Our motorhome was supplied with a satellite dish and when the firmware was updated, this allowed connectivity. Currently, our prime source of television viewing while touring is via the internet: TV Catch-up, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

However, connectivity at sites tends to be limited, slow and shared, which makes streaming internet content almost impossible.

I also need to be able to work while we’re away – I provide seven-day IT support. This is done by connecting my laptop remotely to my office systems, to conduct my work from virtually any PC that is online.

With the advent of 4G and much faster data-streaming capabilities, I decided to set up an internal Wi-Fi network in our motorhome, so I could work and stream online content using boosted 4G.

Kit requirements

  • 4G MiMo Low-Profile Roof Antenna
  • Quick Mount Magnetic MiFi Docking/Charging Station 12V
  • Huawei E5577 Wi-Fi Device
  • GiffGaff SIM card

I bought what I needed in one pack, which cost £299.99, from www.motorhomewifi.com. After drilling the correctly sized hole in the motorhome roof, the antenna was a quick fix – it comes with a very large adhesive pad that covers the whole base, and a wide nut and bolt for the internal side. I applied further sealant around the edge for extra peace of mind.

Next, I stuck the charger to the inside wall above the main charger. Then I installed the SIM card in the Huawei E5577 Wi-Fi device, before connecting everything up with the cables provided. The whole job took about 30 minutes.

I had already registered the SIM and bought some data from GiffGaff.

Back in the motorhome, the new system was fired up and I started the laptop. All worked fine and the laptop was very soon browsing and streaming at great 4G speeds. With an HDMi cable, I can link the laptop to the TV screen for easier viewing. 

We have 4G phones and when we are only getting one bar, the Huawei E5577 Wi-Fi device is boosting that to four bars. Even if the phone drops to 3G, the booster still gets two or three bars at 4G.

Office connection

To connect to my office, I use the free Remote Utilities app. This has an Admin Module (which is installed on the laptop) and a Remote Module (installed on office PCs). You can add up to 10 devices on the free account.

In effect, this app means that from most locations, I am able to ‘use’ my office PCs, just as though I were still sitting at my desk.

The even greater benefit is that, with this excellent Wi-Fi set-up, I can carry on working while my wife is driving the motorhome, and she can connect with an excellent signal whenever I’m driving.

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