Buying the right camping gear for motorhome holidays makes all the difference to your enjoyment. Practical outdoor accessories that also look good will turn every touring holiday into a golden memory of magical moments. Make the most of mealtimes on tour by dining in the fresh air, swapping the sights and sounds of nature for TV dinners on your lap. 

Camping tables vary quite a bit in their style, materials and construction. So we’ve collected up a good range of folding tables to find the best for motorhome holidays.

In our camping table reviews we looked for tables that weren’t too heavy or bulky and that fold neatly for storage. We wanted to find tables we could put up and down quickly, and we were concerned that they should be strong and stable, with some way of avoiding a big wobble, other than needing many layers of bits of cardboard or newspaper placed strategically under a couple of the table legs!

We tested many folding tables for 2016, including the Outwell Custer Large camping table, costing £109.99, and the Outwell Penticton aluminium camping table costing £53.99. We tried out the Coleman 6 in 1 Camping Table at £70, which is actually a set of two tables that you can join together. Then we tried the Kampa Element Waterproof Table Medium at £54.99, the Kampa Prestige Camping Table at £59.99 and the Quest Elite Packaway Slatted Table at just £44.99.

Another factor that gained our approval during the camping table tests was how easy each table was to clean. We liked the ones with fewer potential food traps, to avoid any issues with mould forming in the cracks. We also liked the tables that would come up smiling even if we left them out in the rain overnight. 

We paid a lot of attention to size and weights, because it’s uncomfortable to sit hunched and bunched together over a too-small table, and equally you can’t cut your food properly if the tabletop is just that bit too high. Strengthening struts are a good thing when it comes to stability, but we were less impressed with tables that effectively blocked off two ends, so nobody could get their legs under the tables there.

Naturally we’re concerned not to overload the motorhome payload, so any table that manages to be strong, stable, versatile and yet light gets the thumbs-up from us!

In this review we’ll focus on the Outwell Custer Large Camping Table, a premium folding table costing £109.99. With its generously sized (70cm x 120cm), smart bamboo surface, enviable stability and desirable maximum height of 70cm, the Outwell Custer Large camping table wouldn’t look out of place in a domestic kitchen, let alone on motorhome and camping holidays.

Four adults can easily sit comfortably around it and, at a push, you could probably get three people along each long side. Yes, the bracing protrudes down at the ends, but it only impedes sitting room slightly — just making itself felt against the tops of the legs.

The Outwell Custer Large table’s further benefits include an impressive pack-down size of 71cm x 62cm x 10cm, and two other possible table-top heights: 49cm and 58cm.

The only minuses to the Outwell Cluster Large are the high price and the hefty 10kg weight.