We’ve tested the Outwell Tuscan Hills chair as part of our mega group test to find the best folding camping chairs in Britain. Outwell is a respected brand, but how did this product that retails at £40 fare when our expert team reviewed it?

When you lean back in this director’s chair, you’ll think the backrest is giving way. But don’t worry – the support is deliberately made loose to let you lounge comfortably.

We found that the chair is roomy and the fabric is sturdy, while the 125kg maximum weight limit is impressive – our benchmark weight in this test was 100kg. This chair weighs less than 4kg and is very portable, but it’s a beast to store.

We love the Outwell Tuscan Hills chair, but if you have a small campervan, with very little storage space, this might not be the best camping chair for you. To give you a better idea, this chair folds down to a pack size of 17 cm x 50 cm x 80 cm (6.7 inches x 19.6 inches x 31.4 inches). 

But, as we’ve said, we like this product. Outwell has come up with a striking new pattern for its chairs in 2014, which reminds our testers of pixellated photos. It’s a motif of squares and stripes in blues, greens and pepper black and grey, that is both contemporary and smart. And one addition to this chair for 2014 is an organiser pocket on the back of the chair.

The Tuscan Hills camping chair frame is a powder-coated hybrid of steel and alloy, which is designed to be really durable and rustproof. It opens up to these dimensions: 65 cm (25.5 inches) wide x 47 cm (18.5 inches) deep x 82 cm (32.2 inches) high.

The exact weight that each of these chairs will add to your ‘van is 3.7 kg (8.1 lb). We recommend that you add the weight of all your accessories and personal belongings to ensure that you don’t go over your motorhome or campervan’s payload limit.

Our review team thought the Outwell Tuscan Hills to be a great chair, but what about the others tested? To find out, read our reviews of the Helinox Chair One, the Promech Paddock Seat, the Outwell Spring Hills, the Easy Camp Camp Chair Deluxe, the Kampa Easy In/Easy Out and the Gelert Caldera Deluxe Moon Chair.

When testing these camping chairs, the Practical Motorhome team considered value for money, comfort, how easy the chairs are to get into and out of, if they’re easy to carry about and how much space they take up when folded. Smaller points, such as if the chair has small feet that might sink into soft ground, were also factored into the final decision to help you make a well informed choice when stocking up on camping accessories for your motorhome holidays.