• All tyred out
    Practical Motorhome – All tyred out 1 - After buying this VW campervan for sale, it was time to check out the state of her rubber (© Nigel Donnelly/Jenny Owen/Practical Motorhome)

    Checking the tyres on any newly-purchased motorhome is critical, writes Nigel Donnelly, a few weeks into ownership of his T25 VW campervan

  • The open road to recovery
    Practical Motorhome's blog - The open road to recovery -1 - A month in the Alps inspired John and Sandra to explore more of Europe in their motorhome (© Practical Motorhome/John Capel)

    Following a serious illness, John Capel discovered that a motorhome was just what the doctor ordered, as he set off on his journey back to health

  • Our inspirational RV tour
    Practical Motorhome: Our inspirational RV tour - Newquay - For his first motorhome adventure, Derek visited Newquay in a hired RV (© Practical Motorhome/Derek Pinchess)

    An eventful tour of Cornwall's tiny lanes in a rented US RV didn’t put Derek Pinchess off buying his own motorhome – and at last he owns a Swift Royale

  • Meeting Wilma
    Practical Motorhome – Meeting Wilma 1 - Here she is, a 1980 VW 'T25' Transporter which was called Wilma by her previous owner (© Nigel Donnelly/Practical Motorhome)

    See a VW campervan for sale and many may be tempted, but taking the plunge and taking on a project is another matter – meet the newest member of our fleet!

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