An island bed is a luxurious addition to any motorhome, providing you with a satisfying sleeping space at the rear of your ‘van. If you’re looking for this extra bit of comfort when you’re heading off on tour, you’ll want to make sure you pick the best motorhome with an island bed for the job. That’s where this guide comes in.

It was only in the past couple of decades that fixed beds were introduced to motorhomes, and since then, they’ve become a popular addition in low-profile and A-class ‘vans.

One thing to bear in mind with an island bed motorhome is it can mean the front lounge isn’t as spacious as it is in other arrangements. This means if you’re a larger family or want a roomy kitchen, it may not be the motorhome layout for you.

Transverse beds are also a lot less common in motorhomes than they are in caravans – although they aren’t unknown; instead, they are normally in-line.

However, what a motorhome with an island bed can offer (as well as a comfortable sleeping experience) is a garage, although this isn’t necessarily going to be big enough to store bikes. Many of them also roll back, providing you with enough space to get around the bottom of the bed if you have to – for example, to get to an end washroom.

In our best motorhome with an island bed guide, we’ll run through our top picks. This includes models from some of the biggest motorhome brands out there, including Adria, Auto-Trail and Mobilvetta, with ‘vans picked from the 2023 season, as well as from recent years too, in case you’re looking for a pre-owned option.

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The best island bed motorhomes – our top picks:

The Niesmann + Bischoff Flair 920
The Niesmann + Bischoff Flair 920 – image: Peter Byrne / Future

Niesmann + Bischoff Flair 920

  • Year: 2023
  • Price: £194,200
  • MTPLM: 7200kg
  • Payload: 1919kg
  • MiRO: 5281kg
  • Length: 9.27m
  • Width: 2.42m

Reason to buy:

  • Provides a true home from home experience

Reason to avoid:

  • Expensive

When you’re paying nearly £200,000 for a motorhome, your expectations are understandably going to be high, but we’d confidently say Niesmann + Bischoff’s Flair range will meet them.

For 2023, the model has been completely revamped, with plenty of smart new features; for instance, the washroom, which has a concrete-like floor and a walk-in shower.

Then there’s the smart lounge, with its L-shaped dinette seat. We like how simple it is to turn this into a pair of comfortable parallel settees.

If you want to take your motorhome off grid, there’s room for as many as six lithium batteries, just one of the features that helped it secure the best motorhome for full-time living category at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023.

At the rear of the motorhome, you’ll find the comfortable island bed, now lowered for the newer generation of Flair.

If you’re looking for a ‘van that provides you with a real home from home vibe and have the budget for it, this could be the best island bed motorhome that money can buy.

The Adria Supersonic 780DC
The Adria Supersonic 780DC

Adria Supersonic 780DC

  • Year: 2023
  • Price: £156,690
  • MTPLM: 4500kg
  • MiRO: 3520kg
  • Length: 7.80m
  • Width: 2.32m

Reason to buy:

  • Great spec, comfortable lounge, double floor

Reason to avoid:

  • Dark interior theme throughout

A luxurious lounge and an excellent spec are just two of our favourite features in this Adria model that won the best A-class motorhome category at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023.

After stepping inside that smart all-silver exterior, we immediately noticed the flat interior, provided by a double floor.

The lounge includes sockets for a motorhome TV, as well as two smart parallel settees with a rotating table in-between.

The island bed itself can be found in the rear bedroom, and can be easily changed to a daybed and back again with the press of a button. In this space, you’ll also a bedside table on each side and USB ports, as well as a second set of sockets.

The island bed in the Adria Supersonic 780DC
The island bed in the Adria Supersonic 780DC

Storage is great throughout, ranging from three large overhead lockers in the lounge to two wardrobes in the bedroom.

Then there’s the washroom – we think this is an impressive space, with a large mirror, a rooflight, a salad-bowl-style-basin and a toilet, as well as lighting controls. Opposite this central washroom is the shower room.

If you’re looking for one of the best island bed motorhomes that provides a modern interior vibe, this is a ‘van to consider.

Full review: Adria Supersonic 780DC

The Joa Camp 75Q
The Joa Camp 75Q

Joa Camp 75Q

  • Year: 2022
  • Berth: 3
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2825kg
  • Payload: 675kg
  • Shipping length: 7.40m
  • Width: 2.30m

Reason to buy:

  • Good spec for the price, little sign of modular construction

Reason to avoid:

  • Only a two-burner hob

At the more budget-end of the island bed motorhome market comes the Joa Camp 75Q, a ‘van that marked an impressive entry into the market.

Costs have been kept down by the decision to opt for a cheaper base vehicle, the Citroën Relay, as well as modular construction.

