We take a look at the new-season models for 2022, with ‘vans from some of the best motorhome brands – including Adria, Hymer, Pilote and more – all featuring, to help you find the best motorhome for your 2022 tours…


Adria is extending its Twin Sports range for 2022 with a new model, and the option of having a raising-roof on all models. It has also updated Matrix Axess and Coral Axess ranges to bring them more into line with the Plus and Supreme models, and is reintroducing the Coral XL range of overcabs – but in Axess spec only.

For the new season, Twin Sports will be available in Supreme spec only. The 600s will feature a conventional scissor-style opening roof, while 640 models will have a rising side arm.

The 640s will all be issued with an MTPLM of 4300kg, however. Adria says this is the only way to make sure a four-berth ‘van at such a length and have a safe payload.

The Sports will be distinguished with a red line decal on the outside, while there is also an external shower.

Four models are included in the new range, including the 640 SPB GB, with the sliding door placed on the ‘correct’ side for UK drivers.

The new model, the 640SG, features two single beds at the back that are suspended from the ceiling and can be raised and lowered on a rack system, or removed to make more room for sports gear or other heavy items.

The bedroom’s overhead lockers are made of fabric and are easily removed, to be used as bags with handles.

The Axess models’ upgrade means they now come with a double floor, and so feature a flat floor all the way to the rear, and a taller garage. They also have a larger drop-down bed that fits more easily into the ceiling. The double floor holds the water tank.

Three of the Matrix Axess models are included – the 600SL, SP and DT – while in Coral, there is just the 600SL.

The Coral XLs come with a new overcab that includes three windows. There will be two models in the range, in Axess spec only: the 600DP, with a transverse bed at the back, and the 670DK, with a double lounge in the front and bunk beds at the back.

The Compact range also returns for 2022, but in Supreme spec only.

The Alde-heated A-class Sonic range will only be available in Supreme spec, and in three different layouts: 700DC, 700DL and 700SL. For 2022, they will have a bigger pull-down cab bed, an upgraded washroom and space to install a 28-inch TV.


Bürstner's Lyseo Gallery
Bürstner’s Lyseo Gallery

Bürstner’s line-up includes a coachbuilt with an expanding roof. The Lyseo Gallery looks like a conventional low-profile, but the front section of the roof can be elevated into an overcab.

The Erwin Hymer Group subsidiary has developed and patented inflatable walls to the overcab. They help create a space that can be used as a bed or a work area, and which can also be accessed via fixed stairs.


Carado has redesigned the front profile and cab and raised the height of its A-class models, and is making a raising roof an option on all of its special-edition van conversions.

The new facade on the Erwin Hymer Group subsidiary’s A-classes now includes a chrome grille with the Carado logo in the centre, and LED headlights with their own signature.

Inside, the dashboard in the cab now includes more storage spaces, and you get a new storage cupboard between the passenger seat and the window. The dashboard has also been redesigned to remove any visible screw points, and so give off a more streamlined appearance. Overall height on the A-classes has been increased to 2.9m.

The tent fabric in the Carado Edition 15 can be completely opened at the front
The tent fabric in the Carado Edition 15 can be completely opened at the front

The raising roof will be an option on all Edition 15 van conversions, brought out to celebrate the company’s 15th birthday.

Accessed via a telescopic ladder, the black roof’s interior includes a mattress on slats and a goose-neck light complete with integrated USB ports. The tent fabric can be completely opened at the front, while the roof itself includes a rooflight.

Edition 15 special editions are also being brought out for all of Carado’s A-classes, van conversions and low profiles, including its slimline van range. This effectively gets you a Basic Pack and Style Pack, a more powerful 140bhp engine, alloy wheels, an awning, an extra external access locker, and other extras including the possibility of converting the rear two single beds into a double, all for a set price of either £3280 on low-profiles or £2410 on van conversions.


Superior models from Carthago now come with an enhanced front profile, featuring a special radiator grille
Superior models from Carthago now come with an enhanced front profile, featuring a special radiator grille

For 2022, Carthago has focused much of its attention on revamping its main chic c-line range.

In effect, this is now available in four different style settings. These include the new linea progressiva style, which features matt ivory lockers and gloss ivory locker doors; linea moderna, with more acacia wood surfaces but still some ivory; and linea classica, which is fitted with the more muted wild pear furniture.

