Research has identified the accessories that are most popular with motorhome owners, that can, in the process, make your touring experience more enjoyable.

To find these products, Camptoo – who conducted the study – used search trend data analysis from the past five years, as well as finding the number of articles written about them.

The most popular accessories for motorhomes and campervans are…

Solar panels

Offering an environmentally friendly way to access power when on tour, portable solar panels have grown in popularity in recent years. The cost will very much depend on the size you settle on – if you’re looking for one, be sure to check out our guide to picking out the best solar panel for your motorhome.

Reversing cameras

A reversing camera is especially useful when you’re driving a bigger vehicle, and it’s not surprising to see they are becoming standard in some models. For instance, the winner of the best motorhome for couples category at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022, the Auto-Sleeper Nuevo EK, can be fitted with one as part of a premium pack.

However, for those who own an older van, buying one can save you hassle when trying to navigate in a tight space.

Portable shower

Most motorhomes have showers. For instance, the Auto-Sleeper Broadway EL – the winner of the best motorhome under 7m category at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022 – has a spacious washroom, but campervan owners are less likely to have such a luxury.

A portable shower could be the solution. On-site washing facilities are not always ideal, so being able to wash under your own steam will help you to avoid these communal areas.

Portable WiFi

Achieving a good signal can be tricky when you’re on tour, especially as campsites can be in remote areas. A portable WiFi setup will subsequently become a valuable way of ensuring you can watch streaming services on your television, as well as ensuring you can browse the internet.

Portable barbecue

A portable barbecue is one of the best ways to cook up a feast after a day’s exploring. Taking up very little space, they make a great investment.

Also on the list were:

  • Thermal blinds
  • Bike racks – you can read our guide to the best motorhome bike racks
  • Air conditioners
  • TV aerials
  • Campervan ovens

Commenting on the results, Ed Bassett, Camptoo’s Head of Wanderlust, said: “We hope this research acts as a guide to owners looking to make easy, cost-effective and value-adding improvements to their campervans and motorhomes.”

“The results were perhaps unsurprising as we certainly expected WiFi and BBQ’s to feature, but it is interesting to see that portable solar panels are so popular, perhaps showing that vehicle owners are much more concerned about their carbon footprints when travelling.”

“Advancements in the tech means that you can easily reduce the emissions of any trip and save the hassle of looking or paying for a power hook up, all at a very reasonable price.”

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