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Hymer B PremiumLine 704

The Practical Motorhome Hymer B PremiumLine 704 review 1 - The 2016 Hymer B PremiumLine 704 costs from £77,390 OTR (£88,889 as tested)  (© Niall Hampton/Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


Rimor Koala Elite 722

The Practical Motorhome 2016 Rimor Koala Elite 722 review 1 - If you're looking for great value, check out the 2016 Rimor Koala Elite 722 (© Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


RS Motorhomes Endeavour R230G

Practical Motorhome’s RS Motorhomes Endeavour R230G review - front - You'll need more than a B+E driving licence for the RS Motorhomes Endeavour R230G  (© Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


Auto Campers Day Van

Practical Motorhome’s Auto Campers Day Van review - 1 - Based on a 2.2-litre, 125bhp Ford Torneo Custom, the Auto Campers Day Van offers up to four berths and six travel seats (© Practical Motorhome/Tim Andrew)
4.5 stars


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    Practical Motorhome's guide to motorhome construction - 1 - A motorhome’s appearance is important but check the bodywork structure before you buy it (© John Wickersham/Practical Motorhome)


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