The two models in the Swift Trekker campervan range come with four berths and four travel seats. Designed for the more adventurous, the ‘vans come with two of the berths in a pop-top roof, with the other two made up at the rear.

The Trekker is a very cool-looking machine, especially in this flat light-grey paint with black accenting and matt-black, five-spoke 16in alloy wheels. But it takes more than a smart paint job to appeal to those on the hunt for the best camper van, and by choosing Ford’s Transit panel van as the base vehicle, Swift has bought into Ford’s hundreds of millions of pounds of engineering investment and excellence, spending a further £500,000 on developing the Trekker’s habitation.

The base Ford vehicle, which features in our best van for a camper conversion guide, is a high-top van with an SCA elevating-roof. On close inspection, both inside and out, this German pop-top looks like a beautifully engineered bit of kit.

It’s created such a lovely, raised space that, several reviewers agreed, in good weather this would be our primary bed when pitched up at one of the best campervan sites. Certainly, in warmer weather, I’d unzip the side panels and enjoy the cool airflow through the mossie-proof mesh surrounding this spacious yet cosy ‘room’.

Upstairs bed with night-time lighting
The ‘upstairs’ bed benefits from good night-time lighting

‘Downstairs’, the double bed you need to make up stretches across the width of the ’van at the rear. It folds down from each side and features plastic Clima PluX independent bed springs below the supportive foam mattress. Those bed springs are an innovative, lightweight design, but – in my opinion – I’m not sure they’d add a huge amount cushioning for an adult sleeper.

“The success of our Voyager range (see: our review of the Swift Voyager 584) was our inspiration for Trekker,” says Swift’s Marketing Director, Jo Mitchell. “So many people want to enjoy the great outdoors, walking and exploring, and the Trekker embodies that spirit of adventure.

“As well as being incredible from a functional point of view, there’s also something really cool about it.

“We’re trying to appeal to a wider demographic, and perhaps a new demographic, with the aim of attracting new people into the outdoor leisure market with this product.”

The Trekker comes in two flavours. Trekker and Trekker X share 95% of their DNA, with the larger X boasting a 45cm longer wheelbase and body length and a 13cm wider rear bed. Both have belted seats and sleep four. The roof bed is accessed by a folding ladder.

Daytime living in the Swift Trekker

If this size of campervan or motorhome has an Achilles heel, for me it tends to be the amount of lounging space. Most are perfect for touring in warmer climes and the relaxed outdoor living that they allow (with their compact lounges as occasional back-up).

However, four people in a Trekker on a wet weekend in Wednesbury might be a little challenging.

The cab area with captain's seats swivelled round
Swivel the captain’s seats in the cab to create the lounge

Two forward-facing and belted seats are located right behind the driver’s seat, with a table-mounting rail on the offside wall. The driver and front passenger captain’s seats then pivot around to create a four-seat dining, playing and living area.

Although this area is compact, it is light and airy, thanks to a rooflight above, even when the roof is down.

Kitchen in the Swift Trekker

Next to the Trekker’s lounge, there is a neat kitchen on the nearside.

Facilities here include a Dometic two-burner hob, with a small sink and tap attached, and a Dometic 50-litre compressor fridge. In the Trekker X, the fridge is a 70-litre model.

Trekker's smart kitchen
Smart kitchen on the nearside provides extendable worktop

There’s some usable worktop here, with a handy fold-out extension and an impressive amount of storage, too. The Trekker X also comes fitted with a small oven-grill.

Washroom in the Swift Trekker

The fully sealed, waterproof, compact washroom sits amidships in the ’van. It has a high-quality tambour door, concealing a swivel toilet, fold-down basin, and a shower tray and shower head. I could manoeuvre my XL frame when inside, but for the more portly, space is at a premium here. That said, the storage capacity is impressive.

Sleeping in the Swift Trekker

The rear of the Trekkers has a central aisle with cupboards, drawers and the gas locker up to waist height on each side. Above, the transverse bed folds across the space for a sizeable double. Here, the extra length of the X comes into its own, with added centimetres allowing for a wider bed.

Trekker X comes with a sizeable double bed
Sizeable double bed is even wider in the longer Trekker X

Roomy top cabinets on the offside house a TV and power point, with a reinforced panel on the bulkhead for mounting a set. The Trekker X benefits from an additional wardrobe here.

Heating and lighting in the Swift Trekker

The vehicles’ utilities are controlled from a very trendy panel located just above the door.

A four-inch LCD colour touchscreen delivers all the necessary information about the ’van’s heating, lighting and battery levels, and the controls are clear and intuitive to use.

Heating and hot water come from a compact Whale system, and there are 65-litre fresh-water and 55-litre waste-water tanks slung below the floor. These are heated to allow winter touring. For off-grid campers, a sealed, long-life 100Ah leisure battery should provide the necessary power.

Trekker lighting offers various mood options, thanks to a dimmer control and even a back-lit headboard.

Next to the control panel are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Exterior of the Trekker

In both Trekker models, high-quality Thule Omnistor wind-out awnings, awning lights and external BBQ and shower points are fitted as standard. The Trekkers really are perfect for the outdoor and watersports enthusiast, especially because you can load up lengthy equipment, such as surfboards or fishing gear, below the rear bed, where there are tie-down hooks.

Cab and driving experience

Both models come with a powerful, Euro 6D, 170bhp, two-litre diesel engine, developing 287lb ft of torque at 2750rpm. This means that they’re pleasingly nippy at junctions and slip roads, and good for eating up the miles on a motorway cruise.

Ford’s clear focus on comfort for its ‘workhorse’ van is also notable. The captain’s seats up front are relaxing and supportive, and swivel to provide additional habitation seating.

Ford has also switched the manual handbrake (between the front seats) for an electronic version, thereby freeing up a sizeable walkway going through to the habitation area.

A six-speed manual gearbox comes as standard, but this can be swapped for a slick six-speed auto ’box on the options list. The Trekkers can be driven with a Cat B licence, thus opening up a whole world of luxury adventure to almost all UK drivers.

The verdict on the Swift Trekker range

The Trekker range will have wide appeal to those seeking to enhance their outdoor leisure lifestyle and embrace a bit of luxury touring at the same time.

A younger audience in particular will be likely to appreciate the cool, faux off-road looks, and the versatility that these two campervans can offer.

The extra length of the Trekker X only costs an additional £1000, and we’d say the benefits of more storage, the bigger bed and fridge and a small grill in the kitchen make this a no-brainer (if it’ll fit on your drive, of course).

The new Ford Transit is an excellent base model, arguably the best option currently available.

It might have a tough job knocking the VW California and its many ‘offspring’ off their perches. But the powerful, smooth, quiet and tractable Ford diesel engine really is an absolute peach.

Alternatives to consider

The Vantage Luna is a shorter four berth ‘van with plenty of comfort and a well-thought-out design. Another four-berth is the Wellhouse Misano 4.1, a ‘van which comes on the Ford Transit Custom and offers a great spec.

Swift Trekker spec

Swift Trekker and Swift Trekker X spec

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