night life, you won’t be disappointed.

The shuttle bus service
The shuttle bus service

Most importantly, if you require a powered pitch or a mobility buggy, you must book in advance.

If not, just turn up and join the very well-organised queuing system – but do get your tickets online first to save time. The adjacent airport and hotels next door are very handy if that’s your preference for accommodation.

The mostly bionic Mrs T struggles a bit with her legs nowadays, so we enquired many months in advance if mobility buggies could be hired at the show. It is a massive showground and even getting from the camping platz to the nearest bus stop was a challenge. The answer to the question was yes, but you do need to book in advance to be sure. The pick-up place is the site Medical Centre, which is at ground level at the North entrance.

A hired mobility buggy
Book your buggy

It costs €20 per day unless you have a blue badge, then there is no charge. They do require security, which for us is our passports, which they hand back when the buggy is returned each day.

These buggies are speed-limited, but this is a show site, so not unexpected.

Plot your travel route

As for getting there, it is a little over half a day’s drive from Calais (don’t forget to decide whether to take the ferry or Eurotunnel too), on main roads or autoroutes/autobahns with no tolls, and you arrive at the Caravan Service Centre, where you empty and fill up before being pitched.

The camping is massive, and in tight rows; don’t expect the kind of space you find in UK motorhome sites. Do expect camaraderie, evening entertainment, and food and beer outlets close by, as well as toilets and showers.

Forget satellite TV on the powered pitches – most of the hook-up pitches are under trees for important shade. You will hear every plane (although they don’t fly throughout the night).

The Salon is a unique experience, which everyone should enjoy at least once. We have been attending the event on and off since 2007.

Get the show map and guide

As mentioned earlier, the Caravan Salon extends over numerous halls, and some of the major manufacturers, such as Hymer, have a whole hall for motorhomes and another for caravans.

The weather is usually good and a lot of the activity takes place outside, between the halls. For example, the barbecue truck is something to behold!

A huge red truck where a barbecue can be found
The barbecue truck!

There really is nothing you cannot find there – but you’ll definitely need the map and show guide.

As well as the motorhomes, there are halls full of tents and others packed with camping accessories for kitting out your motorhome. Bike racks, air suspension, levelling systems, gas systems, oodles of fancy LED lighting – they’re all abundantly available.

Base vehicle manufacturers are also on show, with the latest chassis, engines and transmission systems, ideal if you want to find out more about the best van for a camper conversion.

Inside an autobox
Inside an autobox

Then there’s the clutch of companies that make the bits we know well – the toilets, fridges, cookers, washroom kit, space and water heaters, taps by the lorry-load, the electrics and more.

But whatever your quest, you will find Düsseledorf to be simply the best. Many familiar faces from the larger UK outlets can be found on the stands at the show, all happy to take your order and deposit for collection back at the UK dealer for that brand. There’s also no problem if you don’t speak German: almost everybody is fluent in English.

You might prefer to get some quotes in detail, with all the special bits you want in writing, and take them home to ponder over. After all, a new leisure vehicle is a major investment.

While you’re browsing, just keep an eye out for the electric bikes and scooters that are everywhere – never step backwards without looking!

Especially for first-timers

If you are new to motorhoming, Hall 7 has something special for you in 2024. StarterWorld is billed as a first contact point for touring, independent of any manufacturers. Both beginners and old hands will find interesting facts and everything you need to know about brilliant touring holidays.

Caravan Salon essentials

When is Caravan Salon 2024?

The show will be held from 30 August to 8 September 2024.

Where is Caravan Salon held?

Lotzweg, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany

Buying tickets to Caravan Salon

  • Camping tickets: One-day tickets for adults cost €19 for weekends, €17 during the week; discounts are available (see website for details)
  • Club Caravan Salon: Adults €16 for weekends, €14 during the week. Children (aged six to 12) one-day tickets €8 for weekends, €6 during the week. Weekday afternoon only, €10
  • Ticket hotline: +49 211/4560-7600 
  • Email enquiries:
  • Mobility buggy booking:

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