Damp. It’s one word that can strike fear into any motorcaravanner. Once it’s taken hold in your motorhome, it will be joined by mould and mildew. Making sure your ‘van is well ventilated will be the best way to prevent damp, but on a shorter term basis, making sure you have the best motorhome dehumidifier can also help. That’s where this guide comes in, as we’re running through our favourite options on the market.

When you’re looking for the model for you, there are both electric and non-electric options to consider.

Non-electric motorhome dehumidifiers are more budget-friendly, relying on crystals or tabs to soak up the moisture in the air. These will normally need changing every one to three months, depending on the product you opt for.

Then there are the electric motorhome dehumidifiers. These will be able to absorb more moisture from the air than the non-electric variety, so could be a good option if you can use electricity at your storage facility. You’ll need to consider the cost of running it though. When the tank is full up, they should automatically switch off, but this means they will also need to be emptied too.

Taking this all into account, there’s a lot to think about. To help you find the right option for you, we’re sharing our top picks on the market. Models featuring in our best motorhome dehumidifier guide include both electric and non-electric products, and there’s even a hanging option, ideal for your ‘van’s wardrobe.

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The best motorhome dehumidifiers

UniBond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber
UniBond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber – image: Amazon

UniBond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber

Reason to buy:

  • Budget-friendly, non-electric, runs silently

Reason to avoid:

  • You’ll need to replace the tab

We’d say this non-electric motorhome dehumidifier is a good model to consider if you want a budget-friendly option for your ‘van that will run silently. Thanks to its compact and portable design, it should be well suited to those who have a small motorhome. It’s designed to offer 360 degree air circulation, and something we like is that it’s simple to set up and operate.

However, it’s worth remembering that you will need to buy tabs for it – they should last for up to three months. An indicator on the side will allow you to keep an eye on when it’s time to change.

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier
Pro Breeze Dehumidifier – image: Amazon

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

Reason to buy:

  • Runs quietly, automatic shut-off

Reason to avoid:

  • Needs electricity

This motorhome dehumidifier from Pro Breeze is an electric option, running on 40 watts. This means you’ll need to make sure you have access to power if you’re thinking of buying it.

It’s an effective electrical option to consider though, capable of absorbing as much as 500ml of moisture each day. It comes with a 1500ml tank, and once it has filled up, you’ll know it’s time to empty it as the product will turn off.

Thanks to its weight of 1.85kg, it’s nice and easy to manoeuvre. We also like that it will run in the background, with its thermo-electric Peltifer technology allowing it to operate quietly.

Set of 6 Hanging wardrobe dehumidifiers
Image: Amazon

Hanging wardrobe dehumidifiers

Reason to buy:

  • Budget-friendly

Reason to avoid:

  • Only really useful for small spaces

While it may be a bit different to the other options on our list, we think these hanging wardrobe dehumidifiers could be a great product to consider if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to prevent the smell of damp sticking to any clothes you’ve stored in your ‘van’s cupboards.

Coming in a pack of six, they can be hung up and will then start soaking up moisture in your ‘van. They’re very simple to set up (just take the top off and place them where needed), and then, the Hydrophilic crystals will get to work.

We like that they’re reasonably priced, and once they’re in use, they should last for up to two months, depending on the amount of moisture there is in your motorhome.

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Set of 3 Kontrol Streamline Moisture Traps
Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap – image: Amazon

Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap

Reason to buy:

  • Operates silently, budget-friendly

Reason to avoid:

  • Granules will need replacing

We like how easy to set up these Kontrol Moisture Traps are, simply requiring a pack of crystals to be added to the tray. They will then get to work and start soaking up any excess moisture in the air.

It’s a budget-friendly option to consider, and is also fairly space efficient. The brand recommends checking the trays twice a month – after they’ve dissolved, the granules will need replacing.

Set of 5 Ansio dehumidifiers
Ansio dehumidifiers – image: Amazon

Ansio Dehumidifier Pack

Reason to buy:

  • No electricity needed, easy to set up

Reason to avoid:

  • Will need to be replaced

We like the versatility provided by these portable motorhome dehumidifiers, which comes in sets of five, 10, 20 or more, depending on your requirements.

The lightweight dehumidifiers are easy to set up and have been formulated with crystals to draw moisture from the air. They should then last for between four to six weeks.

The first drop should appear within one to three weeks, Ansio advises, but once operational, the product should be able to soak up to three times its own weight.

Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L
Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L – image: Amazon

Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L

Reason to buy:

  • Powerful, works effectively in colder temperatures

Reason to avoid:

  • Expensive

This may be the most expensive product to feature in our guide, but this electric dehumidifier from Meaco comes with a two litre tank and is able to absorb up to 7.5 litres a day.

As well as automatically turning off when the tank is full, the dehumidifier also provides cleaner air, thanks to an anti-bacterial filter and ioniser.

Another clever feature sees the fans run for an additional five minutes before turning off for 30 minutes, making sure the target air humility has been met. Then, after 30 minutes have elapsed, it will repeat the test, before turning off for another 30 minutes.

We also like that it’s well-suited to colder temperatures, as its a desiccant dehumidifier, and can operate at temperatures below 10C.

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