If you’re looking for the best camping tables for motorhome holidays, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been busy testing all sorts of likely looking folding tables, at several price-points.

For instance, you can find out what we thought of the £59.99 Kampa Prestige Camping Table, or the £109.99 Outwell Custer Large folding table. We’ve also tested the Outwell Penticton aluminium camping table costing £53.99. We tried out the Coleman 6 in 1 Camping Table at £70, which is actually a set of two tables that you can join together. Then we tried the Kampa Element Waterproof Table Medium at £54.99, the aluminium Kampa Prestige Camping Table at £59.99 and the Quest Elite Packaway Slatted Table at just £44.99.

So, briefly, here’s what we looked for in our quest to discover the best camping tables for motorhome touring. We wanted these folding tables to be lightweight, yet strong and robust enough to withstand the rigours of life on the road. We checked the pack-down size, because we know that spare storage space in most campers is pretty limited. And we were most particular about the balance between tabletop size and the number of people who could use the table in terms of having enough legroom and elbow-room.

Table height is critical to comfort, so we really preferred camping tables with adjustable legs and feet. The more height variation the better, because we’d like to use our folding dining tables as sun lounger-height coffee tables and wine and beer tables on occasion, too. 

Wipe-clean surfaces are a bonus in any camping table, especially if there are few cracks and crevices that could trap spilt food and turn mouldy and smelly in the motorhome when we’re not using it.

We also checked out the speed and ease of use, in terms of putting the table up and down quickly. And finally, we really loved camping tables that wouldn’t fall apart when accidentally left out in the rain.

Which brings us to the Kampa Element Waterproof Table Medium camping table, which sports a 60cm x 80cm top and enhanced weather resistance. Whereas some rival manufacturers label their folding tables as merely showerproof, Kampa goes one better and claims that this camping table is fully waterproof.

In fact, this table betters others in many ways. Despite not weighing much, at 3.5kg, it’s far sturdier than rivals and the telescopic legs mean it’ll stay that way even if used on uneven ground. They also give the table an adjustable height of between 49cm and 69cm. Part of this table’s improved stability is due to the leg structure, but it rules out using the ends for seating — so it’s best used as a table for two people only.