The side kitchen may not have too much work surface, but you still get a Thetford Duplex oven and a 133-litre Dometic two-way opening Series 10 fridge.

The washroom includes a very spacious shower (complete with two drainage holes) – the shower cubicle can be made up by swinging out a partition and closing the tambour door.

The island bed is very comfortable, and there are two swan-neck spotlights and USB ports to hand as well. Something we’d point out is that the bed doesn’t roll back, however.

The island bed in the Joa Camp 75Q
The island bed in the Joa Camp 75Q

You won’t struggle for storage; a wardrobe sits on either side of the bed, while two overhead lockers provide additional options.

We think if you’re looking for one of the best island bed motorhomes at the budget end of the market, the Joa Camp 75A could be the ‘van for you.

Full review: Joa Camp 75Q

The WildAx Elara
The WildAx Elara

WildAx Elara

  • Year: 2019
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • Payload: 330kg
  • Shipping length: 6.97m
  • Width: 2.34m

Reason to buy:

  • Comfortable bed with good storage beneath

Reason to avoid:

  • Microwave is high up

When we saw the WildAx Elara in 2019, we were very impressed by it, awarding it 4 1/2 stars.

An incredibly comfortable, pocket sprung island bed can be found at the rear of the van, and what we really liked was its 1.92m length. Ambient lighting creates a nice setting for relaxing in.

Storage is certainly plentiful here, with two wardrobes and eight overhead lockers in the bedroom, plus the option of accessing additional storage beneath the rear bed.

While this is not a van that is well suited to entertaining, it still has a comfortable sofa and a Truma Combi 4E heater sits beneath.

The kitchen is also impressive; the worktop can be easily enlarged by a flap and the hob cover, and then there’s a very impressive slimline 142-litre fridge, as well as a Thetford Duplex oven and grill. We’d point out the microwave is high up though, so be careful when using it.

Full review: WildAx Elara

The Marquis Majestic 150
The Marquis Majestic 150

Marquis Majestic 150

  • Year: 2021
  • Berth: 4
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • Payload: 535kg
  • Shipping length: 7.34m
  • Width: 2.69m

Reason to buy:

  • Excellent spec, bright lounge

Reason to avoid:

  • Front double is small, washroom is compact

This 2021 dealer special comes with extra kit and a bespoke look that really impressed us when we reviewed it.

The cab comes packed full of plenty of kit, ranging from a rear-view camera and sat-nav to heated seats and air-con. That’s not all though – you also get a 165ps engine, an upgrade on the 140ps found in the Autoquest 150.

An overhead rooflight in the lounge creates a bright, pleasant space. Smart cream-and-grey cushions are matched by stylish curtains and bolster cushions, with features including bespoke ActiveCare upholstery.

The Whale Complete Heat 4kW will keep everyone warm when temperatures drop, while other features include four spotlights, a mains plug, a 12V socket and an aerial socket. However, you’ll have to make do without any USB sockets here.

The kitchen is nicely equipped, with a full-size Thetford oven and grill, as well as a dual-fuel hob, a microwave and a 95-litre Thetford fridge.

Then there’s that island bed; we like how you can push the frame back to access the wardrobes. A comfortable mattress adds to proceedings, while you also get a 12V socket and aerial point, an ideal place to position a TV.

The island bed in the Marquis Majestic 150
The island bed in the Marquis Majestic 150

It’s easy to lift up on gas struts too, providing plenty of storage beneath.

Yet perhaps the most impressive thing here is the kit you get in this 2021 model, with Marquis making it a very tempting proposition. Cruise control; a solar panel; a Tracker; a roll-out awning; an external shower and BBQ points – the list goes on.

The washroom may be on the small side to accommodate the bedroom, but if you want a high level of kit and are looking to buy an older model, this could be the best island bed motorhome for you.

Full review: Marquis Majestic 150

The Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88
The Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88

Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88

  • Year: 2021 
  • Berth: 4
  • MTPLM: 5000kg
  • MiRO: 4000kg
  • Payload: 1000kg
  • Shipping length: 8.79m
  • Width: 2.35m

Reason to buy:

  • Very comfortable lounge

Reason to avoid:

  • No day bed function

When this island bed motorhome was released for the 2021 season, it was the first British-made A-class for over 20 years.

The 8.79m-long, twin-axle ‘van presents an understated lounge, with a warm oak veneer providing a tasteful finish. There may be a dropdown bed but the lounge is still nicely lit, thanks to a Heki, rooflight, windows, strip lights, four spotlights and ambient lighting, while there’s plenty of room to stretch out on the nearside settee.

