We’ve been taking a look at some truly eye-catching ‘vans recently, including the Boaterhome – a half ‘van, half boat hybrid – and the $2.5m RV previously owned by Will Smith. It’s now the turn of the “Super Bugger” – a stunning conversion that saw a Volkswagen Beetle combined with an RV.

The quirky camper – that is owned by Canadian couple Bill and Sandra – was made in the 1970s by a Californian company, before being sold for $6,000. The vehicle has the front of a Volkswagen and was then converted, with the existing chassis left and then built around.

It was purchased by Sandra’s dad in the mid-80s before she then inherited it towards the end of the 1990s – it became “a labour of love to get it back on the road”.

The "Super Bugger" has a front boot

The ‘van had fallen into a poor state and it took around 10 years of work to restore it. Over this time, it has been not only been painted, but the body work has also been done. The final step was getting the carpet sorted and it was then ready to return to the road. In fact, the mechanic who did the refurbishing work said there are only four or five left in a similar condition.

Storage will not be too much of an issue, thanks to the trunk that is located at the front of the RV – as Sandra said “you can put camping gear in there”.

The door is a truly standout feature – nearly five feet high, it’s more like “one you’d find in a home”, instead of a campervan.

The camper has new wheels but the original rims

The tyres may be new but the rims are still the originals. The engine can be found at the rear of the impressive vehicle – the four cylinder engine runs well and is 1600cc. There is also a small external ladder that provides access to the second floor.

It’s a cosy interior, but you’ll still find seating for four upstairs, along with a stove and small sink. A table provides a level space and can also be converted into a bed.

A problem did occur when the couple came to get the camper licensed; it had come with no windscreen wipers, so they subsequently had to get some added.

Commenting on the “Super Bugger”, Sandra said: “She is my little girl, she is precious to me. It’s a fun vehicle to drive around!”

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