For the A-class chic c-line superior models, there is also the linea siena option, which is fitted with summer chestnut furniture.

linea moderna, with acacia wood surfaces and ivory lockers is one of four different style settings on offer from Carthago
linea moderna, with acacia wood surfaces and ivory lockers is one of four different style settings on offer from Carthago

These superior models also now come with an enhanced front profile, featuring a special radiator grille with both horizontal and vertical bars.

Inside, all of the kitchens have been redesigned to include a bar cabinet and space for an optional oven, while if you go for fixed single beds in the rear, you can also have a slide-out TV cabinet.

Chic c-cline XLs are now available on either Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Sprinter base vehicles, with an Al-Ko chassis.

Elsewhere in Carthago’s offering, the 2.12m-wide C-compact line range has had its weight reduced by more than 20kg for the 2022 season, to bring the MiRO of all models well below 3000kg and enhance the payload.

All C-Tourers have also been brought down to below 3500kg MTPLM.

Many of the ranges now come with a new 6.3cm-wide door, complete with integrated fly screen, and interior panelling. The Fiat- or Mercedes-based chic e-line and Iveco-based s-plus ranges, and the two-berth liner-for-two range, go one stage further with an optional Safetyluxe door. This includes extra-quiet electric self-closing, keyless access via an RFID chip, door opening support and some additional LED lighting.

Meanwhile, the more budget Malibu brand has introduced a new layout concept to its range of van conversions, to add to the existing compact and comfort formats.

Diversity format has a compressor fridge included in the combination kitchen unit by the sliding door. This is designed to provide both a greater feeling of spaciousness in the ‘van and a clear view for the driver from the front through to the back.

It will initially be available as two models: the 6m-long 600 DB K, with a transverse bed at the rear and two wardrobes below, and the 6.36m-long 640 LE K, with fixed single beds and a wardrobe under the bed on the offside that is accessible from above.

Both will be available as a coupé, offering additional interior headroom, as a GT Skyview with a panoramic roof dome, and as a family-for-four model with Malibu’s own pop-up roof.

Malibu low-profiles and A-classes have been reduced in weight by 20kg this season. All 15 models from this brand now come with a standard 3500kg MTPLM, making them suitable for anyone with a regular licence to drive.

This season, they are also fitted as standard with a new 63cm-wide XL door, with integrated fly screen and the option of central locking.


The 660 Exclusive Line from Chausson comes with a U-shaped lounge facing a large window on the offside
The 660 Exclusive Line from Chausson comes with a U-shaped lounge facing a large window on the offside

A brand new low-profile model with a flexible lounge and equally flexible garage with a second habitation door, along with a new range of compact low-profiles that are just 2.1m wide – these are the major developments from Chausson for 2022.

The low-profile, the Chausson 660 Exclusive Line, comes with a U-shaped lounge facing the large window on the offside. Beneath this window, there is a neat sideboard unit that can also house a slide-out 32-inch TV.

A 1.9m-long bed drops down over the front lounge, which can itself be made into a second double.

The living area also contains a wine rack designed to hold both bottles and glasses, while the kitchen is separated from the lounge by a framed glass wall.

The kitchen leads back to a garage that is large enough to stand up in, which can hold a bicycle but also contains foldaway shelving.

This garage can be accessed from outside via a full-height habitation door, complete with a roll-out step.

The 6.99m-long motorhome also includes a Vario washroom, with a partition that can be swung to one side to reveal the shower.

The brand’s new ‘S’ range of compact low-profiles compresses two models. The 5.99m-long S514 includes what Chausson describes as a “butterfly bed” – a cleverly designed transverse bed that can be folded in two vertically and moved off to one side, to allow more room for the garage.

The 6.59m-long S697GA includes two single beds at the back, both of which have wardrobes underneath. Both models have Vario washrooms.

To keep the price down, Chausson will only be offering them on a Ford Transit base vehicle.

Overall, the low-profiles now come with a new polyester luton and a new rear bumper.

Chausson is continuing with its new spec system, introduced a couple of seasons ago. This sees both Fiat- and Ford-based vehicles available in basic First Line spec.

Then Titanium VIP adds to this on Fiat-based models, with extra spec that includes Fiat’s nine-speed auto gearbox and 140bhp engine, alloys, exclusive upholstery, an external shower and taupe grey sidewalls.

