If you’re planning to go away in your motorhome at the end of the month, don’t forget to fill out your census form and return it.


Census night is 27 March 2011, and forms have started to be delivered to households across the UK. You’ll need to fill yours in and send it back, or fill it in online; you can do this before 27 March, but the data you include must relate to where you’ll be on this night. So, if you’re planning to be on tour in your motorhome, you’ll have to make a note of this on your form. Don’t forget to include everyone from your household who’ll be with you.


You can fill out the form after this date; you must do so as soon as possible. Remember: it’s a legal requirement to fill out the census.


For further information about the census, or to fill out yours online, visit the 2011 Census website by clicking here.