We’ve used our decades of collective experience within the industry to choose the winner of the best van conversion over £50,000 at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022, as well as the other standout contenders that are currently on the market.

You’ll see van conversions from the likes of Benimar, Ford, Pilote and more, as we select the models that have really impressed us.

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The winner of the best van conversion over £50,000 is…

Benimar Benivan 122

Benimar Benivan 122, best van conversion over £50,000
  • Price: £54,495
  • Berths: 2
  • MIRO: 2985kg
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • Shipping length: 6.36m

The Benivan 122 is part of a two model range that appears with different badging upholstery across a number of Trigano brands – not just Benimar, but Roller-Team, Chausson and Auto-Trail too. (The vans are actually made in the Auto-Trail factory in Grimsby.)

Marquis Leisure, which sells the Benimar version exclusively in this country, adds a fair bit of spec to the basic model, including a mightier engine, and sells it at an easily understandable price.

Although the Benivan has been around for a while, this past season has seen some improvements, including a better design for the bed platforms that now rest on a detachable metal bar rather than fold-out legs that tend to get in the way.

While kitchen spec is no more than average for a van conversion, we like the clever way storage has been treated so that you can get even quite large pans in here.

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The other shortlisted models for the best van conversion over £50,000 are…

Malibu Van 640 LE RB First Class Two Rooms

Malibu Van 640 LE RB First Class Two Rooms

If you add all the spec it is possible to add on this van the price goes well over £80,000, but if you can afford it this is a superbly built van conversion that goes some way to making you feel as if you really are getting two rooms in just 6.36m of space.

Price: from £53,420

Ford Nugget

Ford Nugget
  • Price: £62,736
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3200kg
  • Shipping length: 4.97m

Built by Westfalia, Ford’s new campervan has an end kitchen that far surpasses the kitchens in other big name models. The roof bed is comfy too.

The L-shaped kitchen can be found across the back of the campervan, behind the rear bench. You’ll find a two-burner hob, as well as a 40-litre top-loading fridge.

During the evenings, you’ll be able to keep warm thanks to the heating vent located behind the driver’s seat.

The roof bed is made up by unfastening the clips that are used to keep it up with the raised roof. The bed is accessed via a small ladder and is a large, comfortable sleeping space. An additional downstairs bed can be made up by sliding the rear seat forward and then unravelling it.

Our only reservation is the pedestal table that has been installed in place of the clip-on version you would get if this were a LHD model.

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Adria Twin Sports 640SG

Adria Twin Sports 640SG

A van conversion for serious sports enthusiasts (and those with a C1 licence, as MTPLM is 4300kg), this new model includes suspended beds at the back that can be removed to make way for storing sports equipment under a highly flexible rack system.

Price: £61,295

Pilote V633M

Pilote V633M

A van conversion designed for those who use their vehicle for their own pastimes, this comes with a higher than average roof that provides loads of headroom in the back for working on bikes, for example, or preparing dogs.

Price: £53,990

Dreamer D51 Select

Dreamer D51 Select

Another new van conversion with a large double bed at the back that is designed to be folded up to allow for a huge area of storage, this model from Rapido also includes a clip-on rail on the outer edge of the kitchen so you can take the table outside.

Price: £50,400

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