Titanium Premium ups the spec on Ford-based vehicles with a six-speed auto gearbox, 170bhp engine, automatic wipers and headlights, alloy wheels an external shower, the same taupe grey sidewalls, and wraparound cab blinds in lieu of curtains.


Dethleffs has replaced the side bench with a sideboard unit below a space for a 32-inch TV
Dethleffs has replaced the side bench with a sideboard unit below a space for a 32-inch TV

Dethleffs has made the most of this season’s improvements at opposite ends of its extensive range, although it is also introducing a special new anniversary range as it continues to celebrate its 90th birthday.

For 2023, the compact Globebus range of low-profiles and A-classes has been given entirely new interior décor, combining light wood and white surfaces with a concrete-look floor.

The hob and sink in the kitchen have been repositioned to allow for more workspace, while a special anti-slip surface has been added to the garage at the rear of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, the mighty A-class Globetrotter XLi has been given a completely new exterior and interior look.

On the outside, the new red curve decal is designed to bring the vehicle more into line with other Dethleffs ranges. Rear garage doors now come with push latches to create a more streamlined look.

Inside the motorhome, as standard, Dethleffs has replaced the side bench, to the right of the habitation door as you come in, with a sideboard unit below a space for a 32-inch TV.

This sideboard comes with a bottom drawer that pulls out to reveal seat padding that can be used as a step up to the drop-down bed, a footrest for the cab seat or additional seating for the lounge table.

Following on from last year’s Just 90 models, this season sees the launch of the Trend 90 range, marking 90 years since Arist Dethleffs built his very first caravan. Based on the existing Trend range, these eight low-profile models come with a selection of special extras, including a leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning in the cab, cab blinds, a habitation door window and central locking.


The Autoquest/Avantgarde 155 has been lengthened by around 30cm, which means that it now has dedicated table storage
The Autoquest/Avantgarde 155 has been lengthened by around 30cm, which means that it now has dedicated table storage

The addition of an optional mobile internet and Wi-Fi system in all of its ranges is the main motorhome development at Erwin Hymer UK, as the company has put most of its focus this year on caravans.

The only significant model change is that the Autoquest/Avantgarde 155 model has been lengthened by around 30 cm, which means that it now has dedicated table storage.

More minor changes include the Chassis Cab Lux Pack, which includes cab air-conditioning, cruise control and a passenger air bag, being made standard on all Autoquest/Avantgarde models, including campervans.

Encore/Concerto models now come fitted with a Dometic Series 10 two-way opening fridge, a new acrylic kitchen splash back, and a domestic-style tap for the kitchen sink.


Fleurette 68LMC
Fleurette 68LMC

French manufacturer Fleurette is adding a new island bed layout to the Migrateur low-profile range in Fleurette itself, and to the Baxter range in the more export-oriented Florium brand.

The 68LMC layout comes in at less than 7m long, at 6.85m, but still manages to include a washroom spread across the centre of the van, with a shower on one side and a toilet and folding basin on the other. It also includes a 150-litre fridge.

Other improvements across all models include a new hob cover, new locks on overhead locker doors to keep them open, and attractive new curtains and decorative cushions for Florium models.

The company is continuing with its Cristal special editions, which feature exclusive upholstery, black alloy wheels and a more powerful Truma heater, among other things. For 2022 Cristal special editions will be available on the French bed 64LDF model in Migrateur/Baxter, the island bed models 70LMF and 74LMF in the longer Mayflower/Magister low-profiles, and in the 71LMH and 75LMF models in the Discover/Wincester A-class range.


Hymer T-Class S 585 has an Shaped dinette seat with travel seats as a cost option
Hymer T-Class S 585 has an Shaped dinette seat with travel seats as a cost option

Hymer is introducing a new 7.09m-long model to its Mercedes-based T Class S range for the 2022 season, as well as expanding its remote control Hymer Connect app system, and introducing an innovative bike rack to its range of official accessories.

The T-Class S 585 features fixed single beds at the rear, a floor to ceiling wardrobe and a Vario washroom with a swivelling partition. Up front you get parallel facing settees as standard, but with an L-shaped dinette seat with travel seats as a cost option.

