When you’re looking for the best campervan, it can be hard to know where to start. There are a wide range of options on the market from the leading campervan converters and brands, each coming with their own pros and cons. To help you find the one for you, we’re taking a look at our reviews of two models from two popular manufacturers that really impressed us when we saw them – the Adria Twin Supreme 600SX and the Pilote V633M.

They both come with useful rear spaces that can be used for carrying out tasks such as bike maintenance, yet there are also some crucial differences between the two models. We’re taking a look at our reviews to find out more…

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Basic spec

Adria Twin Supreme 600SX

Adria Twin Supreme 600SX

  • Price: £73,780
  • Berths: 2-3
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2951kg
  • Length: 5.99m
  • Width: 2.05m
  • Height: 2.60m
Pilote V633M

Pilote V633M

  • Price: £71,600
  • Berths: 2-5
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2970kg
  • Length: 6.36m
  • Width: 2.05m
  • Height: 2.80m

One thing that becomes immediately apparent when you look at the dimensions of the two ‘vans is the extra height of the V633M. This comes in at 2.80m, and as a result, wouldn’t fit under a standard barrier. This extra height does mean you get some useful headroom internally though.

In contrast, the 600SX has a height of 2.60m. Width wise, they’re both identical, but the Adria van also has a shorter length, coming in at 5.99m, in comparison to the V633M’s 6.36m length.

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Adria Twin Supreme 600SX vs Pilote V633M: dinettes

In the 600SX, the cab seats swivel round to face the clip-on table and two travel seats. USB ports are plentiful here, and we like that the extension can also double up as a work station too.

Similarly, the V633M comes with an extendable table, allowing those in the front to swivel round and eat. The height of the ‘van gives you the option of adding TV fitting above the travel seat – it’s worth noting that it would only be viewable if you’re sitting in the cab seats though.

Something that both options have in common is that they can have their table repositioned to accommodate al fresco dining, ideal for lovers of outdoor eating.

The two ‘vans also come with a handy rear area, a useful space for carrying out repairs to a bike or similar.

In the 600SX, this area is a second lounge, which is created by the double bed not leaving a completely empty space behind it when it’s raised. Instead, only a section rises, giving you a bench on the offside. The bed doesn’t rise fully up on the nearside either, but the presence of a double cupboard above means it can’t be used as a second settee.

Rear lounge in the Twin Supreme 600SX
The rear lounge in the Twin Supreme 600SX

The rear area in the V633M operates in a similar way to the 600SX. This means that, even though there is a dropdown bed, there’s still plenty of space and headroom for carrying out a task, and there’s plenty of room for kit too, ideal if you’re using the ‘van as a two berth.

Rear area in Pilote V633M
Rear area in Pilote V633M

Adria Twin Supreme 600SX vs Pilote V633M: kitchens

A pull-out extension extends the work surface in the peninsula kitchen, offering some welcome extra space in the 600SX – this is needed due to the two-burner hob and sink taking up a lot of the available room otherwise. A fridge is also included, sitting above a wardrobe.

Like the 600SX, the V633M has a two-burner hob and sink, again with an extension flap allowing you to maximise available space. A half-height fridge may be a bit too small for four of you though.

Something both ‘vans have in common is the absence of an oven and microwave.

Adria Twin Supreme 600SX vs Pilote V633M: washrooms

The Vario design washroom in the 600SX comes with a partition, that, after being pulled free of the magnet, reveals the shower. This is a small but nicely lit area. Then, in the main space, you can find a large mirror, a salad-bowl-style handbasin and an opaque window.

The V633M has a washroom with plenty of headroom – that extra height again. There’s room to move around, with a handbasin folding away and the toilet sliding away. Something we noted was the single plughole, but it’s nicely lit and a roof vent provides good ventilation.

Adria Twin Supreme 600SX vs Pilote V633M: beds

We like the comfort provided by the 600SX’s dropdown bed – the spotlights are useful for some night time reading too, and we appreciated the inclusion of the Heki and cubbyholes.

The dropdown bed V633M is also well-lit, with another benefit of the ‘van’s height being that it gets its own window and ceiling LEDs.

However, if you’re sure you’ll have guests staying over at some point, the Pilote’s optional extra berths could be a consideration. A bottom double is an option beneath the dropdown bed, coming with two swan-neck spots and LEDs in the bed panel. If you opt for this and are travelling as a two, you can take the slats out and leave them at home to keep your ‘van’s weight down.

Pilote V633M beds
The beds in the Pilote V633M

It’s worth noting that headroom isn’t amazing when you opt for both beds and they’re set up though. Another berth is also available in the lounge as an option.

Adria Twin Supreme 600SX vs Pilote V633M: storage

The 600SX provides decent storage options for two, with the nearside coming with a useful cupboard that we thought would be ideal for outdoor gear. Then there’s some large overhead lockers, a cubbyhole beneath the dinette table and some decent options in the kitchen. In fact, we’d say the only area which is a bit lacking is the washroom.

Storage is great in the V633M too. There are three tambour-door lockers, and beneath the slats of that optional lower bed, you’ll find two extra lockers. Other options include large overhead lockers and cubbyholes.


We rated both of these ‘vans when we saw them. – they’re ideal for outdoor lovers, with those useful rear areas offering some valuable space. If you’re choosing between the two of them, there are a couple of considerations.

Firstly, do you want that extra height of the V633M? Okay, it will mean you can’t get under standard barriers, but it does mean you get a very practical layout with plenty of headroom.

Then there’s the amount of berths you’ll want too – are you just intending to tour as a couple and have no need for four or five berths? If so – and you’d rather have a simplified driving experience – the 600SX, which was also our winner of the best van conversion over £60,000 at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023, could be the option for you.

Whichever model you pick though, we’re confident you’ll have a brilliant touring experience.

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