• Will you take winter breaks or lay up your ‘van?
    Practical Motorhome: winter lay-up versus all-year touring - 1 - Many European ski resorts offer a warm welcome to motorcaravans in the winter (© Practical Motorhome)

    Ruth and Geoff Bass vote for hibernation, but Caroline Mills says use your motorhome for winter holidays – so whose advice will you take?

  • Top 10 UK literature tours
    Practical Motorhome's Literary tour - Enjoy a motorhome tour around Britain and visit key places that inspired some of our greatest authors (© Practical Motorhome)

    Our landscape inspired the greats of British literature, so if you take our literary tour you can enjoy their lasting legacy of stories, museums and houses

  • No chores, no bills, nomads
    Practical Motorhome's 'No chores, no bills, nomads' 3 - At last they had time to enjoy Bristol's International Balloon Fiesta in August (© Sharon Smith/Practical Motorhome)

    Life on the open road beckoned to Chris and Sharon Smith, so they sold their house and went touring in their Bessacarr before moving in to their new home

  • Christmas gift guide for motorcaravanners
    Practical Motorhome Christmas Crackers gift guide 1 - Browse Practical Motorhome's gift guide for Christmas ideas (© Practical Motorhome)

    Practical Motorhome's Christmas gift guide presents some of the best stocking fillers, camping accessories and perfect presents for motorcaravanners

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Hobby Vantana K55

Practical Motorhome's Hobby Vantana K55 review - 1  - Launched for 2015, the Hobby Vantana K55 enters the competitive van conversion market (© Practical Motorhome)
3.5 stars


Fleurette Migrateur 70 LDS

The Practical Motorhome Fleurette Migrateur 70 LDS review 1 - This 6.97m-long motorhome's habitation door is on the UK offside  (© Niall Hampton/Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


Roller Team Zefiro 696

Practical Motorhome's Roller Team Zefiro 696 review - front - The 2016 Roller Team Zefiro 696 is 7.45m (24'5
4.0 stars


Hymer Van 314

Practical Motorhome's 2016 Hymer Van 314 review - front - The 2016 Hymer Van 314 is 5.45m (17’8”) long; 2.77m (9’1”) high and 2.22m (7’2”) wide (© Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


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