The low chassis means you get a flat floor throughout and 2.04m of headroom, although this reduces to 1.88m under the optional drop-down bed if you go for it. Diesel heating and a 152-litre compressor fridge come as standard, although you can opt for gas-powered blown-air heating with an absorption fridge.

For the first time, Hymer is also offering to replace the steel double leaf spring on the rear axle with a GRP spine as an option. This saves 16kg in weight. As an option you can also have sporty Tenorite graphics on the outside.

From this season the Hymer Connect platform, which allows you to control vehicle components and monitor information on one app, will come as standard on all B-MC models. It is already a feature in the B-ML range.

The company has also launched the Backrack+, a rack that can be fitted and retrofitted to all its Fiat-based van  conversions. A range of modular units can be fitted to this including two different bike racks, both of which leave one door free to access when the bikes are in position.


Knaus is increasing the number of ranges that feature its FoldXpand rear panel for the 2022 season, and introducing new layouts as a result.

The panel, which is designed to provide more internal length without increasing the overall length of the motorhome, will now be included in L!VE, Sky Ti Platinum ranges and a new Van Ti MAN Vansation model, among those line-ups that are being sold in the UK.

Within Sky Ti the new rear panel has allowed the layout of the 650 MEG to be improved, with an extra wardrobe and more seating around the table. The 650MF, 700MEG and 700MX have all been introduced as new models.

L!VE I models feature an external shower as an option, as well as cab seats to match the lounge upholstery.

Having already introduced the MAN chassis to the Van Ti Plus compact range, for this season, Knaus is also introducing it on the standard Van Ti Vansation, with a new model, the 640 MEG Vansation.

At 6.89m, this is 10cm shorter than the continuing Van Ti Plus 650 MEG, but just as large inside, thanks to the FoldXPand panel.

Knaus is offering a Lucky Dog Camper option to create a gated kennel below the bed
Knaus is offering a Lucky Dog Camper option to create a gated kennel below the bed

On some models with fixed single beds, for the new season, Knaus is offering a Lucky Dog Camper option – this is, in effect, a gated kennel set below the beds which can be accessed both internally and externally.

Aguti Premium seats, fitted with integrated seat belts and offering a multitude of adjustments, are now provided as standard on all Knaus A-class vehicles.

Within Knaus van conversions, BoxDrive models now come with a Vario washroom with swivelling partition as standard. The optional folding bed in the rear has also been replaced by an optional lifting bed, which provides more room for storing heavy equipment underneath.

Knaus’s budget brand, Weinsberg, has significantly increased insulation on its overcab CaraHomes for 2022. They now come with a 52mm-thick XPS floor, compared with 42mm last year, and a hail-resistant GRP roof.

A-class CaraCores are now also fitted with Aguti Premium seats.

All models in the Carabus van conversion range come with new Tiberino furniture and aluminium bed frames with wider slats. On the outside, you have a choice of five different greys for an external colour, in addition to white and metallic black.


Laika has completely revamped its low=profile Kreos range
Laika has completely revamped its low=profile Kreos range

As well as launching two new Ecovip campervans, Laika has completely revamped its upmarket low-profile Kreos range, with the first new model being the Kreos L 5009, featuring fixed single beds over a garage in the back.

The new Kreos rests on a Fiat/Al-Ko heavy chassis, with thicker 40mm side walls made of XPS with an inner and outer shell of aluminium. There is also a 25cm double floor that conceals much of the wiring, as well as the space for a battery box; a 210-litre fresh water tank, and, if you don’t opt for the extra drop-down bed at the front, you can have an electrically opening sunroof. The central washroom can also be completely sealed off.

Options include a wine rack in the garage, which has two doors both 120cm tall, and a payload of 250kg. There is even an optional dishwasher.


Unlike its Trigano stablemate Auto-Sleepers, the McLouis Fusion range is not expanding with any new models this season.

Instead, the range – which was especially developed for the UK market by McLouis and Auto-Sleepers – gets an enhanced cab, with a new seven-inch Connect radio touchscreen system with DAB radio, a leather steering wheel and a leather gear stick.


For the 2022 season, upmarket German manufacturer Niesmann+Bischoff has announced that it will be extending the iSmove range – launched last year – with a new island-bed model.

The iSmove 7.3F is 30cm longer than the initial single-bed model, the 6.9F, so it includes a 2m-long bed.

The spacious rear bedroom is now also fitted with a wardrobe located oil the nearside and a well-placed sideboard unit on the offside, which will extend the length of the bed.

