Sylvia Guy and her husband Don have been Practical Motorhome reader team members for many years; here they pass on their experience, coming up with an A to Z of just some of the fantastic destinations that they’ve visited in their ‘van.


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D is for…

Dover, Kent

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I don’t know how many times Don and I have driven to the port at Dover and given the castle that dominates the famous white cliffs no more than a passing glance. When eventually we did take the time to stop for a visit we discovered a place that has a dramatic and fascinating history. Taking a guided tour proved to be the ideal way to see everything and to learn about some of the events that have had such an impact on both the castle and the country.


E is for…

Eifel Mountains, North Rhine, Germany

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Some of the unexpected places we’ve discovered have been when taking part in classic motorcycle events, and the Eifel Mountains in western Germany was one of these. Sandwiched between the French/German border on one side and the Rhine on the other, it is a little gem seemingly completely overlooked by visitors heading for the better known German tourist spots. It’s an area of steep, vine-covered hills, forests, rolling countryside and charming medieval towns; Bad Munstereifel, Ahrweiler and Altenahr are a few. At Satvey there is a splendid old castle complete with cobbled courtyards and a water-filled moat.


F is for..

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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In complete contrast to the simple pleasures of the Eifel Mountains, the city of Florence is a feast of ornate buildings, dramatic statues and fountains; from the fantastic Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore – a vision of intricately carved pink, green and white marble – to the wonderful medieval Ponte Vecchio, lined with ancient houses and exclusive jewellery shops. There’s also the glorious tower of the Campanile and the Accademia, the city’s first Academy of Drawing, where we joined the crowds to gaze in wonder at Michelangelo’s magnificent statue of David.


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