In a regular year, by now we would have been able to bring you news about the upcoming motorhome launches for 2023 from just about every manufacturer. But this year, and the two preceding it, have been anything but normal.

Problems with the various supply chains relied upon by many motorhome manufacturers have caused even more delays to production.

In addition, they have proved to be a particular issue for brands that need right-hand drive vehicles – in other words, UK manufacturers.

Relative newcomer Coachman may have included its Mercedes-based Travelmaster motorhome among the line-up at its 2023 caravan launch, but both Swift and Erwin Hymer UK have put off their season launches until the autumn, so any new vehicles are unlikely to be appearing on the forecourts until just before the NEC show in October at the earliest.

With other manufacturers, the theme this season seems to have been a scale-back in the model line-up.

However, here we can reveal what we do know about the motorhome launches for 2023.


Bürstner has confirmed that it will go into production with its innovative Lyseo Gallery range this autumn, with two models in the line-up.

First unveiled as a prototype last year, the Lyseo Gallery is based on the existing Lyseo range, but includes an inflatable pop-up roof at the front, which provides an extra sleeping area.

The Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD 649 G Harmony Line
The Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD 649 G Harmony Line

The expanding roof can be locked down electronically when you are on the move, then elevated in 90 seconds on site. It has been tested in a variety of weather conditions, ranging from -30° to +80°, with 1.5m of snow on top of it, and in head and side winds of up to 120kmh (74mph).

The two models in the range are both  6.99m long. The layout in the TD 649 has a UK-friendly rear lounge and four berths, while the two-berth TD 689 G has an end washroom. Both have four travel seats, and you can opt for standard or Harmony Line spec.


Among its A-classes, luxury manufacturer Carthago has concentrated on upgrading its c-compactline and liner-for-two ranges for its motorhome launches for 2023.

For 2023, the c-compactline will be available with three motorhome layouts: the 6.41m-long I 138 DB with a transverse bed, the 6.67m-long I 141 LE with single beds and a Vario washroom, and the I 143 LE, which comes with a washroom with a separate shower cubicle. Inside, Noble Cherry furniture is combined with high-gloss ivory on locker doors and drawer panels. As before, the motorhomes sit on a low Al-Ko chassis.

The interior of the Carthago compactline I 141 LE
The Carthago compactline I 141 LE

The liner-for-two range, meanwhile, gets a new exterior in dark grey, anthracite and gold, while the interior is lighter, with a cream table and sideboard surfaces.

The Carthago liner-for-two 53 L
The Carthago liner-for-two 53 L

Among the low-profiles, for the first time Carthago has added a Mercedes Sprinter-based model to the chic c-line range. The 7.50m-long T 4.9 LE comes with a low Al-Ko chassis and includes single beds in the back.


The French manufacturer is slimming down to just seven models for the 2023 season, all based on the 170bhp Ford Transit and with an automatic gearbox fitted as standard.

The most notable change for 2023 comes in the two compact Sportline models, the S697GA and the S514.

These now come with a unique Grey Matter exterior – a colour otherwise only available on a Ford Puma – covering the whole ’van. There is also a new exclusive black grille at the front.

The Chausson Sportline S514
The Chausson Sportline S514

The interior has an automotive look, too, with black upholstery and work surfaces. UK-bound models will have an oven built into an overhead locker.

The interior of the Chausson Sportline S514
The interior of the Chausson Sportline S514

The standard low-profiles, which are continuing, all in Titanium Ultimate spec, include three end-washroom ’vans: the 640, 660 and 720.

There’s also the fixed-single-bed 777GA and the island-bed 788.

The habitation door on these has been redesigned to include a gas strut.

You can opt for Titanium Premium spec, which will provide you with black alloy wheels, the exclusive Sirocco furniture finish and upholstery, and the accessories pack, which includes an awning and cab blinds as standard.

To add a touch of extra-special exclusivity, Chausson is giving each individual model that comes off the production line a unique number.

This will be engraved on the vehicle, and on a badge and keychain which will be presented with each new ’van.


Rapido’s export campervan brand has moved away from Fiat this year, mainly to the benefit of Ford and Peugeot. But even so, supply chain issues mean that three of this season’s models will not be available in right-hand-drive versions. These include the new D51 Select, the Select Family and the Fun Camper Five.