In addition, there are four roomy drawers under the bed and a storage cubbyhole in every step.

The new motorhome includes as an option a fifth travel seat which folds out from the front settee.


Pilote is to match the ‘take it or leave it’ Evidence range it launched last year with a new, more bespoke Expression offering, which replaces the former Essentiel and Sensation spec levels in its motorhome ranges.

The Evidence range itself is being expanded, with one new rear-lounge model, while there is also a new high-roof model among the French company’s van conversions.

The Evidence range was launched last year, and included five of Pilote’s bestselling models (four low-profiles and one A-class) at a special price, but with a spec that customers would not be able to customise.

The 696U comes with a U-shaped rear lounge below a drop-down bed
The 696U comes with a U-shaped rear lounge below a drop-down bed

This is being continued for the 2022 season, with the addition of a new model, the 696U. This 6.99m-long ‘van comes with a U-shaped rear lounge below a drop-down bed and a washroom that is spread across the vehicle behind the cab seats.

The rear lounge is fitted with one forward- and one rearward-facing travel seat. There is also a separate seat just to the rear of the habitation door, above a useful boot locker.

In addition to the 696U, Evidence includes the 650C, 626D and 696D low-profiles, and the island-bed 740FC as both a low-profile and an A-class.

All of these models, along with the rest of the Pilote line-up, will also be available as marginally more expensive new Expression models, where you do get to pick and choose which optional extras you want.

The V633M is a new van conversion from Pilote
The V633M is a new van conversion from Pilote

So, while all models come with cab air conditioning and cruise control as standard, this season, the Expression range includes two different Lux Packs, giving you extras in the cab.

The new van conversion, the V633M, comes fitted with a drop-down bed which, thanks to the higher than usual 2.83m-high roof, can be raised to provide standing headroom below, with a huge area for storing bikes or other equipment.

The new V633M includes a huge area for storing bikes or other equipment
The new V633M includes a huge area for storing bikes or other equipment

The company also launched a new budget brand, called Joa-Camp, at the 2021 Caravan Salon  in Düsseldorf, for which half a dozen dealers in the UK – some existing Pilote outlets, some new ones – have already signed up.

Joa-Camp will be built on Pilote assembly lines. However, the company aims to keep prices down by at least initially building the vehicles on a Citroën base and using modular construction, including the same washroom design in all of the vehicles.

Low-profiles will include a 6m-long French-bed model, an island-bed and fixed-single-bed models at 7m and 7.5m long. The 7m-long vehicles will have four travel seats, with a fifth seat going in the longer 7.5m-long ‘vans. The van conversion range includes models that rare 5.4m, 6m and 6.5m long/

Meanwhile, Le Voyageur, Pilote’s upmarket sister brand, is dropping its Liner and top-spec Signature range for 2022, but will be introducing a new Mercedes-based Heritage range to run alongside remaining Classic models.

Four models are included: standard four-wheel 7.8m-long island-bed and fixed-single-bed models, and the same layouts on 8.5m-long twin-axles.


To save space, the C50 from Rapido replaces the parallel settees on its longer C86
To save space, the C50 from Rapido replaces the parallel settees on its longer C86

Rapido is extending its compact ‘C’ range for the coming season, with an island-bed model that, at 6.59m long, is now the shortest such ‘van that the French company produces.

To save space, the C50 replaces the parallel settees on its longer C86 sister vehicle with an L-shaped dinette, and has a Duo’Space washroom with a swinging partition.

Another of the new models, the 854f, has an optional double bed that drops down over a U-shaped rear lounge. The large wardrobe fitted behind this includes a pull-out hanging rail and a wine rack – which is one of two in this 6.7m-long vehicle.

The number of Itineo A-classes has also been extended, with the launch of the Nomad, a sub-range of three compact A-class models that are all 6.61m long and just 2.19m wide.

The 845f has an optional double bed that drops down over a U-shaped rear lounge
The 845f has an optional double bed that drops down over a U-shaped rear lounge

This includes the CM660, with a 1.9m-long island bed that has an optional extension; the CJ660 with fixed single beds; and the CS660, with a lounge at the back that converts to a double and a bunk, and offers the option of having a fifth travel seat.

