The benefits of a great dealer can’t be underestimated – a motorhome is a substantial and life-changing purchase, so it’s great to know that the dealer from which you buy has the expertise, experience and reputation to ensure that you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.

And that’s where Chelston Motorhomes in Somerset comes in. It offers an unrivalled selection of new and used motorhomes, giving you a huge selection to choose from, and allowing you to find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Chelston is an official dealer for the UK’s most popular motorhomes; Autotrail, Adria, Bürstner, Carado, Carthago and Swift models can all be found here, with models from compact campervans to luxurious and spacious A-class liners. 

See 2021 models up close

The cancellation of many motorhome shows across the UK this summer has meant that it’s not been easy to see motorhomes up close.

Due to the current UK situation, this year Chelston’s Launch show will be replaced by a series of individual brand launches, beginning with the Adria Launch from 13-19 October. Details can be found here.

Chelston’s brand launches will now take place during October and November.

Adria Launch, 13-19 October
ON SHOW: Matrix Supreme 670SC, Coral Supreme 670DC, Compact SC, Twin 640SPB Family, Matrix Plus 600DT, Sonic Supreme 710SL, Twin Supreme 640SLB and Coral Plus 670SL. Please note this list may be subject to change.

Bürstner Launch, 29 October-1 November

ON SHOW: Elegance 920, Lyseo Harmony 690, Lyseo Harmony 728, Lyseo Harmony 744, and an Eliseo campervan model. Please note this list may be subject to change.

Carthago Launch, 13-16 November
Details of participating models will be published on Chelston’s website when confirmed.

Auto-trail Launch, TBA
Launch dates and details of participating models will be published on Chelston’s website when confirmed.

Chelston already has a number of 2021 models in stock, and more will be arriving weekly.

You can view Chelston’s current 2021 models either in stock OR available to order here. 

Chelston also has a number of new 2020 models available in stock.

All of Chelston’s used stock can be found on its website.

History and expertise in spades

Chelston has been selling motorhomes for 34 years; with such a long history, you can rest assured that you’ll get the service and attention that you’re looking for. 

So, whether you’re looking to buy a new or used motorhome, are an old-hand or new to motorhomes, or are simply looking for an alternative holiday to cruises or package trips, Chelston should be the first port of call for your next motorhome.

To find out more about Chelston Motorhomes, visit the company’s website; to enquire about products, you can call 01823 662 075 to speak to one of the team. 

You can also keep up with the latest news and events on Chelston Facebook and Twitter pages.