We love an eye-catching motorhome, and ‘The Fabulous Flamingo’ certainly ticks that box.

In an impressive feat, Gino Lucci, a retired member of the US Air Force, has successfully made a childhood dream come true by converting an aeroplane into a RV that can only be described as luxurious and majestic.

Gino standing in front of The Fabulous Flamingo

The 1943 ‘Douglas R4D’ had previously been grounded for more than 30 years before it was found by Gino’s son. It had originally being used in South America by the Navy, and was in a poor condition. However, it gave Gino the chance to bring the dream he’s held since eight years old to fruition.

It’s not been a short-term project either – the process of fusing the plane with the chassis of an old delivery truck he owned took Gino and his sons three months alone.

Speaking to Ridiculous Rides, Gino said of the fusing: “The process we used to merge the two was very hillbilly scientific – it was exciting, the challenge of it, every day was just fun.”

In total, the conversion has taken three years – one year to make the motorhome road-worthy and two more to fine tune it. The 38ft long (around 11.5m) motorhome – which Gino calls The Fabulous Flamingo – has cost $20,000 to create too.

Gino added “The hardest part was getting everything to work together. When you have to integrate so many other things with a truck…you know, airplanes don’t go down the road real easy”.

“It’s a ride that is made out of pure love.”

Having seen the results, all we can say is has anyone got an old plane lying around…?

Images courtesy of Barcroft

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