The well-equipped kitchen includes a very convincing slate-like worktop (it’s actually laminate), a four-burner dual-fuel hob above the oven and grill, as well as a 171-litre fridge.

The island bed itself may not roll back to create a day bed, but it’s still an impressive space. With a rooflight and LED providing the light, we like the inclusion of shelves on both sides of the bed, while there are well positioned lockers below.

The island bed in the Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88
The island bed in the Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88

The storage is excellent throughout too, with a lit garage, two wardrobes in the bedroom, roomy drawers beneath the bed and great storage in the kitchen.

The washroom is another good space, with a circular shower sitting on the offside providing decent headroom, while a toilet is on the awning side.

Full review: Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88

The Adria Compact SC Supreme
The Adria Compact SC Supreme

Adria Compact SC Supreme

  • Year: 2021
  • Berth: 3
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2937kg
  • Payload: 563kg
  • Shipping length: 6.99m
  • Width: 2.12m

Reason to buy:

  • Compact and nimble

Reason to avoid:

  • Limited workspace in the kitchen

If you’re looking for a small motorhome, but still want your ‘van to have an island bed, this 2021 Adria model could be the one for you.

Based on the 140bhp version of the Fiat Ducato, you’ll find a typical, standard Adria dinette, with swivelling cab seats, as well as a reading light – we’ll point out the step up to the dinette though. It’s a nicely lit area; daylight floods in through a panoramic window and the rooflight, while ambient lighting and a strip light create a cosy interior.

We’re impressed by what Adria has got into the kitchen too, considering the compact nature of the ‘van. Here, there is a combined oven and grill, a good sink and an extractor fan, along with an 84-litre fridge and a three-burner hob. Workspace is limited though.

Then the island bed itself – it’s 1.40m wide and 1.95m long, with decent bedside tables, reading spotlights and a second TV station. While there is only space partway around the bed, you do get half-height wardrobes and drawers beneath the bed to accompany the overhead lockers.

The island bed in the Adria Compact SC Supreme
The island bed in the Adria Compact SC Supreme

A split washroom is provided too – impressive to see in an island bed motorhome of only 6.99m in length. A partition that is locked magnetically transforms it from a shower cubicle to a sink and toilet.

Full review: Adria Compact SC Supreme

The Mobilveta Kea P68
The Mobilvetta Kea P68

Mobilvetta Kea P68

  • Year: 2020
  • Berth: 4
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 3230kg
  • Payload: 270kg
  • Shipping length: 7.38m
  • Width: 2.35m

Reason to buy:

  • Large garage, extractor fan in kitchen

Reason to avoid:

  • Dropdown bed limits light in lounge, lounge storage could be better

One thing we noticed with the Mobilvetta Kea P68 is the lounge – it’s a bit tight, despite the ‘van’s 7.38m length. What this means is that you only get a single seat on the nearside, which sits opposite the L-shaped settee. Four can easily sit though, especially if you swivel the cab seats around.

A dropdown bed means no rooflight, but two large windows make up for this too.

Then there’s the island bed; this can be moved up and down for storage in both the garage and a locker. We like the well-equipped bedhead, with spotlights, USB sockets and speakers for the radio, as well as TV sockets. The sliding partition curves can make it something of a squeeze to get around the bed though.

The island bed in the Mobilveta Kea P68
The island bed in the Mobilveta Kea P68

The L-shaped kitchen is another nice space; there’s a lot of kit, including a three-burner hob, an extractor fan, a slimline fridge with a TEC Tower oven, and a waste bin.

Something we’d point out is that the rear island bed’s extra space above it does lead to an obscured gangway to the door, because of the drop-down bed. However, a ladder still makes it easy to reach.

A very spacious garage can be accessed; we thought it was ‘cavernous’. Then there’s two wardrobes, two cupboards; in fact, it’s only the front lounge that is lacking for storage.

Full review: Mobilveta Kea P68

How we choose the best motorhomes with an island bed

When we’re looking at the best island bed motorhomes, we consider a number of things, including the practicalities of the layout, the space it offers, the value for money it provides and more.

We’re in a good position to assess this. Since Practical Motorhome launched in 2001, we’ve been conducting hundreds of tests, many of which can be found in our motorhome reviews section. We provide impartial reviews, highlighting both the pros and the cons of each ‘van. Our About Us page offers more information on our testing process.

We also conduct the Owner Satisfaction Awards – these see our readers vote to let us know how they’ve got on when buying from the many manufacturers out there.

Combining this with the Practical Motorhome Awards, where our expert judging panel use our decades of collective experience to pick out the best models on the market, puts us in a strong place to identify the island bed motorhomes that we think standout from the rest.

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