Itineo is also extending its Spirit Edition into low-profiles for the first time. For 2022, the island-bed MC740 and rear-bunks SB740 are available as low-profile Spirit Editions.

So is a new model, the PC640. This 6.36m-long four-berth includes a front lounge with a drop-down double bed above. There is a large end washroom with a spacious wardrobe behind it and access to a rear garage that is 1.18m tall.

The only addition in the Dreamer van conversion range is the D51 Select, with a double bed at the back that can be divided into two and folded back, to provide a clear storage area that is 1.86m wide. The D51 Select will also feature a compressor fridge at the end of the kitchen peninsula, and a handy rail on the outside of the kitchen unit, onto which the table can be clipped.


German company Sunlight claims that the roof-bed fitted in its Cliff RT models is the largest currently available
German company Sunlight claims that the roof-bed fitted in its Cliff RT models is the largest currently available

Sunlight has announced that it will be adding a pop-up roof to all four of its Cliff van conversion models for the 2022 season, and it has also remodelled the front profile of its A-classes.

The German company claims that the roof-bed fitted in its Fiat-based Cliff RT models is the largest currently available on the market, measuring 2.06m x 1.43m.

The compartment for the roof-bed also includes a reading light with an integrated USB port and 12V socket, and a telescopic ladder.

The A-class front panels are now 2.9m high and come fitted with smart LED headlights
The A-class front panels are now 2.9m high and come fitted with smart LED headlights

The A-class front panels are now 2.9m high and come fitted with smart LED headlights.

The dashboards have also been revamped, to include handy storage for a smartphone, well-placed drinks holders for both driver and passenger, and a central shelf.


The new Kon-tiki range includes an electrically operated telescopic table
The new Kon-tiki range includes an electrically operated telescopic table

Swift’s changes for the 2022 season include a complete revamp of the Kon-tiki range – with an interior that the manufacture describes as inspired by business jets – alongside substantial enhancement of the Escape, and the extension of the Select van conversion range with Select compact coachbuilts.

The new Kon-tiki range includes a front lounge with foldaway Aguti travelling seats and an electrically operated telescopic table.

The cab has also been updated and now comes with a silver-trimmed dashboard, 10-inch HD colour display with sat nav, cruise control, cab air conditioning and 5G Wi-Fi.

The seven Alde-heated models in the range include four single-axle and three tag-axle models.

Escape, meanwhile, has now been updated with an iron-grey cab, with complementary decals, a garage that also provides interior access, and an extra-wide habitation door.

Inside, headroom has been increased to 2.11m, while the lounge comes with Aguti seats under the parallel settees, and a telescopic table.

The interior has also been restyled for a more modern look, now being fitted with minimal woodgrain and smart high-gloss cream lockers.

The kitchen includes a dual-fuel four-burner hob and Dometic’s two-way opening Series 10 fridge.

The cab features a seven-inch HD colour touchscreen with Apple Car Play, in a black-trimmed dashboard. Five single-axle models are included in the range.

Although the Escape Compact has now been discontinued, the Select range is expanding this year, with the launch of four coachbuilt Select Compact models.

All with an MTPLM of 3300kg and a Lanzarote-grey cab, they include a new Swift Select Compact C500 layout – a rear lounge with wraparound seating that can convert into a double or two single beds.

Extras now added to the Select van conversion range include an awning, a barbecue point, shower point and 100W solar panel.


Westfalia has launched two special-edition models for the 2022 season.

The Meridian Limited, Westfalia’s first self-distributed vehicle based on the Ford Transit, and the Fiat-based Columbus 600E are both preview special editions of standard models that will go into production later.

But for the moment, they will only be available in very limited numbers as right-hand-drive models, as the factory is currently running at full capacity.

The Meridian Limited comes in at 5.99m but includes a 1.54m-wide transverse bed at the rear, and has four travel seats. It also runs on Ford’s 185bhp engine with automatic transmission. Other attractive extras include alloy wheels, diesel heating, and an awning.

The Columbus 600E is a similar length to the Meridian Limited, but features a new layout for the Columbus range consisting of two single beds at the back and a newly designed central kitchen. It also has diesel heating and underfloor heating, a 100W solar panel, and outside shower, alloy wheels and an awning.

With leather seats – which in the cab are heated – it has Fiat’s 2.2-litre, 160bhp engine, and comes with nine-speed automatic transmission.

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