• Tunnel vision
    Practical Motorhome – Tunnel vision - Adventures in France, Spain and Portugal all began on the London Underground – yes, really! (© Ian Beharrell/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

    Inspired by an ad on the Tube, touring newbies Ian Beharrell and wife Melanie jumped into the unknown, bought a ’van and hit the road! Here's their story

  • Our VW camper van hits the ground running
    Practical Motorhome – Project Wilma – Our VW camper van hits the ground running - At long last can Wilma provide reliable, comfortable holiday transport? It's time to catch up with our project VW camper van (© Nigel Donnelly/Practical Motorhome)

    Reunited after months in the workshop, Nigel Donnelly sees how much happier his newly tweaked T25 VW camper van is – is she finally holiday-ready?

  • ‘One of three’ classic VW camper van sold
    Practical Motorhome – ‘One of three’ classic VW camper van sold – 1 - This extraordinary VW camper van would certainly turn heads when pitched on site! (© Silverstone Auctions/Practical Motorhome)

    Don’t miss this very unusual and fully restored VW camper van that’s ready to go and make all its next owner’s classic touring dreams come true!

  • On tour: British Grand Prix
    Practical Motorhome – On tour: British Grand Prix – 1 - A weekend hosting a family of four at this month's British Grand Prix was the first real test for our long-term Marquis Majestic 196 (© Simon Strang/Practical Motorhome)

    As Formula 1 fans flocked to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix, our Marquis Majestic 196 pitched nearby for some family fun – was it home sweet home?

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