In our quest to find the best camping tables for motorhome touring holidays, we’ve tested some terrific folding tables made by many of the top names in the outdoor accessories world. We’ve pitted the Coleman 6 in 1 Camping Table (£70) against Quest Leisure’s Elite Packaway Slatted Table (£44.99), Outwell Custer Large Camping Table (£109.99), Outwell Penticton (£53.99), Kampa Prestige Double Slat Camping Table (£59.99) and the Kampa Element Waterproof Table Medium (£54.99). Nearly all these folding tables have been good, while a few have been outstanding, as you can read in our camping table reviews.

In our 2016 group test of camping tables, we came up with a set of criteria to judge these rival products. We looked for practicality married to attractiveness. We needed lightweight camping tables that were also robust enough to withstand motorhome life on the road, while being stable and strong in use on rough ground. We wanted to avoid table wobbles and dinner disasters, so we looked for folding tables with adjustable legs and feet. The best camping tables can easily accommodate the lumps and bumps on a woodland campsite pitch or one of our friendly motorhome Nightstops

We checked the tabletop area compared to the overall weight and pack-down sizes of each table. The overall surface area is only one element, and we were also very pleased with any tables that gave unobstructed legroom for all table users. When tables are too high or too low, it leads to uncomfortable eating positions, so we favoured tables with adjustable legs, especially if this meant they could be used both as coffee tables and as dining tables.

Putting the tables up quickly and easily, without any difficulty, and then later packing them away into compact, neat little packages for storage were also important factors. We also wanted tables that were easy to keep clean, so we generally preferred smooth tabletops that you can wipe down quickly, without having to work the crumbs loose from crevices, cracks and folds. Truly weatherproof tables gained extra points, because in real life we just know they’re going to be left out in the rain from time to time. Finally, as with all products featured in our outdoor accessory reviews, great value for money is a must.

The best camping table we’ve tested was the Quest Elite Packaway Slatted Table, costing just £44.99. Here’s what we discovered during out test. Forget fiddly construction and a rickety end result, this slatted table’s ingenious frame opens in all directions at once, which makes assembly a doddle.

It’s also amazingly stable: even rough ground can’t upset it, thanks to telescopic legs that are able to accommodate big dips and humps. They also allow the table’s height to be set anywhere between 46cm and a comfortable 70cm. 

The table’s only drawback is that the leg design means that only two adults — one each side — can be seated easily, which makes the 53cm x 90cm top seem a little excessive.

Not that this is too much of an issue, though, because pack-down size is just 10cm x 20cm x 90cm and the weight is an enviably low 3.9kg. And at this price you could buy two to accommodate more diners.