Portugal has long been a favoured holiday destination for Brits, with the British showing an interest in the country’s agricultural potential as far back as the 17th century when Warres, the first British port company, was established in 1670. Now motorhomers can get under the country’s tourist skin and experience the rural side of Portugal with a new enterprise Portugal Easy Camp.

The concept is similar to that of France Passion whereby a motorhome can stay overnight (24 hours) on a vineyard or farm, but must be completely self-sufficient because there will be no facilities. The aim is for sustainable tourism where the host benefits by selling their products and the tourist has a safe place to stay and the hospitality of their host, as well as experiencing the diversity of the country and supporting the local economy.

How it works is that you choose from a list of hosts online – at the time of writing there were 48. Each host has a welcome pack for purchase, which is done online and you receive an invoice via email. When you arrive at the host’s you show the email and receive your welcome pack and are shown where to park.

The hosts are mainly wine or agricultural producers and the cost of the welcome pack varies from €10-€40 (€40 covers two bottles each of Sexy White, Sexy Red and Sexy Rosé from the Fita Preta quinta in Évora). For example: a stay at the Olive Oil Museum in Bobadela will cost €14 for a welcome pack of a 500ml can of extra virgin olive oil and a 2litre carafe of olive oil; at the goat cheese farm, Prados de Melgaço, your welcome pack comprises a pack of cured cheeses, fresh cream, fresh ham cream, camembert and a fresh cheese and costs €19 . The rural site Casa das Palmeiras offers rye bread, homemade cake, flavoured honey, biscuits, the farm’s jam, organic hazelnuts, the farm’s bio tea, orange juice and a surprise gift for €20. And at the Dos Lobos cheese factory your welcome pack includes an indigenous tree – we wonder if it’s the cork oak for which Portugal is famous – so you can take a little of Portugal home with you if you are allowed.

It sounds like a great way to do your grocery and wine shopping, while exploring the countryside.

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