Camping chairs vary a great deal in quality and price, and here at Practical Motorhome we have tested a selection of them to find out which ones are worth their weight in your payload.

Costing just £35, the Promech Paddock Seat is in the middle of the price range you’re likely to encounter when you go shopping for camping chairs. At 6.3kg, this is the heaviest chair in the group test, but its capacity of 150kg makes it the heaviest-duty.

It’s the largest when folded down, too. This could be a problem if you have a small campervan with limited storage, but if you have a larger motorhome with external access to the underbed lockers, you’ll be laughing. 

When opened, the Promech Paddock Seat is reassuringly solid, roomy and reasonably comfortable. It also boasts a heavy-duty, webbing-reinforced seat. On the downside, you can feel the very taut front edge of the seat against the back of your thighs, which detracts from the overall comfort levels.

When erecting the Promech, you’ll need fairly strong hands to clip the tension locks in place. However, the resulting firm seat base will make 
getting up from it a simple task for just about anybody.

Good, strong armrests also add to the feeling of strength and security when you’re relaxing on-site. They are contoured for comfort. These also give you something to push against when standing up. 

The Promech Paddock Seat’s aluminium chair legs are strong and fold up like scissors. The feet are wider than some other chairs, so you shouldn’t sink into the ground too easily. 

Best of all, the seat is made in padded sections, for extra comfort. The centre section is a heavy duty fabric, while the sides are perforated, so you won’t get too hot when you’re sunbathing, reading a book or sitting in this chair to enjoy a barbecue and a few beers on your campsite this summer.

You won’t have any trouble finding your own chair in a crowd if you choose the model tested. It is a jazzy bright scarlet red, with black and silver.

There’s also a matching headrest, which you can have embroidered with your name or nickname (up to 15 characters long), or even a team or club logo, provided it’s not too complex. You’ll need to arrange the bespoke embroidery service at the same time you order the chair online. Without the embroidery the chair costs £34.99 including VAT. Adding an embroidered name costs £4.99 extra. Adding an embroidered name and a logo will set you back an extra £24.99. Personalised gifts do make lovely birthday presents for your loved ones – and nobody’s likely to get away with walking off with this chair if it has your name on it! The Promech Paddock Seat also comes with its own carry bag and a matching webbed shoulder strap.

We awarded this product three stars, and it was one of several products tested in order to find the best camping chairs on sale in the UK. Also reviewed were the Helinox Chair One, the Kampa Easy In/Easy Out, three Outwell products, the Spring HillsTuscan Hills and Fountain Hills camping chairs, as well as Easy Camp’s Camp Chair Deluxe and Gelert’s Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair.