When you’re looking for the best motorhome for your needs, you’ll most likely turn to the biggest and most reliable makes. A Swift motorhome will always be one to consider – it’s a brand that has been manufacturing ‘vans since 1985.

The popularity of the manufacturer was seen at the Practical Motorhome Awards, where the Swift Select Compact C500 was an award winner, taking home the best low-profile motorhome category.

Whether you’re thinking of buying one of the manufacturer’s latest releases or are on the hunt for a pre-owned ‘van, we’re here to help you identify the one for you, as we share our pick of the standout Swift motorhomes from recent years…

Six of the best Swift motorhomes from recent years: mini reviews

The Swift Kon-Tiki 764
The Swift Kon-Tiki 764

Swift Kon-Tiki 764

  • Year: 2022
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 4500kg
  • MiRO: 3397kg
  • Payload: 1103kg
  • Shipping length: 7.84m
  • Width: 2.38m

Reasons to buy:

  • Comfortable
  • Large payload
  • Great spec

Reasons to avoid:

  • Right licence needed to drive it

This 2022 model is the latest version of the Kon-Tiki, and when we reviewed it, we couldn’t help but be impressed by the elegance and comfort on offer, as well as the excellent payload, which will allow you to take plenty of kit on tour.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll need to have the right motorhome licence to drive it, as it’s on a 4,500kg Fiat Ducato chassis. However, what you get for this is a 7.84m-long 4 berth motorhome, complete with a French bed and rear-corner washroom.

It has a striking interior, with Brisa silver-grey upholstery, gloss white locker doors and silvery scatter cushions. There’s also an Aguti foldout travel seat beneath each settee, meaning four can travel. If you’re making the most of this space, you’ll find the table will provide more than enough room for you all.

We also like that it has a bright interior, regardless of the time – during the day, the sunroof allows light to flood in, while LEDs can be turned to when it darkens.

TV sockets can be found above the cubbyholes – ideal if you feel like sitting back with some motorhome TV in the evening.

The kitchen is also nicely equipped – in here, you’ll find a duel-fuel four-burner hob, a separate oven and grill, a Dometic microwave and a 133-litre two-way opening fridge.

We’re fans of the illusion of space that is created in the washroom, thanks to a mirror by the door – we also like the headroom provided in the shower cubicle, although you only get a single plughole.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, there’s a comfortable bed, with a large Heki and spotlights providing the lighting. A second double can be made up by sliding the parallel settees forward to meet the lowered table – not needing infills for this is welcome.

Full review: Swift Kon-Tiki 764

The Swift Escape 640
The Swift Escape 640

Swift Escape 640

  • Year: 2022
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 3061kg
  • Payload: 439kg
  • Shipping length: 6.99m
  • Width: 2.37m

Reasons to buy:

  • Good spec
  • Impressive washroom

Reasons to avoid:

  • All service points are on the nearside

The Escape range dates back to 2009, but for the 2022 season, Swift gave the motorhome a revamp, with good spec to be found throughout, as well as an improved washroom.

A contemporary interior sees gloss-white lockers, complete with a metal inlay effect. There’s easily room for four to dine, and the table can be folded in two to save some valuable space.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, the settees come together to create a large double. An electronically operated drop-down bed is also provided – this is larger than before.

By the entrance, you’ll find the control panel for the electrics, while Truma blown-air heating will ensure you keep warm, regardless of the time of year you tour.

The kitchen is thoughtfully designed, coming with a Thetford cooker that offers a dual-fuel hob and combined oven and grill – a microwave sits above.

A large stainless steel sink and a 133-litre slimline Dometic fridge are also provided, while the smart charcoal work surface has an extension flap.

At the rear of the ‘van is the large washroom. A big mirror, a new handbasin design and decently sized shower all combine to make this a good area.

There’s also plenty of storage on offer throughout the Swift motorhome, including locker space and a garage that could house outdoor chairs.

Something to consider is that the main service points all sit on the nearside – this includes the mains socket and cassette toilet hatch – and could be an issue if you fit an awning. However, we think this is a stylish ‘van that provides a comfortable setting for touring.

Full review: Swift Escape 640

The Swift Edge 486
The Swift Edge 486

Swift Edge 486

  • Year: 2020
  • Berths: 6
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • Payload: 509kg
  • Shipping length: 7.32m
  • Width: 2.39m

Reasons to buy:

  • Excellent rear lounge

Reasons to avoid:

  • No separate shower

The ‘van that won the best family motorhome in 2020 truly impressed our judges at the time.

It has a practical layout – one that is ideal for touring families, making sure everyone gets enough space. One of our favourite features in this Swift motorhome is the rear lounge – it’s ideal for adults. Not only is it a decent size, but there’s plenty of natural light coming in through the windows too. When we looked at it, we thought the seats were incredibly comfortable, while the Truma Combi dual-fuel heating system will let you keep warm, whatever the temperature.

A key component of a family-friendly ‘van is a decent kitchen – and that’s something this motorhome delivers, with a lot of work surface and a foldaway flap to hand too. A three-burner gas hob and grill are included, as is a combination thermostatic oven and a Dometic 8 series manual energy selection fridge.

Another essential will be the washroom when you’re touring as a family – and this is more than big enough. We should highlight that you don’t get a separate shower cubicle, but you do get a handy towel shelf and some storage is also found beneath the handbasin.

The ‘van comes with three double beds; one is an overcab bed, another is made up from the double dinette, and the last is in the rear lounge.

Full review: Swift Edge 486

The Swift Escape 694 Comfort
The Swift Escape 694 Comfort

Swift Escape 694 Comfort

  • Year: 2021
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3566kg
  • MiRO: 2988kg
  • Payload: 578kg
  • Shipping length: 7.41m
  • Width: 2.31m

Reasons to buy:

  • Good build
  • Comfortable rear island bed

Reasons to avoid:

  • Compact washroom

Rear island beds are a popular motorhome layout, and that’s something the 694 comes with.

The Swift motorhome also includes a rear garage that can be accessed easily, while the service points sit on the offside. If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll be pleased to hear that the rear panel comes with mounting points for a motorhome bike rack.

A light, airy interior is on offer – there’s a front lounge, L-shaped kitchen and a central offside washroom, while you can swivel the front seats round to face the lounge.

By the door, you’ll find a bench seat, while opposite sits L-shaped seating and an adjustable table – this forms the base of the front double bed.

The kitchen includes a Thetford oven with spark ignition, a three-burner hob and a Dometic Series 10 133-litre slimline dual-hinge fridge/freezer with a two-way door. It’s worth pointing out that you’ll need to take care when using the large stainless steel sink – due to its position on the end of the L-shaped worktop, you’ll need to watch out for splashing.

The washroom comes with a combined shower and toilet – this is a compact area, but we like that you get a nice sized handbasin, along with storage provided below. While you don’t get a window, we found the roof vent ensures both light and ventilation.

The rear island bed is comfortable and can be pushed back for daytime use, while we like that the base has further useful storage beneath it. On either side of this, you’ll find a wardrobe, along with two overhead lockers.

Full review: Swift Escape 694 Comfort

The Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 560
The Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 560

Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 560

  • Year: 2020
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • Payload: 388kg
  • Shipping length: 7.09m
  • Width: 2.38m

Reasons to buy:

  • Good kitchen

Reasons to avoid:

  • No washroom window

When we saw this Swift in 2020, we were really impressed by the high spec level and the kitchen.

A side-fixing table comes with a slot-in extension – you can stow this in the locker when travelling. We like the quality of the upholstery, while another addition we’re fans of are the easy-action locker door catches.

In the kitchen, you’ll find a 133-litre Dometic fridge, a stainless steel inset sink with an add-on drainer, and a dual-fuel Thetford cooker and microwave, along with an Omnivent and LED-lit splash panel. We also like the Fenix worktop.

Adjacent to this is the washroom – this has a fixed basin / swivel-bowl toilet / shower cubicle trio, along with an Ecocamel Orbit showerhead on a riser bar. However, we would like to have seen a window in here.

The bed at the back is comfortable, and we like the presence of handy reading lamps with a dimmer setting. The presence of pleated curtains is another addition we’re fans of, as it ensures privacy.

Full review: Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 560

The Swift Select Compact C500
The Swift Select Compact C500

Swift Select Compact C500

  • Year: 2022
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 3300kg
  • MiRO: 2797kg
  • Payload: 503kg
  • Shipping length: 6.65m
  • Width: 2.26m

Reasons to buy:

  • Good rear lounge for entertaining
  • Bright interior

Reasons to avoid:

  • Compact washroom
  • Bed needs putting together each evening

This bright 2 berth motorhome came out for the 2022 season and is a rebadged version of the Escape Compact.

It comes with a rear lounge, meaning you get a good area for relaxing in and hosting guests, but it also means you have to put a bed together each evening.

The front dinette comes with two belted seats, allowing four to travel. It’s a bright interior, with a sunroof allowing light to flood in, while we like the presence of two swan-neck lights – ideal if you want to indulge in the latest book.

While you don’t get an extension for it, the table is fine for four.

It’s worth noting that the rear lounge may feel a bit of a squeeze, but it creates a cosy interior if you want to visit a campsite that’s open all year long. Again, there’s decent light, thanks to ambient lighting and four spotlights.

The kitchen has plenty of workspace on offer, as well as an extension. A Thetford Triplex oven and microwave can be found in here.

The washroom includes an all-plastic cupboard and long, narrow basin. It’s worth noting you don’t get a separate shower; instead, the shower head doubles up as the basin tap.

The single beds can be made out of the U-shaped settee – they’re both 6ft and 6ft 5in, but it’s easy to pull out the platforms, and we think the sizeable double you can make up is a welcome addition.

There’s some useful storage underneath the settees too – simply lift the slats up and they then stay up, without needing to remove the base cushions.

See how the Swift Select Compact C500 got on when we compared it to the Laika Kosmo 509.

Full review: Swift Select Compact C500

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