There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but paying £40 for an infinite number of free battery recharges doesn’t sound like too bad a deal. That’s just what the new Freeloader Classic provides — it’s a portable solar-powered battery charger that works with a range of mobile devices.

The compact design uses a folding aluminium case that keeps the solar cells out of harm’s reach when the Freeloader Classic is not in use, and the whole thing is both small and light enough to slip into a pocket.

Bright sunshine can recharge the internal battery in eight hours, which can then be used to provide power to another gadget. It’s reckoned that Freeloader Classic can power an iPhone for 18 hours and an iPad for two hours. A USB connection can also be used to fully charge the Freeloader Classic in three hours, so it’s always possible to pack some extra power even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

The Freeloader Classic uses 1500mA solar cells and uses a 1200mAh lithium ion battery. It also comes with power adapters for a range of mobile phones, and has a built-in USB socket for use with devices like the iPhone.

[Freeloader Classic]