The iPhone 4 has gained a reputation for being a bit more fragile than previous models, thanks largely to its glass back that gives butter-fingered owners something extra to break. A protective case might mitigate the risk to some extent, but the new Griffin Technology Survivor case appears to remove it entirely.

The Survivor is a chunky wraparound case constructed from a combination of rubber and plastic that completely seals the iPhone 4 against moisture and dust. It also protects against shock and vibration, and has been both tested and certified to meet or exceed US Department of Defense Standard 810F and UK Department of Defence Standard 00-35 specifications.

Such claims are all well and good, of course, but what matters is whether or not such a case actually live up to them. Impressively, Griffin Technology hasn’t shirked from publishing its own test results and the seven-minute video below shows the eventual outcome.

[tl:movies size=470×294]

An iPhone clad in the Survivor case gets put through a series of increasingly punishing tests that culminate in it being catapulted across a car park from beneath the spinning wheel of a sports car. We’ll leave you to see how it copes with that particularly unlikely real-world scenario, but all credit to Griffin Technology for backing up its claims with some serious product abuse.

The Survivor case costs $50 (about £30) from the Griffin Technology US site, but it should be available from UK retailers and the Apple Store soon.

[Griffin Technology]