• The new issue of Practical Motorhome is out now!
    September 2018 - The September 2018 issue is on sale now! (© Practical Motorhome)

    We get active in the Peak District, drive the new Mercedes Sprinter, bring you the latest on the VW California XXL, and more!

  • Rapido's 2019 offering revealed
    The low-profile Rapido 686F - The low-profile 686F is one of three new models with the '86' layout; a retractable island bed and face-to-face sofas with travel seats underneath. (© Practical Motorhome)

    The French manufacturer is concentrating on improving the design of its interiors this year, with the aim of providing bigger lounges and beds

  • Frankia's 2019 line-up
    Frankia F-Line i890 GD - The entry-level F-Line A-class range get a new front design and two new models for 2019 (© Practical Motorhome)

    UK-friendly rear lounges play a big part in Frankia's 2019 line-up. And there's also good news for those who like longer, heavier models

  • Delving into Devon
    Crossing Bowcombe Creek - The Ventura VR200 looking pretty as I crossed Bowcombe Creek, which runs into the Kingsbridge Estuary (© Practical Caravan / Phil Russell)

    To kick off my summer's touring, I headed to the ever-popular south coast of Devon in search of secluded bays and pastoral views.

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Ventura VR200

4.5 stars


Knaus Sun TI 700 MEG Platinum

knaus-2018-SUN_TI_Exterior_1 - An exclusive spec for the 2018 Sun TI range means lots of extra equipment and some very clever design (© Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


Bailey Advance 70-6

The Practical Motorhome Bailey Advance 70-6 review – 1 - The new-for-2018 Bailey Advance 70-6 is on a Peugeot/Al-Ko AMC chassis and is powered by a 130bhp 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine (© Phil Russell/Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


Hobby Optima De Luxe T70F

The Practical Motorhome Hobby Optima De Luxe T70F review – 1 - The Hobby Optima De Luxe T70F is £69,495 as tested and sleeps three, with four belted travel seats (© Phil Russell/Practical Motorhome)
4.0 stars


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