Last year’s Dethleffs 
launch was characterised 
by technical changes, 
but not much in the way 
of new models; in fact, relatively 
few were introduced, and one 
entire range was deleted.

This year’s event was more newsworthy. In addition to interior tweaks, all-new models and more, there was the launch of a new A-class and coachbuilt range named Pulse.

Small tweaks for Globebus

Changes to Dethleffs’ most compact range, the Globebus low-profiles 
and A-class models, were minor. 
The three-model line-up continues, featuring rear fixed beds layouts refreshed with detail improvements and a new soft-furnishing design. For 
a more sporty-looking ’van, specify 
the Gran Tourismo equipment package.

Prices for the T-brand low-profile models range from £55,990–£59,690 OTR, with I-brand A-class versions costing £64,490-£68,190.

Dethleffs’ popular Trend range – low-profiles and A-classes, as well as 
a trio of overcabs – receives a number 
of revisions for 2019. Three new layouts are available: the compact island-bed 6557; the 7075 DBL, also featuring an island bed; and the fixed-single-beds 7057 EBL. All come in low-profile or A-class forms. The 6757 island-bed layout has also been tweaked.

Exterior changes include the introduction of a new front design for A-class models, taken from Globebus and the new Pulse. Interior changes include the introduction of Topaz 
Apple wood décor. Overhead lockers are available in a new ombré (‘fading’) colour shade that is likely to divide opinion. Elsewhere the amount of wood used has been reduced, creating a more modern-looking furnishing scheme.

In terms of UK pricing, the 
three A-monikered overcab 
models will cost from £52,990, 
up to £72,490 for the enormous 
A 7877-2. Trend T models are the low-profiles, set at £52,390-£54,490, while I-badged A-classes are 
priced from £62,790-£65,390.

Pulse design creates a stir

The new Pulse range caused the biggest stir at the launch, revealed at a glitzy ceremony, with senior Dethleffs staff presenting details of the thinking behind the design. It took 18 months to complete, and the result is a stunning range of four low-profiles and six A-classes.

Layouts include the compact 6651, featuring a comfortable island bed and drop-down bed over the lounge, as well as the fixed-single-beds I 7051 EBL.

Dethleffs explained to journalists that the concept of light was very much behind the interior design of Pulse. 
A lighting expert, Gabriele Allendorf, was called in: “Usually, light in leisure vehicles is there to help for orientation or safety… But we were concerned with the topic of light [as a] mood barometer, balance-bringer or health factor,” she said. The result is a new, three-level lighting format that features in all Pulse models.

In addition, Dethleffs claims that “in the interior, the homogeneous transitions and straight lines bring clearness and calmness. Thanks to the reduction of wood décor and a new focus on calming, neutral shades 
of grey and beige, the Pulse spreads 
a friendly flair and creates a natural retreat and relaxation place.”

All Pulse models are Fiat-based, with an MTPLM less than or equal to 3500kg. They make their public debut at the Düsseldorf Show later this year; the T-badged low-profile models will 
cost from £59,390-£59,990, with the I-badged A-class models coming in from £67,390-£68,490.

A Gran Tourismo option – which adds alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel and chrome 
dash touches – can also be specified.

More revelations to come

Moving up the ranges, the two 
Magic Edition floorplans (£67,990 for the low-profiles, £76,490 for A-classes) remain more or less as they were for 2018, although they are now 30-40kg lighter.

Exact changes for the low-profile and A-class Esprit range will 
be revealed later this year, but a new special-edition format, the Eighty Eight – named after the number 
of years since Arist Dethleffs built 
the firm’s first leisure vehicle – will 
be available. Esprits will cost from £76,990-£77,990 for the low-profiles, up to £86,990 for the A-classes.

ALPA models, all with a rear 
lounge, only came in overcab format last year, but for 2019 an A-class is available. The I 7820-2 features that rear lounge and a drop-down overcab bed; its price had not been revealed 
at press time, but overcab models 
cost £79,990-£124,990.

Finally, the high-end Globetrotter XL (A-class) and XXL (overcab) 
models remain more or less unchanged, aside from a tweak 
to indicator lights. XL models cost £102,990, and XXL models £124,990.