Many buyers tend to associate luxury brands like Le Voyageur with gross vehicle weights that put them beyond the reach of some families, even if they have the money. However, in updating its Fiat-based Classic and renaming it Eterna, the French brand has introduced the Le Voyageur Eterna 7.0 GJF, which weighs less than 3500kg all told and has four travel seats.

Like all of the range, the 7.0 GJF sits on Al-Ko’s STC chassis, giving it a lower centre of gravity that should make travelling over bumpy terrain more comfortable. Although we only drove it a short distance across a field at this summer’s Groupe Pilote launch, we certainly noticed the difference in the ‘van that was our pick for the best luxury motorhome on the market at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2024.

The line-up retains characteristic minimalist good looks of this motorhome manufacturer. A black tinted windscreen and side windows merge into a wide decal that tapers along the off-white side panels, an effect that’s almost like sunglasses.

Although the Le Voyageur brand is emblazoned above the windscreen on a curving roof panel borrowed from the firm’s Mercedes-based Heritage range, the model name isn’t displayed anywhere. Stylish minimalism, then.

One way the company has saved on the weight of this line-up is by having no cab doors. Apparently this has not proved an issue among customers.

Cab area
There are no cab doors, a move designed to reduce the weight

Not having a door either side means you get cubbyholes, useful for atlases and so on, under each cab window.

Lounge in the Le Voyageur Eterna 7.0 GJF

The travel seats are easy to assemble, although the lack of a window on the offside means that whoever sits there can’t enjoy much of a view.

Lounge with captain's chairs swivelled around
Swivel the captain’s chairs around to create a comfortable lounge that easily seats six

But one other advantage of Al-Ko’s STC chassis is that it provides a flat floor from front to back. Turn those travel seats back into settees and you have a comfortable lounge with a folding table seating six, and no steps between here and the toilet.

Handily, the steps that take you down to the habitation door include a boot locker. And even without any offside window, the large windscreen and the white of the upholstery make sure things stay bright, as do the LEDs in the panel under the drop-down bed.

Kitchen in the Eterna 7.0 GJF

The white kitchen worktop with contrasting black hob looks stylish. The hob only has two burners, but there is ample workspace around it, particularly as the cover to the oblong sink doubles up as a chopping board.

Kitchen area
The stylish kitchen provides a two-burner hob and an oblong sink

The area is well lit, and there are USB and USB-C ports here, but no mains socket within easy reach.

Washroom in the Le Voyageur Eterna 7.0 GJF

After all that white, the black of the shower enclosure comes as a bit of a surprise. The bench toilet slides away, as does the handbasin, leaving you with a huge space to shower in. There’s a large central mirror with plenty of shelving, too. Headroom could be better, however.

Bedroom in the Le Voyageur Eterna 7.0 GJF

There is only a curtain to separate the rear bedroom. Customers paying over £120,000 might expect something more substantial, but this could be a way of saving weight. Either way, the single beds are comfortable, and both are just over 2m long. There are two reading spotlights, a smart headboard and sockets for your motorhome TV, too.

Rear single beds
Single beds at the rear are over 2m long, but there’s only a curtain to separate off the bedroom

The bed that drops down over the cab is a good size, at 1.82 x 1.36m. There are reading lights and a plastic shelf at the front for books, and with a USB and a 12V socket up here, any kids should not feel short-changed.

Storage in the Eterna 7.0 GJF

Storage includes a huge garage and an exterior side locker, giving you plenty of room for kitting out the motorhome. The drop-down bed means you only get space in the nearside underseat area in the lounge. But there are four overhead lockers in the bedroom, as well as a wardrobe under the foot of each bed.

The kitchen has an overhead locker and three large drawers. There is one cupboard with bins and a wine rack to the right, and a smaller cupboard with some shelving at the end of the peninsula. A large cubbyhole in the floor provides more discreet storage.


We have always liked Le Voyageur’s style, although in the past, the MTPLM figures have meant only certain motorhomers could enjoy it. This new model makes such luxury available to anyone who can afford this family motorhome. It’s a comfortable, ergonomic ‘van, too.

Alternatives to consider

The Flair 920 certainly lives up to the reputation for luxury that Niesmann+Bischoff has, providing motorhomers with a vast array of options and a high-end spec. Then there’s the Coachman Travel Master TM 565, a high-spec option that offers a highly comfortable sleeping and driving experience. Another option to consider is the Adria Supersonic 780DC, which provides continental flair and an excellent spec.

Technical specification of the Le Voyageur Eterna 7.0 GJF

  • Price: £122,150
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Belts: 4
  • Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato
  • Engine: 2.2-litre, 140bhp
  • Length/width/height: 7.05/2.24/2.59m – 23’1”/7’3”/8’5”
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2967kg
  • Payload: 458kg
  • Water (fresh/waste): 200/120 litres
  • Leisure battery: 95Ah
  • Gas: 2 x 13kg

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