Lightweight camping chairs are not all the same, as we discover when our expert gets a good selection of folding chairs in for review on the Practical Motorhome test bench.  

The Easy Camp Camp Chair Deluxe is not the cheapest chair on test, at £45, so how does this mid-priced folding seat compare to its rivals in such a competitive market?

The first thing to mention is that Easy Camp has added solid arms and a seat tensioning system to an amply padded chair-in-a-bag. It works, but it does have a few shortcomings.

When you first take the chair out of its matching carry bag you can use it straight away, without any initial assembly or tools. You can put it this chair up and take it down again in just a few seconds.

So what are those shortcomings that we mentioned? The front edge is so taut that it’s very noticeable against your legs, especially when you relax. There’s also little support for sitting upright, which could be annoying if you’re trying to eat at a table and don’t want to be slumped. The seat base drops down 10cm (almost 4 inches) below the tight front of the chair, making it quite hard to stand up when you want to.

The frame is made of steel and the seat fabric is polyester with diamond ripstop, so it’s pretty strong and durable. The seat should dry pretty quickly if it gets wet, too, whether from your swimming costume or a light shower. 

The chair measures 66cm wide, 62cm deep and 89cm high (26 inches wide x 24.4 inches deep and 35 inches high).

It’s strong enough to support a person up to 130kg in weight, which translates to around 20 stone and 6 pounds. (This is the same weight maximum limit as our test winner, the Outwell Spring Hills Camping Chair.) It’s worth bearing that maximum weight limit in mind if you have children who need to pile on top of you for a cosy cuddle when they’re feeling chilly. 

The Easy Camp 
Camp Chair Deluxe weighs 6kg (13.2 pounds), which is heavier than the winning chair in our test, but is still reasonably light in weight. And as this chair comes packed in its own matching carry bag, so you could take it along with you for a more comfortable picnic on the beach or in the countryside. Better still, maybe you’ll get an invitation to somebody else’s barbecue on the campsite! 

There are lots of options out there if you’re looking for the best camping chairs for your holidays. We have also reviewed the Helinox Chair One, the Promech Paddock Seat, the Outwell Spring Hills camping chair, Kampa’s Easy In/Easy Out, the Fountain Hills camping chair and the Tuscan Hills chair from Outwell, as well as the Gelert Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair.