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Roller Team T-Line 740

Roller Team T-Line 740 review 1 - We test the range-topping Roller Team T-Line 740 – an Italian designed mid-profile four-berth motorhome produced by a French-owned firm that’s a winner in the UK (© Practical Motorhome/Tim Andrew)
3.5 stars


Marquis Majestic 125

Marquis Majestic 125 review 1 - Ever wonder how to get lots of extra equipment without paying premium prices for options? The Marquis dealer special based on the Elddis Accordo offers one possibility (© Practical Motorhome/Tim Andrew)
3.5 stars


Bessacarr 562

Bessacarr 562 review - front exterior - If you're looking for a luxurious motorhome for two, read the Practical Motorhome expert's verdict on the Bessacarr 562 (© Practical Motorhome )
4.0 stars


Bailey Approach Compact 540

Bailey Approach Compact 540 review 1 - At just 5.99m (20') long, the Approach Compact, with its drop-down double bed, is aimed mainly at couples and is made by Bristol-based motorhome manufacturer Bailey  (© Practical Motorhome/Tim Andrew)
3.5 stars


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