Conversely, the Fiat-based Living Van, which has been discontinued everywhere else, will remain available in right-hand drive for the UK market, but only with a 180bhp engine and an automatic gearbox. The D42, D53 and D60 models have been discontinued.

The interior of the Dreamer
The interior of the Dreamer

The Fun models that will come with right-hand drive are all now based on a 140bhp Peugeot Boxer as standard, although a Fiat Ducato base with an automatic gearbox remains a cost option. You get a choice of two upholstery colour schemes: Arizona and the darker Nova.

The Select range, with campervans based on Ford and panel ’vans based on Peugeot, comes with two different furniture styles and four choices of upholstery.

If you’re thinking of buying a ‘van, be sure to take a look at our guide to the best campervans, where we share our top picks.


Hobby is the latest manufacturer to latch on to the premium ’van concept, with a planned new range of Maxia van conversions to run alongside the Vantana On Tour Edition and Vantana Deluxe ranges.

The Maxia will feature strong Scandinavian-inspired design to match it up with the similarly designed Maxia caravan range, launched last year. But at present, few details are available beyond that. All other ranges remain largely unchanged.


For the first time, the new season will see Hymer bringing out a special Blue Evolution edition of its Free S campervan, on the front-wheel-drive Mercedes Sprinter.

The Hymer Free S by the sea
The Hymer Free S

Suitably decked out in Capri Blue, the vehicle comes with nine-speed automatic transmission, a rear-view camera and a multimedia system in the cab with a 10-inch screen. It also has a pop-up roof with a double bed, bringing the total number of available berths to four.

The interior is decked out in a white furniture finish, with Kitami upholstery and white overhead locker doors.


Rapido’s budget-priced sibling brand has slimmed down to 10 models for the 2023 season – seven A-classes and three low-profiles, the latter now running on a Peugeot Boxer base vehicle.

The A-class Traveller and Nomad ranges have now been merged into one Itineo Famili range, with the former Nomad models – the CM660, CJ660 and CS660 – serving as compact models within the whole range.

The major new feature across all ranges is the Urban furniture, which involves dark wood locker and cupboard doors with push locks and charcoal grey mouldings, charcoal grey laminate kitchen worktops, and for the low-profiles, dark grey strip flooring.

The number of overhead lockers in the 7.42m-long models has been reduced from four to two, to provide more storage space elsewhere, while the bench seats have been redesigned to offer easier access beneath. The SB700 and SB740 models and all low-profiles now have Isofix attachments for child seats. Compact A-classes also now come with a 128-litre fridge.

The Spirit Edition special series continues on three models, the MC740, SB740 and PC640; although for the 2023 season, the exclusive brown upholstery has been replaced with magnetic grey.

Joa Camp

When it comes to motorhome launches for the 2023 season, Pilote’s budget brand has extended its offer with a new 5.41m-long van conversion, the shortest ’van in the range. If you like the idea of a shorter ‘van, our guide to the best small motorhomes is worth a look.

The Joa Camp 75T
The Joa Camp 75T

Based, like all of the Joa Camp models, on a Citroën Relay, the Joa Camp 54G includes four travel seats and has a 2.0m-long and 1.3m-wide transverse bed at the back of the ’van.

The side kitchen features a two-burner hob and an 85-litre compressor fridge.

The Joa Camp Van 60G
The Joa Camp Van 60G

The 54G has a starting price of £52,500 OTR.

After a 2022 Joa Camp model instead? Then why not take a look at our review of the Joa Camp 75Q.


Carthago’s budget brand has restructured its van conversion range to make its motorhome launches clearer for the 2023 season.

Compact models now consist of the transverse-bed 540 DB and single-beds 600 LE, while comfort models, with a larger kitchen, include the 600 DB and 640 LE. The diversity 600 DB K and 640 LE K models are distinguished by their wider aisle.

The first class – two rooms 640 LE RB model is set apart with its room partitioning and extra storage space.

The lounge in the First class - two rooms
First class – two rooms

Comfort, diversity and first class – two rooms models are also available in coupé spec, with extra interior height over the cab, while GT skyview exclusive line features a panorama roof dome.

The Malibu Comfort GT skyview
The Malibu Comfort GT skyview

Family-for-4 versions, which include a pop-up roof that Malibu has developed in-house, are available for compact, diversity and first class – two rooms models as well.

