The Gelert Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair was one of the camping chairs tested by Practical Motorhome’s reviewers in a big group product test designed to find the best folding camping chairs on sale in the UK, to held motorcaravanners buy the best products for their next tour. 

Moon chairs look incredibly inviting and few styles of chair are as roomy. We were therefore surprised that the Gelert Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair is only rated to hold people safely up to 100kg – it certainly looks as if it could easily swallow bigger and, consequently, heavier folk. However, the benchmark maximum weight for the purposes of this group test was 100kg, so in that regard, this chair passed.

Gelert’s Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair comes in black and is made of PVC coated 600D Polyester with a mesh panel, and it is on a steel frame. It weighs 4.3kg (9.4 lbs) and comes with a carry bag so that it fits into your motorhome’s locker neatly when not in use, while is also light enough to take to a sporting event, picnic or a friend’s barbecue on the campsite. More brownie points, as portability was one of the key points of consideration in this group test.

The Gelert Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair measures 80cm (31.5 inches) high, with a seat height of 40cm (15.7 inches). It’s 84cm (33 inches) long and 70cm (27.5 inches) wide. 

However, this chair is not as comfortable as it looks, because bars that form the rounded edge press against the backs of your legs when you lie back. It’s ideal for smallish children, who like to curl up in it.

In addition, there is no cup holder, which might be an issue because it is also too low to put alongside a picnic table. It doesn’t provide enough support to make sitting upright comfortable, so it’s not a good camping chair for dining.

The Gelert Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair retails at £40 and received only a two-star rating from Practical Motorhome’s expert test team. So, what about the other chairs we reviewed?

The Helinox Chair One is rather pricey at £85 and scored three out of five. Another chair to get three stars is the Promech Paddock Seat, a heavy duty option which costs a rather more palatable £35. We also reviewed several chairs from Outwell. The Spring Hills camping chair emerged victorious at the end of Practical Motorhome’s group test, with a perfect five out of five rating. We also sampled the Outwell Fountain Hills camping chair and the Outwell Tuscan Hills chair, both of which cost £40 and scored four out of five. The Easy Camp Camp Chair Deluxe will set you back £45 and was awarded a two-star rating, while the Kampa Easy In/Easy Out is very affordable at £25 and received a sparkling four-star rating.