Choosing the best van conversion isn’t always the easiest task – there are a wide range of options on the market from some of the leading motorhome manufacturers and campervan converters. To help you find the right option for you, we’re taking a look at our reviews of the Globecar Roadscout R Elegance and the Adria Twin Supreme 600SX to find out how these two models compare.

These are two ‘vans that both come on a Fiat Ducato base and both featured at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023. So, if you’re stuck between the two, how do you choose the one for you? We’re here to help…

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Technical spec

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance

  • Price: £67,199 as tested
  • Sleeps: 2 (optional 3)
  • Length/width/height: 5.41/2.05/2.58m (17’7”/6’7”/8’5”)
  • MTPLM: 3300kg (3500kg as tested)
  • MiRO: 2720kg
  • Payload: 580kg as standard
Adria Twin Supreme 600SX

Adria Twin Supreme 600SX

  • Price: £73,780
  • Sleeps: 2 (optional third bed)
  • Length/width/height: 5.99/2.05/2.60m (19’7”/6’7”/8’5”)
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2860kg
  • Payload: TBC

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance vs Adria Twin Supreme 600SX: the lounge

New for the 2023 Twin Supreme 600SX is the optional opening sunroof – we like this addition, as it lets air flood into a space that is already nicely lit. Spinning the cab seats around creates a sporty lounge, with the clip-on tape including an extension so it reaches the driver’s seat. USB ports are dotted throughout too.

The Elegance also provides a well-lit area for relaxing in, thanks to a Heki, ambient lighting and two LEDs. We liked the headroom on offer and there are a number of USBs here too. The clip-on table is a little narrow though.

Lounge in the Elegance
The lounge in the Elegance

What sets the Twin Supreme apart from the Elegance is the second lounge it offers. This utilises the space that is left when the dropdown double bed at the rear is raised. Only part of the bed lifts up; the bit that is left on the offside acts as a bench and makes a great seat for carrying out bike maintenance or similar.

Second lounge in Twin Supreme
The second lounge in the Twin Supreme 600SX

It’s worth pointing out that while the section on the nearside doesn’t rise either, it’s not a suitable settee, as a sliding double cupboard is situated above it.

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance vs Adria Twin Supreme 600SX: the kitchen

Both models provide what is, by van conversion standards, a great kitchen area.

Most of the kitchen in the Twin Supreme 600SX is taken up by a two-burner hob and sink, with a pull-out extension providing some needed extra work space. While you have to make do without an oven and microwave, a fridge is located above a small wardrobe.

Kitchen in Twin Supreme 600SX
The fold out extension in the Twin Supreme 600SX

The Elegance’s kitchen also includes a two-burner hob, which is integrated with the sink. We think it’s a clever addition to be able to fold the taps and controls flat, as it lets you use the sink cover as extra work space. As well as this, a two-way opening fridge is included.

Hob and double bed in Elegance
The hob and double bed in the Elegance

Both ‘vans have innovative touches that should make outdoor eating more enjoyable when you’re at your campervan campsite of choice too. In the Adria ‘van, the clip-on table from the lounge can be attached to the outside of the kitchen peninsula, ideal for an al fresco feast. The pull-out step could even double up as a possible perch.

In comparison, the Globecar provides a curved light on the outside of the kitchen peninsula, ideal for enjoying meals outside as dusk descends.

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance vs Adria Twin Supreme 600SX: the washroom

A Vario design washroom is provided in the Adria model, with a shower to be found behind a partition, kept in place by a magnet – this is small but nicely lit. The main washroom includes a salad-bowl-style handbasin, a mirror and an opaque window.

Extending across the aisle, the Elegance’s washroom is sealed off with a tambour door. This is a spacious area, with plenty of headspace to be found, but a lack of windows can make it feel a bit gloomy. The basin tap doubles up as a shower head here, but we like how the handbasin can be folded away when it’s not being used.

The Elegance's washroom
The washroom in the Elegance

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance vs Adria Twin Supreme 600SX: sleeping

Both models provide comfortable beds. The Elegance’s is a transverse bed, with spotlights and ambient lighting providing good lighting options, while the Adria model comes with that previously mentioned dropdown double. Spotlights in the Twin Supreme 600SX will allow you to read in the evening, while a large Heki and corner cubbyholes are also provided.

Hob and double bed in Elegance
The hob and double bed in the Elegance

The third berth is where another difference becomes apparent between the two models. The Adria is a two berth with a third provided as a cost option, while we were told when we reviewed the Elegance that a third berth that is technically a cost option will be included in every UK model. This is made up in the dinette with a platform.

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance vs Adria Twin Supreme 600SX: storage

The three overhead lockers in the Adria ‘van provide a good storage option. The kitchen includes large drawers beneath the sink, while a small wardrobe is ideal for clothes.

Good storage options can be found beneath the Elegance’s bed, ideal for any larger items. Overhead lockers run around the bed, but you have to make do without a wardrobe.


These are two vans that will provide an excellent touring experience, with both offering good kitchens and washrooms.

When we initially reviewed the Twin Supreme, we were quoted a price of £65,285 – this has now risen to £73,780. This makes it more expensive than the Globecar, where the model we tested had a price of £67,199. This could influence your decision. 

Another consideration will be whether you want the flexibility of having that second rear lounge – if so, the Twin Supreme could be the model for you. However, if you’d rather have that extra third berth included as standard (despite technically being a cost option), the Globecar could be the one to go for.

One thing’s for sure – whichever one of these you opt for is sure to give you a great base for making enjoyable memories.

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