Post Office Travel Money has recommended that those planning to drive on the continent should plan their trip carefully – even crossing borders to buy fuel – to avoid unnecessary expenditure as diesel and petrol prices rise.


The company suggests in its recent Motoring on the Continent annual report that diesel now costs up to 35 per cent more in some areas than it did a year ago. It’s identified Luxembourg as the best value for diesel (at around £1.12 per litre), with Spain (£1.21) coming in second. Diesel in France now costs around £1.36p per litre.


It claims that diesel costs less in eight of the nine eurozone countries surveyed than it does in the UK (£1.40); the exception is Ireland (also £1.40). Other non-euro countries that have equal or more expensive diesel costs are Denmark (£1.40), Sweden (£1.47), Switzerland (£1.49) and Norway, top of the list at £1.69.


Surprisingly, fuel prices in the UK have risen less than anywhere else in Europe – by a total of 17p per litre over the last year. Switzerland, meanwhile, has suffered the biggest rise: a whopping 39p per litre since 2010. 


You can find out more about the survey, and Post Office Travel Money, by clicking here.