Malibu coachbuilts come into the new season relatively unchanged, with four low-profile motorhomes and five A-classes.

All of these vehicles are based on a Fiat Ducato.


Knaus is bringing out two innovative new ranges for 2023, both the result of closer working with Volkswagen. It claims to have established a new vehicle category with the Tourer CUV (caravanning utility vehicle) range.

The Knaus Tourer CUV
The Knaus Tourer CUV

Based on a Transporter 6.1, this vehicle includes a large pop-up roof that extends the length of the ’van, offering interior headroom of 1.90m in camping mode. The Tourer still manages to include a shower and fixed washroom with a toilet, along with a kitchen, as well as diesel heating.

The more conventional-looking Tourer Van, meanwhile, is a low-profile also based on the Transporter 6.1, again with Fold Xpand technology in the rear panel.

Both vehicles are available in two layouts. The 500 MQ includes a shower that can be dropped to half its height to make more room for the rear transverse bed. The 500 LT, meanwhile, includes a Vario washroom, a front dinette with parallel seating and, on the Tourer Van model, an extra bed that slides out from above the cab.

Both new ranges are also available in high-spec versions – the Tourer Cuvision and Tourer Vansation – with extras that would be more expensive to buy separately.

At the same time, the Van Ti Plus range is continuing, but this season will be based on a VW Crafter.


Rapido has made a significant move away from Fiat, with all 2023 models in its Van, Compact and Series 6F ranges now coming on a Peugeot base – although Fiat is a cost option for the Series 6F.

The interior of the Rapido 896F
Inside the Rapido 896F

The range as a whole has been slimmed down, too, with just two ’vans, four compact low-profiles, three standard low-profiles and 12 A-classes.

There are only two changes in layout: the island bed in the 6.59m-long C50 compact low-profile can now be retracted during the day, while the chaise longue that was provided
in the 854F model has been removed this year, to make way for a U-shaped rear lounge instead.

For the new season, the French manufacturer is running its Ultimate Line finish again in seven of its models: the 666F, 696F, 8066dF and 8096dF, and the three Distinction models, the i66, i96 and i90.

Ultimate Line models have exclusive polyamide-coated upholstery, a built-in vacuum cleaner and – in four of the vehicles – a table in the front dinette with a pedestal leg that doubles up as a heater. All bar the i66 and i90 (which have Alde heating) also come with a Truma Combi 6 EH heater, to make them suitable for all-year-round touring.

Rapido’s Series 8F and 80dF A-classes now have a new, more “muscular” front facade. This includes a matt black grille with a honeycomb design and a chrome Rapido logo.

The manufacturer’s van conversions, meanwhile, have been made to look more like the compact low-profiles, with a raspberry red logo on the side and black model name lettering. Interiors now include a Luceo light wood finish, with push locks and indirect back lighting.

Le Voyageur

Pilote’s upmarket brand is continuing with its Mercedes-based Heritage range for its motorhome launches for the 2023 season.

But it has tinkered with the design of the roof and the floor of three shorter models and fitted them with an Al-Ko chassis, to bring the weight down by 100kg and increase the payload.

The Le Voyageur LVX H7.9CF Heritage
The Le Voyageur LVX H7.9CF Heritage

The changes to the LV6.8LF, 7.2CF and 7.2GJF mean that these models all now have a flat floor from front to back.

Le Voyageur has also installed new folding travel seats, which it says are lighter and easier to set up, and match the upholstery of the settees in the lounge.


The French manufacturer says it plans to move away from the “seasonal” approach to launching new motorhomes, with overhauls to the whole range every year.

Instead, it wants to head towards a process of making technical changes to selected ranges at the start and the halfway point of every year.

The lounge area in the Pilote V633M
The Pilote V633M

Within Pilote itself, its motorhome launches for 2023 line-up continues the division between Evidence, half a dozen models specially selected for each country that are “ready to go”, and Expressions, a line-up comprising some 33 models that are much easier to customise. You can check out our review of the Pilote V633M to see what we made of one of their new season launches.

The brand will be offering anniversary specials to mark its 60th birthday, which it felt it wasn’t able to celebrate fully this year. More details will be revealed later in the season.

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